Q & A Related to Twin Pit Toilet Technology

Swatch Bharat Abhiyan sounds really good when we hear this tagline but did you ever try to be the part of it. Our honorable Prime Minister has taken a pledge to make it possible. In India, the rural areas are not developed and people are not aware of cleanliness and sanitation. Things become more worst when talking about toilets. Do you know that in all over the world ONE BILLION PEOPLE practice the open defection and among of the 600 Million people are of our country? Here in this article, we will discuss the twin pit toilet technology.

What is exactly the twin pit toilet technology?

Sulabh sochalaya another name for twin pit toilet technology. Twin pit toilets are eco-friendly, convenient, affordable and also has the acceptance of society. These toilets are the important part of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan. These toilets are based on native techniques and easily construct by local workers. Its main benefit is that they dispose off the human expel safely without polluting the environment.

Two pit system

There is two pans side by side in this system. The size of the pits can vary according to the number of users. there is no need to appoint a person for cleaning it. Normally these are made for 3 to 4 years uses and both are used alternatively. When one pit is full then the waste is transfer into the second pit. Almost in 2 years, the slush become dry and odor free and now it becomes the fertilizer. You can dig it out can further use for agriculture. Sulabh toilets can be made in buildings and can be connected with severs.

How do pit toilets work?

A pit toilet is the form of a toilet which gathers the human excreta in a hole. Normally all the designs of pit toilet don’t require water for flushing the waste but only pour flush pit need water to flush. In this type of pit, you need 2 or 3-liter water for flushing. These toilets play the distinctive role in clean India campaign. Pit toilets decrease the number of diseases which commonly occur from open defecation

Basically, a pit toilet is made up of three components: a trench in the ground, a floor with a small hollow and a shade. These pits are 3 meters far down. Pits toilets functionality is so simple and you don’t need to waste water for cleaning them. They are specially made in rural areas where people go in open for defecation. People just go to excreta and when the pit found full of waste and then it is covered and the shed shifted to another place. Fecal sludge management has taken the responsibility of emptying the pits.

How much twin pit toilet costs you?

Swach Bharat Abhiyan is an initiative to make India neat and clean and it can’t be achieved without everyone’s effort. Twin pit toilet is the best way to decrease open defecation. They are affordable and you can construct them at a low cost.

Our government is providing 12000 Rs for constructing the toilets in rural areas. The cost may differ according to the location of construction. But these are low-cost toilets and you can construct them with the help of local labor.

Pit toilet construction design

Two pits are more convenient than the one hollow because after filling one hole the waste diverts to another hole. In India, dual pits are used with pour flash pans and water seals. In this two holes are interconnected with water seal pan with the help of pipes. Between them, an inspection point is made so that the excreta should flute into the pit.

twin pit technology

Before using the latrine, the inspection chamber is opened and one of the pipes connecting to the pits is left off with the help of bricks, stones, and mud etc. And now the cover is restored and sealed for avoiding gases to the environment. Finally, the latrine is ready for use but in this system more water required for flushing. When the first pit is filled then the inspection chamber is opened again and the blocked pipe removed and placed in the other outlet pipe. The cover again replaced and now the waste will go in the second pit.

Recent technology to traveling You must aware.

Swach Bharat Abhiyan is not the responsibility of a particular person, it is the need of everyone so the whole country should take a pledge for making it successful. Double pit toilets are really helpful to fight with the open defecation. They don’t require too much money to construct and one can afford them. Our government is also offering money to the needy person for constructing them. Still, any query regarding Twin pit toilets then comment below and also gives suggestions for Clean India Campaign.