Turok 2 On Nintendo: Will Dinosaur Hunter return?

This year, August is going to be much more special shh……… is it Turok 2?

Yes… it is true the series of unexpected gifts is not going to end with just 4 games there is much more to come after Xbox live with gold surprised everyone by introducing some top of the charts games on the platform. Now Nintendo is here with electrifying news for the entire gaming community. 

What is it? Are new games going to add on? 

 I know these questions will be boggling your mind like a maniac but don’t worry as I am here to provide you entire news. Yes, that includes all the details of the event, game and much more information. All you have to do is just read till the end.


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News for Nintendo Lovers

It was already declared that Turok and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil will be made available on Nintendo Switch. Now the release date is locked for Turok 2 and will be available from 9th August only on Nintendo with a required space of 596.64 MB. 

This news spread joy across all Nintendo lovers, on the other hand, confused Physical game collectors as there is no update for a hard copy which is announced long ago. But no need to worry as Limited Run Games gave responded this query as well. 

As per officials of Limited Run Games, the Turok 2 pre-order will be started in upcoming few weeks Most probably from 16 August. Do remember only a limited amount of copies will be available. Be aware of the order and make your order before it gets sold out. 

If you don’t know what these games are and why you need to experience this here is more information to relive the glory days of Nintendo.


Turok is a first-person shooter game and was based on a comic book of the same name featuring superhero named Turok Only. The game was a massive hit and made his place in retro hit games till the date. The gameplay revolves around a story where a Native American Spy Joseph Turok with his team sent to a remote island. 

Actually, they were sent to arrest General Roland Kane who was a war criminal and using the island as a hideout. After a crash landing, Turk discovered that the island was home of dinosaurs. Here starts the game as Turok has to face dinosaurs and General private army in order to arrest him.

Turok 2

Turok 2 is a game that has newer features, advanced graphics while maintaining the essence of superhit game. It is also a First-person shooter game with the same concept but it is remastered to match up present effectiveness. The game is fully remastered and added six brand new worlds to explore that makes it super exciting.

Even 20 new devastating weapons are also introduced to slay the monsters, bosses, and dinosaurs in order to accomplish the mission. All these addons clearly show that return of dinosaur hunter is going to be much more exciting than ever before.

Final Words

So, get ready to witness the golden era of Nintendo 64 as Turk is making a return on  Nintendo. I hope you find the information shared here fruitful and will refer it with your friends and family members. I am going for sure to buy this game as a new version of our beloved dinosaur hunter is coming back. Will you buy Turk 2 or not mention it in the comment box below.