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Want to Purchase the Best Inverter With Battery Price That Is Affordable? Here’s How

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As Indians, we are very price-conscious and like to save whatever and wherever we can. However, that does not mean that we don’t like spending a few extra bucks if we get a high-quality product with attractive features – and the same holds true for inverters and batteries.

So, in your quest to find the best inverter with battery price, it is essential to thoroughly compare product choices before coming to a final decision.

Also, it goes without saying that an inverter battery’s price plays a critical role in our buying decision. But as a consumer, you need to realize that an inverter battery combo’s final price point depends on a lot of factors.

Plus, there are a few things you need to factor in if you want to buy an inverter and a battery that’s not only affordable but also doesn’t lack out on features.

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So, in this guide, we will talk about a few elements that define the cost of the inverter battery unit so that you can make an informed decision. Let’s take a look:

Inverter and Battery Capacity

The higher the capacity of an inverter battery unit, the more you will have to shell out to get one. However, how much you need in terms of capacity is solely dependent on your usage, i.e., how many appliances you would like power backup for in case of an outage. For instance, a 700-900 VA inverter would be sufficient if you use a standard amount of appliances.

But if you have a bigger home with multiple air conditioners, fans, lights, and other heavy-load equipment, you might need to go for an inverter and battery unit that can support more appliances during a power failure.

In terms of the battery, you need to look for the Ah or the ampere-hours, and the more the Ah, the more powerful the battery. Better yet, you can use an online load calculator to figure out your load requirements before purchasing an inverter battery.

Frequency and Duration of Power Cuts

Finding the best inverter with battery price also largely depends on this factor. The frequency and duration of power cuts in your area would require you to opt for an inverter battery unit that’s specifically designed for that purpose.

So, if you have long and frequent power cuts, you need to have a unit designed to handle such scenarios, and the same holds true in case you have fewer and frequent power cuts.


There are different types of inverters and batteries available in the market that are manufactured using different techniques and technologies.

For instance, an inverter could either be based on a pure sine wave, modified sine wave, or square wave technology. Similarly, a battery could be either a GEL, Tubular, or Flat Plate, and the price will differ based on which one you choose.

So, how do you purchase an inverter with a battery that’s affordable?

Well, affordability is subjective, and a unit that is considered affordable might be expensive for you.

However, today, the market is flooded with so many options across several categories that the prices of inverters and batteries have drastically decreased over the years.

So, inverter batteries have become very affordable no matter the setup you choose. However, here’s what you need to consider to make the best of those options:

  • Your power requirement
  • Technology and build of the product
  • Service life and maintenance costs
  • After-sales and customer support

If you are on the lookout for an affordable inverter with battery price, then you must check out Luminous’ inverter battery combo units that are built using the best of modern technology.

Plus, they offer the maximum value for your money due to their long service lives, zero to very low maintenance costs, stellar after-sales, and customer support.

So, if you want affordability coupled with value, check out their comprehensive list of inverter batteries right now!

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