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Latest Features of Android P | Android 9.0

Change is the only constant available in the world. With change in time things around us also change. It includes the technologies, gadgets we use in our daily life. Among all the gadgets and technologies, Smartphone is one of the basic necessity of our present daily life and due to upgrades in its operating system on continuous intervals, we can always use new features available in any phone. Android is about to launch its 9.0 version that is known as Android P and here in this article, we will share all the latest features of Android 9.0 

List of devices that will get Android P:

Below we have mentioned the list of devices that will surely get Android P Beta version on its launch:

  • Essential Phone
  • Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL
  • Nokia 7 Plus
  • Oppo R15 Pro
  • Sony Xperia XZ2
  • Vivo X21UD
  • Vivo X21
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

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New Latest Features of Android P:

Below I have mentioned all the features of Android Update:

  • Interactive User Interface Design:

Android developers have worked significantly on its new User interface and UX design. The design of new android is completely revamped with new Round corners, round icons and relatively new. The design of new android is not very unique but it is pretty impressive as compared to other designs.  The new theme make user design very interactive and clean to use in android.

  • Enhancements in Notifications:

Android P got some visual enhancements and advancements in notification functionalities. Lets say, You can copy 2 Codes that you received via SMS directly with single TAP. The central concept behind this is that the Android automatically detects the One time password and other codes received in the text message. Now you can tap on copy the code directly from the notifications for the use. It is a very important feature to use as in India, many service providers including Banks are reliable on One time password SMS service for the authentication of customers.

  • Better Navigation System:

Android has also improved the navigation system to navigate through the apps. The new navigation system is bit inspired from the Iphone X and it may take several days for new users to adapt the new navigation system. Smart Gestures is one of the latest features of Android P.

  • Indoor Positioning Using Wi-Fi:

Using Android Wi-Fi Round Trip Time, and Wi-FI Protocol, Android P can calculate your distance nearest to access points, or nearest Wi-Fi Hotspots. This could help in facilitating the indoor navigation and enable more accurate position tracking.

  • Improved Battery Features:

Android P has got a new feature that is Adaptive Battery, According to this feature, based on the app usage pattern, Android will make sure the usage of your battery of phone. Based on your app usage, it will prioritize the utilization of system resources by applications in your phone.

  • App Actions Features:

Presently in Android App you get a shortcut towards the apps you use frequently but in Android P, you will get advancement in this feature, Now you use Whatsapp and Frequently Message to X, After a certain time you will get a shortcut that you can use to message X Directly instead of opening the app separately.

  • Smart Reply in Notifications:

In the previous versions of android, you receive an email on GMAIL, you get few preset replies on these emails. Earlier this feature was restricted toward the use of GMAIL and google backed apps only. Now you can use this feature of Smart reply for other apps like Messenger and Messages as well.

  • Magnification of Text:

Whenever you select any section of Text, the text will automatically get magnified and you can select the text in more easier way as compared previous version of android.

  • Background App Restrictions:

There are many apps that have high battery usage, In android P, it will automatically detect the apps with high battery usage and restrict its background usage. Due to this restriction you can save your mobile battery to a great extent.

  • Bio-metric Authentication:

Now whenever you will make any payment using any payment apps, you also need to authenticate it using android own bio-metric authentication process. It will make your payments more safe and secure.

  • Adaptive Brightness:

Adaptive brightness is one of the most advanced feature of Android P. Now in Android P, the system will automatically detect your brightness pattern based on your usage. Using that pattern the brightness will be adjusted automatically according to the pattern they have observed earlier in your usage.

  • New Screenshot Buttons:

Now you do not need to switch between power and volume button to capture the screenshot, you can take the screenshot using the power button only as well. You just need to tap on power button for sometime and you will get the screenshot option on your main screen that make the screenshot very easier in the android P as compared to previous android versions.

  • Lock-down Features

Now if you want to disable the finger point sensor option for some while, just tap on power button and you will get the option of Lockdown. Select the lock-down option and the finger print sensor will be automatically disabled.

  • Wind-Down Features:

In wind-down feature the color of screen will automatically turns out to greyscale in evening that will turn all the options in dull color in evening and bright in morning to make sure that the additional brightness and color will not affect your eyes in it.

Final Words on Latest Features of Android P:

Android P is one of the latest version launched by Android. Artificial intelligence has been used extremely in Android P. Most of the problems in Android P version is solved using AI and machine learning. There are few remarkable changes in Android P and we can see that it will improve the usability of Android.  If you want to add any change that we have missed in it please let us know in the comment section below.

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