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7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Business Domain Name in 2022

Choosing the right business site domain name is crucial, as it can affect the overall success of your business in the future. That’s why you need to invest a lot of time and effort into finding the right domain name.

In other words, there’s no time for do-overs, and you must ensure you’ve chosen a quality domain name. Most people don’t know how helpful domain names can be and don’t pay much attention to them, which is why we will share some essential tips on choosing the right one.

Your keywords

The keywords you plan on using will significantly impact the success of your website and business overall. Domain names also contain keywords that let search engines know what your site is all about. You can quickly rank higher by combining your domain keyword with keywords within the content.

That’s why you should take the time to find a name that lets you incorporate the keyword you want. Take the time to brainstorm keywords, combine multiple options, and create something that’s both catchy and available.

Find out the value of that domain

When buying a domain name, you might come across offers with a high price. For most people, this instinctively means that this domain has real value coming with a fair price. However, this is not always the case because many factors affect domain prices.

Simply put, you can easily overpay for a domain. That’s why you should consider all the relevant factors before deciding and buying a name. On the other hand, you can use third-party domain appraisal tools to determine whether a domain is priced too high or has hidden value.

Is it easy to spell and pronounce?

Customers often memorize websites and companies by their domain names. That’s why you should look for a domain name that can be spelled and pronounced easily. On the other hand, people might ask you to share your name in person.

Simply put, both you and your customers need to memorize it quickly. First impressions are crucial in business, and customers will often first come across your domain name. Apart from memorizing the name of your site, the domain name can also help people remember your business.

Domain extensions

Domain extensions are the characters that come after your domain name following a period. The most known domain extension is “.com,” as almost 40% of domains use this extension. The most important thing here is memorability.

Companies must create domains that will build brand awareness, improve search engine rankings, and bring in more customers. If you can’t find a name with a .com extension, consider using .org and .net. On the other hand, if you plan on focusing on customers only in your country, it’s probably better to use a country domain extension like .US and so on.

Is the domain name restricting?

We mentioned earlier that it’s generally a good idea to find a domain name relevant to your industry. However, in some cases, these kinds of titles can be too restricting. For example, if you use a domain name focused on a single product like “,” you won’t be able to expand in the future.

Most companies look to grow and expand their lines of products. This domain might make it difficult for you to attract people interested in other shoe brands apart from Nike. Switching to another domain can be very expensive and set your business back, so think ahead.

Are there numbers and hyphens?

Numbers and hyphens are generally a big no. We talked about using a domain that’s easy to read and pronounce. Now think about having to spell out your domain name with numbers to someone. Too complicated? We thought so.

You can use a single number, but only if it acts as a letter replacement or gives additional context about your business. However, you should generally avoid numbers and hyphens altogether. At the same time, most people think websites with hyphens and numbers are fake or spam.

See if it’s already used or trademarked

Before doing anything, type out the domain name and see if there’s already a site using it. On the other hand, see if there’s a trademark registered to that specific name. Brands ideally look for names they can use across all social media and websites.

All of this establishes familiarity and makes your business more memorable. You need to trademark your domain name and ensure it’s actually yours. If someone else has the rights to it, they can easily take it away from your website.


If you don’t know where to start your search, look at some of your industry’s most successful business websites and see how their domain names reflect their brands.

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