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5 TextSheet Alternatives Sites For Better Online Study [2022]

TextSheet Alternatives Sites

Textsheet was a website that had all kinds of academic help for students, including definitions, examples, and sample answers for challenging college-level courses such as accounting, biology, chemistry, and physics. In addition, SAT, GRE, and GMAT practice tests could be downloaded for free after signing up on the site using an email address.

Students could register on Textsheet with their email address or a Facebook account. They could then also connect their Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive accounts to save their downloaded files in these cloud storage instead of downloading them to their PCs every time they get new questions.

They could also sign up with a mobile phone number, but this option wasn’t available in some countries. However, it ended when this website was officially shut down in 2019.

Now 2 years later, it’s time to look for textsheet alternative sites. So, I’ll list some promising platforms to get started:

What Exactly Happened to TextSheet? was shut down due to a DMCA notice filed by Chegg, and the site isn’t accessible anymore. This is because the owners of Textsheet used to scrape the questions from Chegg and used it on their site as a test bank for students.

The owners of Chegg took action and claimed that the content on Textsheet is copyrighted, which means that Textsheet is banned from being online now.

Why TextSheet Was Popular?

No limits in size: There are no limits when it comes to the size of your notebook. You may store as many files there as you wish, making this service even more useful.

No limits in features: The features that come with Textsheet are numerous and can be used by any user – beginner or advanced. You can highlight text, insert links, attach files, etc.

Annotate PDFs: Thanks to its usefulness and simplicity, this feature has become viral. When reading a PDF file on Textsheet, you can add annotations directly on the page – draw lines, highlight text,

11 Best Textsheet Alternatives


Chegg is known for providing students with the best information to get a better grade. Chegg has expert solutions for every kind of student: high school, college, professional life, and even those already working. In addition, Chegg has some great features that help you learn better and faster.

Tutor Match: This platform helps you find the tutor that is the most suited to your needs.

If you are looking for someone to help with homework, Chegg Tutor Match can help you find the right tutor based on your subject requirements and availability. If you want to find a tutor for an upcoming class, select the category from the dropdown menu and like “find a tutor.” Please enter your location and choose up to three tutors from the list provided to contact them directly. You can also schedule a tutoring session if needed.

Textbook Rental: Chegg offers textbook rentals for most college textbooks. You have up to one semester to finish reading before returning it in good condition, or else you may have to pay extra for each day it’s late. Chegg will mail them back once they receive them in good condition.

Solutions Library: In addition to textbook solutions, numerous resources are available for your help.

Course Hero

Some students may feel that they don’t know how to study. They can’t even focus on the Subject, let alone remember what they have learned. It’s time for them to rely on resources such as Course Hero. This site can help you find a course for almost any Subject, including science and social sciences.

‘Course Hero is also the most suited alternative to Textsheet,’ as it provides more than 25 million study materials for you.

The site is well organized to quickly discover a course, notes, and answers. Here, the students can easily find study resources by typing their school name, Subject, or books. You can also filter the documents by Course, Question and Explanations, Study Documents.

You can also choose between two options for finding a course: By School or by Book.

There’s an option called ‘Study Tools,’ which gives you a chance to make a difference in your studying life. This option contains all of the necessary tools for students to boost their studying skills. Those tools include flashcards, word lists, and quizzes.

Practice makes perfect! The advantage of this website is that students will get points if they upload their notes and correct other mistakes available on the website.


The interface of is straightforward and user-friendly. You don’t need to waste your time browsing through the site because the search bar is there in the header, which allows you to find the required document within a few seconds.

When you click on a link, you will be taken to a corresponding page where all the solutions will be available for you to view.

For each assignment, there are answers provided with complete solutions and explanations and diagrams wherever needed. Along with that, you can also download relevant documents like lecture slides, assignment handouts, and textbook solutions.

Studylib also provides its users with links to different forums for each topic that help users understand the concepts better. With just a single click, you can participate in discussions about a particular topic or post your query if you need any help regarding that topic.

Another fantastic feature about Studylib is that it provides users with previous year questions for the same Subject, which helps students prepare for exams effectively. Studylib is a one-stop destination for all students who want to clarify their doubts regarding assignments and homework solutions.


Do you need help with homework just like a textsheet? Slader is a great place to start.

Slader is the go-to site for students looking for answers to their homework problems. You can find help for any subject, from algebra to world history.

This site is so helpful that anyone can ask a question, and people will answer it. This makes it easier to find the correct answer faster.

When you first visit this site, you may want to look at some example questions to see how they are set up. The best way to figure out how to ask a question is by looking at how other people have done it and then writing your query.

When asking your question, make sure that you describe what you are having trouble with and provide information about your textbook and the problem itself that would help someone else solve it. If you don’t write a good question, no one will answer it!

Slader also has an app that allows you to do your homework on the go! Just download their free app, and you can take advantage of all their resources, even when you’re not at home or school!


Are you searching for help with your papers? Paperhelp is a reliable website to meet your demands. With its professional writers and editors, you will get the quality of content.

Paperhelp assures that the assignment is 100% plagiarism-free. You can get the paper in time. The writer can make all corrections to ensure that the final report is important and impressive.

Other benefits include 24/7 services, lifetime discount on your orders, personal writer or editor, original content, and a money-back guarantee.

Final Words

We have recommended you take a look at these Textsheet alternatives. These sites are the least time-consuming and the best way to submit your assignments and projects in time.

That’s all for now.

If you’ve any doubts about either of the textsheet alternatives, do let us know in the comments section below.

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