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Don’t Write Guest Post On High Traffic Blog Until You Read This

Guest post or in other words, posting on other’s blog is one of the most important area in ranking of any website and there are lot of things need to take care and from long time, I was searching for the idea which provides edge to the successful bloggers and on which I have to start working. lot of us have many questions about guest posting and that’s the reason I thought to write on it today.

If you are good blogger updating your website on hourly or daily basis from long time and still getting problem with audience and wants to out from it then this blog is for you. See blogger is communal and those who participate in community win the traffic or you will be able to enrich your audience growth as you started to do guest posting.

Hitech Gazette offers guest posting too as it’s great way to connect with new readers and get your name out.

3- Reasons Why Guest Posting is Key For Every Blogger to build their online visibility:-

  1. Building Relationship with other Bloggers:

While you are posting for any other person or someone is making guest post for your blog, it builds relationship between bloggers. Bloggers do large brainstorming conversations especially on social media sites like twitter and facebook.

2. Search Engine Visibility:-

    • You can build link wheel structure by taking your guest post as tier 1 backlinks.
    • Build web 2.0 directory with quality content as Tier 2-backlinks.
    • Make sure that you are not leaving foot prints for search engine.

You can know more about Role of Advanced Link Wheel Structure in Guest Posting for increase authority of blogger. Over time, these type of structure will enhance the blog traffic to make your content easier via Google, Bing and Yahoo.

3. Guest Post Introduce Your New People:

When you posted on other bloggers or on any setup community then it connect you with new people which ultimately benefit you. Add Value to Discussion, Help people to come out from their issue, Be patient and do over time on your blog and you will win for 100%.

What Requirement Should be fulfill While Doing Guest Post:

  1. Original and Unique Content that tells reader something cool
  2. Guest Post should have any back proof, any strategy , any expert opinion.
  3. Try to write long posts as people don’t like short posts.

Most Common Mistakes with Guest Posts:

  1. You always ignored to make multiple story ideas with bullet sub-points.
  2. You are not doing your research before making guest post. First of all, do research – make points and then explain it with something cool.
  3. Limiting yourself is also the most of common mistake with guest posts.
  4. Don’t make the blog post about your own opinion.
  5. Including your affiliate link is also the bigger mistake while doing guest post so avoid it.
  6. If you are not Including Youtube videos and quality images inside your guest post, you are leaving the major part of ranking. If that post will not add value in his own blog, then how could his referral link will benefit you? Think it  before and make the right one.
  7. Most of the times, when we publish article on other’s site- we not even check them but answering your audience will help you to increase your blogpost overall authority and so your blog get reputation. While not doing this, you are leaving opportunity to convince your reader and in this way, you can’t increase your traffic.
  8. If your reader is there to read your content, he might looking for sorting our his problem and something new. He don’t want bullshits to read either you have time or not, you have to write good content.

Killer Tips For Creating Your Guest Post:

As guest post is single effective way to increase rich of your blog. Every blogger who wants to grow his visibility in search engine or traffic to already set communal blog, he need to practice for making guest post killer. Here is some killer tips while creating your guest post.

  1. Write Quality Content
  2. Add Value
  3. Have Good looking Blog
  4. Be Persistent
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask
  6. Be Polite
  7. Serve to your audience and earn trust of your fellow bloggers

Here is what Neil Patel have to say about Guest Post?

As already said, quality content and then add value by working around your quest posting, giving good look to blog and be polite to your readers are the key points while creating your guest posts.

if I have missed anything or if you have any tip worth to share, then please let us know in a comment section.

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