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Top 10 OneNote Alternatives: Best Note Making Apps

Everything becomes pretty with our smartphones and you don’t need to stick up with a paper and a pen for creating notes, hold records, and much more. There are numerous Note Making apps out there but OneNote is the latest and also the best tool for creating notes. Although it is equipped with advanced features for beginners there may be issues to operate it. So you always need to be ready with few OneNote Alternative to avoid the issues of OneNote.

Another drawback of OneNote is that it consumes more memory of your device. There is a lot of apps like OneNote and if you wanna search for its perfect substitute then you are at the exact place as I will suggest you the top 10 OneNote Alternative.

Top 10 OneNote Alternatives: Best Note Making Apps

Best OneNote Alternatives To Use In 2018

1. Evernote

Evernote is a great note making app and also the best alternative of OneNote as it provides you all the required feature of an ideal note making app. Evernote is compatible with Windows, MAC, Android phones, iOS, Blackberry, WebOS etc. It allows you to manage all your notes in different notebooks and most promising feature of this app that you can share your notes among your friends. I have used it and I found it the perfect collaborative app for notes. You can use it for both personal and business purpose also. You can share your views, manage projects, and with its Spaces feature you can easily cooperate with your teammates.

You can insert your notes in every form like Audio, Video, images, and text etc. With Web Clipper, you can store web links and your favorite articles.

Price: Evernote basic is a free version, You have to pay $69.99 for premium version for one year and Business version required $14.99 every month.

2. Google Keep

Now discuss our another best alternative of Onenote and also the simplest tool for making notes. Google keep is pretty easy to use and you can store all your digital notes like storing in a cupboard. You can save your notes with different color options, and labels, and also remainders. Its color card interface is easy to view and also look beautiful. Google Keep is the best app for Microsoft users and it is also integrated with other Google services.

Web Clipper permits you to store web links and articles from the web. It supports Web, Android, iOS and Chrome OS. Google Keep is a free to use app.

3. Simplenote: best OneNote Alternative

Simplenote as its name shows a very easy to use app which offers you a quite simple User-Interface. If you are a newbie and not much aware of technology then this app is the best substitute of the OneNote app. One of my favorite app and it is too easy to create notes and also sync between all your devices. Simplenote contains a dark mode for your ease.

The most favorable feature of simplenote which makes it the best alternative of Onenote is its small size. It consumes only a few MBs of your device memory and you can run this app on your vintage devices. Simplenote allows you to organize all your notes with different tags and folders. It supports Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Android, iOS and Web, and Simplenote is totally free to use app.

4. Boostnote

If you are a programmer and wanna find out the perfect substitute of Onenote then Boostnote is the best choice for you. It is totally free to use app. There are different formats for making notes like Markdown note which allows you to generate text notes and Snippet note which offers you text editor. With Markdown notes, you can write complex Math formulas and with snippet notes, you can customize color, line, the numbering of your documents.

There are lots more features like efficiency to convert the size of the font, and numerous light and dark visual themes for the interface. You can store your notes offline and also access anytime. Boostnote supports Android, iOs, Linux, MAC OS, and Windows.

5. Zoho Notebooks

Our another capable alternative of OneNote is Zoho notebooks which give you a more convenient way of creating notes. The speciality of Zoho notebooks is that all the notebooks look like the real notebooks and you can generate text, voice notes, attach pictures within the notebooks. Zoho books contain a web clipper which permits you to save web links and articles.

It gives you the facility of color-coded notes just like the Google notes. My favourite feature of Zoho books is that it sync all my file between all my devices for free. It supports Windows, Mac OS, Android, Web, and iOS. 

Finally, you came across the top 5 alternatives of OneNote and you can choose the perfect one according to your need. All the substitutes of OneNote acquire different features so its time to stick up with one of them. Still, any query then comments below and for more updated stay connected.

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