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5 Useful Tools for Your HR Team

One of the primary roles within a Human Resources department is to find and hire amazing people. This task is often delegated to an HR manager who is required to identify high-quality candidates swiftly.

Businesses outsource their recruitment needs to save money, but it’s not just about money. Spending time locating the best candidates through the use of tools will save valuable time and boost business success at the same time. Here are five useful tools that are designed for your HR team.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a software application that lets you make, view, and print PDF files. It’s an essential tool for any human resources department because it can convert documents into PDFs and fill out forms electronically.

Here are some of the features of Adobe Acrobat that help HR:

Fillable Forms – You can use Adobe Acrobat to create and distribute customizable forms with embedded data validation rules, which makes it easier for employees to submit their information.

eSignatures – One of the most useful features for HR is the ability to add signatures to your documents. This allows you to sign contracts and other documents electronically without printing them out, scanning them back in, and re-sending them. This saves time and money!

You can also use this feature for internal forms or even employee handbooks where you want employees to sign off on their understanding of policies and procedures before they start working. You can request e-signatures from the employees too.

PDF Document Management – You can organize your company’s documents by keeping them in one central location rather than having them scattered across various hard drives or shared folders on your network. This ensures that everyone has easy access to important documents like employee handbooks, policies and procedures manuals, and more.

Secure PDFs – If you’re concerned about protecting sensitive information from being viewed by unauthorized individuals, you can password-protect your PDF files using 256-bit encryption technology. This means only authorized users can open these files and see the contents inside them without worrying about someone else accidentally stumbling upon them or intentionally looking through them without permission from management.


Qandidate is an easy-to-use, web-based application that helps you manage your talent pipeline. It is a great tool for small to medium businesses with 20 or fewer employees who want to improve how they source and recruit candidates. The software gives you simple ways to manage job postings, track applicants, and communicate with them.

Qandidate has many features that make it worth trying:

Post Jobs: Create job postings for free.

Search Candidates: Search all open positions or by keyword—filter by location, keywords, and more.

Contact Candidates: Send customized emails to candidates directly from the app. Ensure you have the correct information about each candidate before contacting them, so they don’t get confused about the position they’re interviewing for!

Collaborate with Teammates: Share notes on candidates and collaborate on tasks with your team members.

Interview Mocha

Interview Mocha is a platform that helps HR teams conduct remote interviews. It’s a simple, easy-to-use tool that makes it easy to screen candidates and schedule calls.

Here are the Interview Mocha features that help HR teams:

Tailored Scheduling: The scheduling tool allows you to choose what days and times work best for your team and candidates. You can also set up recurring interviews if you have many openings or if multiple people are involved in the interview process.

Customizable Interview Guides: When you create an interview guide, you can customize it with your company’s branding and style guide so that every candidate gets the same experience. You also have the option to include questions from our pre-made library or create your own from scratch.

Recorded Interviews: Once your candidate has completed their interview, you have access to a recording of their answers and written notes from each interviewer on what they like about the candidate and why they should be hired.


Freshteam is a cloud-based HR solution that helps you manage your entire team through a single platform. It’s the perfect tool for small businesses, startups, and freelancers who need to manage their people on a budget.

Here are some of the features of Freshteam that help HR:

Time Tracking & Billing Dashboard: The Time Tracking & Billing dashboard shows you your employees’ activity in one convenient place. You’ll see a list of their tasks, projects, and clients and their hours spent on each. You’ll also see how much they make per hour and how many hours they’ve worked this week (or month). This makes it easy to spot overworked employees or those who aren’t earning enough money during busy seasons.

The time tracking feature also lets you easily track the hours employees work, so you know how much time they spend on each task or project. The time tracker automatically calculates wages based on the hourly rate and hours worked. You can also set up billing rates for different projects or clients.

Payroll & Invoicing: With Freshteam’s payroll software, you can manage your entire payroll process in one place: from creating employee profiles to entering hours worked each week and calculating pay stubs. You can also use the system to calculate deductions such as CPP contributions and EI premiums based on your employees’ tax statuses.

Freshteam’s invoicing software provides an easy way to create invoices for clients or customers. When creating an invoice, you can easily add multiple taxes such as GST/HST or PST based on their province or territory of residence. You also have options for adding extra charges such as late or rush fees if required.

Culture Amp

Culture Amp is a tool that allows HR teams to assess their organization’s culture. It also gives them insights into employee engagement and feedback on what employees think about their workplace.

The Culture Amp platform is used by over 2,000 companies worldwide, including Dropbox, Airbnb, and Uber.

Here are some of its features that are helpful for HR:

Organization profile: This tool allows you to survey your entire organisation at once or dive in and target specific groups of employees within your company. You can even create private groups if you want more targeted feedback from certain types of employees — like managers versus non-managers or team members versus individual contributors.

Engagement data: Culture Amp provides engagement data such as employee satisfaction scores and retention information so you can see how engaged your employees are compared to industry benchmarks or other companies in your industry. This data helps HR teams evaluate any issues with employee retention or if there’s room for improvement in terms of overall satisfaction with their jobs at the company.

Takeaway: Ensuring your HR department always provides you with the best tools possible will help you and your employees succeed in the business. These tools can help your HR team become more efficient department and empower your employees to be even more engaged with your company’s activities. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with employees outside of the United States or only have a few employees in total. These HR technology tools can help all companies function better.

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