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How Smart Technology is Transforming Online Gambling Industry in Canada

Smart Technology

The online gambling world is always changing, and Canada is a major part of the change. It is an industry leader with over 19.3 million online gamblers. The country is ranked eighth in online gambling with more than 2000 casino sites operating on its territory.

But this wouldn’t be the case if it wasn’t for smart technologies. The best online gambling sites in Canada listed here have adopted some top-notch technology to provide an outstanding experience to their players.

Here are 7 tech trends that shape the Canadian online gambling industry at the moment:

Gesture Recognition Technology

Gesture Recognition Technology
Gesture Recognition Technology

The development and advancement of gesture recognition technology are quickly changing the industry.

The market is already worth billions of dollars. Gesture recognition is a type of technology that interprets human movements and transfers them to the screen. It comes in handy in the online gaming world. Gaming and gambling go hand in hand.

Even though gesture recognition technology isn’t fully established yet, it may be great for spinning roulette wheels or when a player is ready to fold.

The technology could make a player’s experience more immersive. Online gambling casinos that use gesture recognition technology can improve their market share as smart technology continues to improve.

Better Mobile Platforms

User-friendly mobile platforms translate to happier customers and better profits for operators. They are good for the industry. Such mobile platforms are important in all fields, and online gambling sites aren’t different.

Players should have an easy time making their payments, navigating through the sites, and finding their favorite games. As smart technology continues to evolve, casino operators can manage to offer players smoother experiences.

Improved mobile platforms promote engagement and satisfaction. The top Canadian gambling sites have been at the forefront of this technological innovation. They offer detailed graphics and vibrant games.

SmartWatch and App Gambling

Smartwatch Gambling
Smartwatch Gambling

Smart technology has made online gambling convenient and smartwatches are some of the biggest innovations. Technology has become smaller and you no longer need huge devices to place a wager.

Smart wearables are not very popular yet, but they have a lot of potentials to change the industry. These watches match the convenience of mobile devices.

They allow you to place a bet no matter where you may be. The wearables industry is expected to be worth about $27 billion by 2022.

Smartphone watches are typically used along with smartphone apps. The apps are great for sharing immersive smart technology and graphics. You can receive notifications, updates, and scores on your watch.

Even though smartwatch gambling now relies on smartphones, it may be more independent in the future. Players may be able to access everything they need without the help of a phone. The quality of smartwatch gambling is just as good as using a computer.

Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports
Virtual Sports

Virtual sports have transformed the gambling world especially because gambling and sports go together. They offer the ideal synergy for most sports fans. If, for example, a player wants to bet on football but it is off-season, virtual sports make it possible.

Sports betting is the foundation of the betting industry and improvements in it are felt in the entire sector. Virtual sports have promoted the growth of sports-centric casinos. They lift the limits of live-in play betting.

Virtual sports betting is fair. It relies on random number generators and creates animated versions of popular sports. They are high-quality animations that mimic the real deal.

Therefore, you will enjoy them just as much as watching the real game. Whether you are a football or basketball lover, you can catch a game with minimal hassle.

Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology
Mobile Technology

In the past, mobile technology was considered the future of communication. However, it soon turned out to be the future of online transactions and online gambling.

Mobile technology has changed the gambling world as we know it. With a few clicks, you can research the available online casinos, determine your options, and place a wager.

Mobile gambling is not only good for the new generation of gamblers, but also for more established players. Everyone loves convenience.

Whether you prefer traditional sports betting and gambling or you enjoy the modern options, you will love the chance to enjoy your favorite games on the go.

Live Dealers

Live Dealers
Live Dealers

Live dealers are the future of table games. One of the biggest advancements is that players can enjoy their favorite games in real-time. Live dealer games make it possible to play with a real dealer without having to visit a land-based casino.

Real dealers remain in studios. They use video cameras to broadcast games. Players can interact with them through various chat systems. They can place bets regardless of their location.

Developing live dealer games requires a lot of time and investment. However, they are worth the trouble.

Live dealer casinos must have a croupier, operator, and smart technology to communicate with players. Recently, more casinos in Canada are including live dealer options in their catalogs, and players are loving it.

Players get to enjoy everything that they would get in a land-based casino. The best part about it is that it is all on-screen and they don’t need to go anywhere. It is the ultimate gambling experience.

VR and AR

The gaming industry has improved significantly from the first arcade to today’s AR and VR games. Once the first VR and AR games were launched, the gambling industry took notice. It quickly adopted the trends to the benefit of players.

Augmented reality and virtual reality have changed online games completely. Players now have the chance to enjoy their favorite games like they would in a land-based casino. They can enjoy immersive experiences without leaving their homes.

They are great innovations for online casino lovers looking for something extra. VR and AR may also be good for fans of land-based casinos who may be unable to access their favorite casinos.

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