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Use Online Plagiarism Detection Software to Produce Quality Texts

Discover the Best Plagiarism Checker for Students to Choose the Best One

So, what exactly is a plagiarism checker for students and teachers used for? It’s a tool that detects passages lifted from publicly available online sources. Use a sample of text from a related article as an example. Then you sent in your assignment, but your professor sent it back to you because of a high level of plagiarism.

It is also important to know when you’ve committed plagiarism. It’s a straight paraphrase without any citation markings at all. If you successfully enclose the sentence in quote marks, it is now a citation, and citations are not just acceptable but encouraged in student papers. Such paragraphs will not be flagged as plagiarized by the software. Students who plagiarize often improvise solutions to problems.

The Main Thing You Should Know About How Universities Check for Plagiarism

How can teachers check for plagiarism? By using various tools and thoroughly checking every segment of your work. Students often attempt to trick anti-plagiarism software by creating phony references to previously published works. Link checking and footnoting are not effective anti-plagiarism measures since they are only checked by the instructor. It can only read quotations, thus it can’t tell whether you cited a source or not. A paraphrase that borrows heavily from another source still constitutes plagiarism.

How Do Teachers Find Plagiarism and Use It?

Term papers, theses, and dissertations are checked for plagiarism at the university. Scientific articles must also be published in a book of articles or a scientific journal in order to be checked. If you want to get an article into the University Bulletin, you must get a uniqueness score of at least 70–80%. And if you put something in a scientific journal, it has to be at least 90% original. That’s when a plagiarism check for teachers can help.

What Plagiarism Software Do Universities Use?

Antiplagiarism is a plagiarism checker teachers use here and there. So, they can ask the student to send any work in electronic form if they want to. Even abstracts, essays, and other types of work can be checked by the teacher with the help of software that universities use to make sure the grade is correct. Getting past a plagiarism check is the easiest thing in the world. At the end of the day, it’s enough to make the text more unique and get you an A. A technical boost will only take a couple of minutes, so you don’t even have to think about it.

Best Online Plagiarism Checker for Students: Does It Exist?

There are several services that check for grammar and plagiarism, and the percentage of copied material can be found through these services with ease.

Plagiarism Check for Teachers #1 is one of the most-used programs for teachers, and 95% of universities have it installed. At the moment, it is a closed system that can only be used by the university that bought a license for a whole year. Teachers in schools and colleges use this tool to check if students have copied their work. Also, the students can use the program on their own.

Plagiarism Checker for University Students Free of Charge #2

Duplicate is a plagiarism checker that is used by a lot of people. It has a free version for texts with up to 1000 words and a paid version for texts with more than 1000 words. It gives you a percentage of plagiarism and points out similar content in the list of sources. But it doesn’t give you a detailed report and only gives you access to a small number of databases because it only compares your paper to online sources and books. Lastly, the report on plagiarism is easy to read and can be downloaded in both PDF and MS Word formats.

Plagiarism Checker Teachers Use #3

Grammarly is one of the tools that scientists trust the most, and many universities around the world use it all the time. Grammarly is both an automatic proofreader and a plagiarism checker that works well. It has the ProQuest database and a huge database with 16 billion web pages. Grammarly also checks manuscripts for things like spelling mistakes that make sense in the context, redundancy, and bad sentence structure, to name a few.

You can use the free online plagiarism checker for teachers and students to check your own work for copied text.

How Can Teachers Check for Plagiarism – Main Programs

Here is a list of the most widely used programs; you can find the plagiarism checker used by teachers at your college.


It is an online service that checks text documents for parts of the text that were taken from open sources on the Internet or from the user’s own document database. The service works with files in the.doc,.docx,.rtf,.txt,.odt,.html,.zip,.rar,.xls, or.pdf formats. Now, the service has storage in the cloud. It can be added to the software of university learning management systems at an educational institution. Unichek Antiplagiarism looks at the text of 40 billion open Internet resources for signs of plagiarism. So, just like that, out of the blue, it won’t work.


If you’ve used Turnitin before, you can trust EasyBib because it claims to use the same technology. This software will not only check for plagiarism, but it will also suggest ways to improve your grammar and style. Plus, you can send in your article for an in-depth review that takes 24 hours and includes detailed comments from writing experts.


Do professors check for plagiarism with Scribbr? Yes. One way professors check for plagiarism is by using Scribbr. Yes, all college and university professors look at the work to see if it is copied from somewhere else. Scribbr is a tool that can find much more plagiarism than the average plagiarism checker. It works well with edited and paraphrased texts and shows the correct sources. Scribbr doesn’t have any trouble showing the whole copied passages instead of just parts of them. When you use the plagiarism checker, different parts of the copied text will be shown in different colors. When it comes to journals and educational information, the tool works even better. The best part is that the tool is 100% safe. In 30 days, all the data that has been processed is erased. If you want to, you can delete the data yourself.

Summing up

Now you know why and how professors check for plagiarism. Use one of these services to identify plagiarism in your paper. Many include detection and editing tools. Many features need a membership. Free versions restrict characters or checks per day.

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