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Waitr vs Doordash: Which is Best for Riders?

Waitr vs Doordash

Having trouble deciding if you should work for Waitr or DoorDash? It’s a big decision; making the right choice can help you earn more money.

Therefore, here I compare Waitr and DoorDash in detail. I’ll look at how much drivers can make, the benefits and challenges they get, and more.

Let’s get started with the comparison –

Waitr vs Doordash: Overview


Founded in 2013, Waitr is an online food delivery service that aims to revolutionize the local dining scene by enabling customers to discover, order, and receive great food from local restaurants and caterers. Waitr’s headquarters are located in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

While concentrated mainly in the Southeastern United States, Waitr’s market presence has gradually expanded across the United States, with over 700 cities covered. Waitr is recognized for its extensive reach into smaller towns and cities that other food delivery apps might not cover.


Doordash, created in 2013 in Palo Alto, California, is an on-demand food delivery service. Their mission is to “grow and empower local economies” by connecting people with the best of their communities. They strive to offer their merchants, customers, and Dashers a delightful, straightforward, and reliable experience.

Doordash has a significantly larger market presence, covering over 4,000 cities across all fifty United States, Canada, and Australia. With a large and growing number of restaurant partnerships, DoorDash is currently one of the most widespread food delivery services.

Waitr vs Doordash: Benefits and Challenges of Being a Delivery Rider


  • Waitr offers its drivers, officially known as Waitr Team Members, the freedom of choosing when and where to work. Being an autonomous contractor, a Waitr driver can control their working hours and potentially balance other work or personal responsibilities.
  • Waitr drivers have the flexibility to create their schedules in a weekly format. This allows for flexibility to plan around events in their personal lives.
  • Waitr drivers earn through per-delivery fees, customer tips, and occasional bonuses. The total earning varies depending on the number of deliveries made, the time spent working, and the amount of tips.


  • Similarly, DoorDash Dasher, as they call it, also has the liberty to choose their schedules and work locations. Doordash uses a model wherein Dashers get to pick up shifts (DoorDash calls this “Dash”) in advance. These can offer an excellent deal of independence.
  • DoorDash goes a step further in scheduling flexibility. Dashers can schedule their Dash in advance or hop onto the platform and Dash immediately (if the feature is available in their region).
  • DoorDash promises Dashers a minimum earning per order, and they can also earn tips. Dashers are also eligible for other bonuses and incentives, which increase their earning potential.

Waitr vs Doordash: Recruitment Process

Waitr Recruitment Process

  1. Apply online: Fill out an application with basic details on the Waitr website.
  2. Background check: Pass a background check that covers your driving record and crime history.
  3. Document verification: Provide a valid driver’s license, vehicle inspection, and proof of auto insurance.
  4. App download: If approved, download the Waitr Driver app.
  5. Onboarding: Complete the digital onboarding process through the Waitr app, including online training materials.

DoorDash Recruitment Process

  1. Apply online: Provide basic details through the DoorDash website or app.
  2. Background check: Pass a background check that evaluates your criminal and driving history.
  3. Document verification: Submit a valid driver’s license and auto insurance.
  4. Orientation: Attend an in-person or online orientation based on your location.
  5. App download: If approved, download the DoorDash Dasher app.
  6. Onboarding: Start using the Dasher app, following the guidelines and training provided during orientation.

Waitr vs Doordash: Pay Structure Comparison

Here’s a breakup of Waitr and Doordash pay structure –

Average Potential Monthly Income

Platform Average Potential Monthly Income (40 hours/week) Average Potential Monthly Income (20 hours/week, if applicable)
Waitr Approximately $2,720 Approximately $800 – $1000
DoorDash Approximately $4,164 Approximately $1,600 – $2,000

Please note that these figures are estimates based on available data, and actual earnings may vary depending on location, hours worked, tips, and order volume.

That’s all for now. If you’re still confused between these two options, feel free to share your doubts in the comments below.

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