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Storytelling Method Genshin Quest Not Working? 5 Steps to Fix It.

Are you frustrated that you can’t continue your “Storytelling Method” quest? You’ve put effort into reaching this point, but now you’re nowhere near completing the ‘Storytelling Method’ quest.

That’s depressing!

But don’t worry! I’ve got a quick “5 Steps to Fix It” guide to help you sort this out fast. It’s made to get you past these annoying common Genshin quest errors. Before I share these solutions with you, let me explain the ‘Storytelling Method’ Quest.

What is the ‘Storytelling Method’ Quest?

The ‘Storytelling Method’ Quest in Genshin Impact is an example of the game’s unique approach to merging narrative and gameplay. Mainly, it is a detailed style of telling the game’s legend and storyline to you.

In this quest, you aren’t just given a block of text to read. Instead, you’re required to participate in the narrative by performing certain actions, completing tasks, or making decisions that influence the entire plot. This will often involve interacting with non-playable characters (NPCs), finding hidden items, and exploring various parts of the game world.

Why Storytelling Method Genshin Quest Not Working Not Working?

Well, when it comes to storytelling Method Genshin Quest not Working, many underlying issues are preventing you from not completing this quest. Here’s a list of common causes that I think are behind the issues you might be facing –

  1. Difficulty in Unlocking the Quest: The quest does not appear directly on your map. You need to interact with two NPCs, Junkichi and Shigeru, in Inazuma City to unlock the quest.
  2. Navigational Challenges: You may struggle with being teleported to a domain and navigating through the site following Junkichi’s story.
  3. Finding the Intel: After defeating all enemies, finding the intel hidden behind a tree seems to be a challenge for you.
  4. Choices Made During Dialog: The choices made while interacting with NPCs during the quest can impact the ability to unlock and continue with the mission.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing Storytelling Method Genshin Quest Not Working

Here’s a step-by-step guide you need to fix the Storytelling Method quest in Genshin Impact not working for you:

Step 1: Unlock the Quest

  1. Find and speak to an NPC named Junkichi who can be found near the Textile House in the Inazuma City.
  2. Talk to another NPC, Shigeru, who is located near the Carpentry Shop.
  3. After talking to both, Junkichi’s and Shigeru’s quests, “International Travel Log” and “Chisato’s Letter,” should unlock the Storytelling Method quest.

Step 2: Follow Junkichi’s Story

  1. After unlocking the quest, head over to the marked area on the map.
  2. Listen to Junkichi’s story and follow his instructions closely.

Step 3: Navigate Through the Domain

  1. Junkichi’s story would lead you to a Domain located in Inazuma.
  2. You’ll have to fight off waves of enemies within the domain.

Step 4: Find the Intel

  1. After successfully defeating the enemies in the domain, look for the intel.
  2. The intel is hidden behind a tree in the domain.
  3. Remember to look around carefully and you should find the intel.

Step 5: Make the Right Dialogue Choices

  1. Return to Junkichi after obtaining the intel.
  2. During the subsequent dialogue, choose your responses carefully as they can impact the outcome of the quest.

If all the above steps do not resolve your quest issue, it may be a bug from the game itself. Consider reporting it to the miHoYo team for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the “International Travel Log” and “Chisato’s Letter” quest?

Answer: These are two quests provided by Junkichi and Shigeru, respectively. You need to complete these quests to unlock the Storytelling Method quest.

Q2: Can you skip Junkichi’s dialogue during the Storytelling Method quest?

Answer: It’s advisable not to skip this dialogue. Junkichi’s story provides essential context and hints for the next steps of the quest.

Q3: Where exactly is the intel located within the Domain?

Answer: The intel is located behind a tree in the Domain. It may take some time to find it, so be patient as you explore the Domain.

Q4: How can I defeat the enemies in the specified Domain? They seem overpowering.

Answer: Building a balanced team of characters that cater to the enemies’ elemental weaknesses and ensuring your characters are appropriately leveled up can be key to overcoming these combat challenges.

Q5: How do you contact miHoYo’s support team?

Answer: You can reach out to miHoYo’s support team via the in-game feedback system, or by visiting the miHoYo website and locating the ‘Support’ section. Include as much detail as you can about the issue and any screenshots that could be helpful.

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