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She Starts to Read at Four: 10 Signs that Your Baby May Be a Genius


There is something that puzzles the parents as they watch their kids when assembling their toys in various ways, taking art to levels they never thought possible. Some kids even amaze with their early speech and reading development. A baby who can read at four years old can be considered a genius according to experts.

We at Livetray offer a wealth of information on lifestyle and healthy living and in this article, we are going to find out the unique things about genius children and whether you are raising a genius kid.

Intelligence is a complex concept consisting of multiple facets, but with regard to intellectual ability, experts distinguish five areas:

1. Cognitive (language, mathematics): is the most easily recognized form of intelligence, as they are young kids who are driven by their knowledge (e.g. Einstein)

2. Creative (arts, music): this form of an endowment depends on a stimulating environment coupled with discipline and guidance. It’s hard to recognize because it may not be expressed in all areas. The gifted kids are usually creative but not all creative kids are genius (e.g. Mozart)

3. Social leadership: whoever owns it has a gift of people (e.g. Churchill)

4. Emotional: they are people with a lot of empathy, who feel the needs of others (like Gandhi)

5. Motor skills: a person who excels in sports and other skills (e.g. Johan Cruyff)


Different terms related to intellectual giftedness should be distinguished as follows:

  • Early: it is a kid with a very early development for example speech, psychomotor (walking), or the control of sphincters. Most of the gifted are early, but not all precocious kids are gifted. It is estimated that 15% of kids develop early but only 2% are gifted.
  • Prodigy: it is the baby who performs an extraordinary activity for his age. He does something that competes with adults. In many cases the child prodigy is not gifted, he or she may stand out only in a specific field.
  • Talented: a baby who shows spectacular abilities in a given area: chess, music, etc, but he doesn’t excel at anything else so he’s not considered gifted. Children with high abilities often excel in two or more areas.
  • Genius: a kid who, thanks to his exceptional abilities in intelligence or creativity, performs a work that is great and recognized by society (such as Picasso, Cervantes) They usually have extraordinary IQ  people with intelligence test scores between 170-180.
  • Very smart: he is a baby with great ability to learn but is not usually precocious in his first years of life and test scores do not exceed 130 points.
  • Gifted: he is the child who excels in many areas of human knowledge, whose IQ exceeds 130 points, and who possesses the great creative capacity and intrinsic motivation for learning.

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How do I know if my baby will be very smart?

A baby is considered to be intellectually gifted when he or she performs at higher levels of the standard for his or her age. This development of advanced skills can be very noticeable from the earliest stages of his or her childhood.

Although there are no definitive signs that mark the talent of infants and young kids, psychologists are equally looking for common characteristics among themselves and have discovered the following:

  1. Early skills development

Kids who manage to talk and walk earlier than expected, as well as those who are able to read early, are usually intelligent children. In addition, they often acquire fine motor skills that are very advanced for their age, such as making puzzles or handling very small pieces.

  1. Need for a lot of mental stimulation

This can often be seen from an early age. Babies can become irritable and annoying when they stay in one place for too long, with no new stimuli to observe. The end result is a mood swing induced by boredom.

  1. Hyperactivity

Most kids under the age of five are like tireless jumping fleas. But for genius kids with advanced brain development, they are extremely active and curious.

  1. Very detailed observers

In general, they may notice things that are not as noticeable to others and show more interest in the world around them than other kids their age. On the other hand, they need to know any in-depth details as well as ask many questions to adults.

  1. Excellent memory

Many gifted children are able to retain information very accurately and remember all kinds of past events with ease, even in their first months of life. As a result, they can master many skills quickly, such as remembering numbers, vowels, and the alphabet.

  1. Preference for new things

Gifted children are easily bored with familiar objects. Several studies conducted within the field of psychology revealed that babies – who were later confirmed to be intellectually genius through IQ tests at the age of eight – showed a remarkable preference for new objects than for the usual ones.

  1. Advanced language skills

The child may not have spoken early but has an extensive vocabulary for his or her young age, as well as a great ability to reason and argue. In addition, he or she feels very comfortable talking to adults.

  1. Advanced reading skills

Books are the best friends of many gifted children as there they find a great source of information that incentivizes their imagination, and in this way, with reading, they learn many things earlier than expected.

  1. Empathy and sensitivity

These children are extremely empathetic to other people and animals, expressing great concern about situations in which other children do not show much interest.

  1. Grape raisin test

A study conducted at the University of Warwick revealed a year ago that babies over 20 months old waiting more than 60 seconds to take a raisin located in front of them will have a higher IQ at 8 years than children who take it within a minute.

Music is also best thing to make your baby patient and Long-Tempered. Check out music lessons for kids here.

Given the above signs, do you think your child is a genius? Do you observe any other signs not mentioned above? Visit Livetray for more lifestyle, health, and wellness articles.

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