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VShare APK download: Install for ios, android, windows

Downloow vshare apk on android, ios or windows. how to download vshare apk latest version, VShare APK download for any device. 

Vshare is one of the most popular and most downloaded app all over the world. The app crossed over 150 million downloads. Vshare is totally free to download on any platform either its IOS, android or window. The Vshare work like an independent app store like google play or 9app store. You can download any third party app on vshare. Here we are going to discuss everything about vshare app like how to download vshare apk on ios, vshare apk download on android and windows.

You Can’t find it on Google Play or any other app store. So download the vshare app store and enjoy the unlimited premium free at one place.

VShare APK download for any device
VShare APK download

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Vshare apk download for iOS

Are you an iPhon user and looking to download the vshare app on your ios devices. so here is the step by step guidelines to install Vshare on your iOS device. To download vshare on ios you need to connect with a PC or laptop because direct download on ios devices is still not available, this is the only method to get vshare on ios platform.

1.) Download and install Vshare for Windows from

2.) Open Vshare software on your PC or laptop, now connect your iPhone to PC via USB cable.

3.) As the ios device will be connected to PC, it will take few time to recognize the device. when the process will be completed, you will get a prompt on your iPhone to “Trust” your computer. You have to tap on trust to confirms your connection.

4.) Now your iPhone and PC is connected, your app ia ready to download on your iPhone. to download the app click on the Apps Tab at the top, find vshare app and hit “Download“.

5.) Next, Click on the Downloads Tab to monitor your current app downloads.

6.) Now the download is complete, push the Installed app to your iPhone/iPad.

7.) Now the app is successfully downloaded on your iphone.

If you are interested in Installing Vshare on your PC, Mac or Android devices, I’ve also created step-by-step tutorials for these devices at the end of this guide.

Vshare apk download for Android?

Like ios platform the android don’t need much efforts to download vshare app store on android devices. you can download vshare app directly from google play store. you can also download the app from Android .apk installer file.

Vshare apk download for Windows (PC)

You can install the Vshare app on the PC or laptop as well. but you need to follow a step by step guide to get the vshare app on windows.

  1. Download & install AndyOS Android emulation software.
  2. Once AndyOS is installed, it will load your virtualized Android operating system automatically.
  3. If you haven’t already, go ahead and download the latest V share .apk file.
  4. Right-Click the .apk file and choose: Open with -> AndyOS.
  5. The Vshare app will be automatically installed.

How to remove vshare app from your phone?

iOS users: you don’t need to follow a process to uninstall the app on your iphone, just unplug your device from PC to disconnect Vshare app on your phone. As you will unplug the device from PC the Vshare helper software will be automatically disconnect.

Android Users: Tap and hold the Vshare icon and wait for a few seconds for the Uninstall & Remove options to show at the top of the screen. Drag the icon to the “uninstall” menu option.


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