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Way To The Woods – A Treat To The Eyes | Release | Trailer | Gameplay

Way to the Woods, popularly known as The Deer Game on the internet, had ruled the internet in the year 2015 and also is one the most loved game showcased in the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) submit in the year 2019.

When the trailer of this indie game was released, the internet gone mad, the trailer was a treat to the eyes. But this was not the first time when the internet talked about Way to the woods.

six years ago, back in December 2015, someone posted some screenshots on Reddit, those were the first image of Way to the Woods, and they were looking gorgeous and it went viral.

The first images of Way to the Woods were not the only reason why this post on Reddit became the topic of discussion, if you want to know the other reason you to be focused while reading the article, it is mentioned somewhere.

Since then everyone is waiting for the release of Way to the Woods.

In this article, I will tell you guys everything, why Way to Woods is called The Deer Game?

What happened in the year 2015?

About the release, trailer, everything. So, be with me and read the article to its very end.

When in Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) submit 2019, the trailer of the game was released everyone thought that the wait is finally over, but we are still waiting and I guess the wait is going to last a bit longer than expected.

About – Way to the Woods

Way to the Woods is an indie game. What is an Indie game? A game created by an individual or a small team without any financial support from any game publisher.

It is developed by Anthony Tan and his few fellow developers.

Way To The Woods - A Treat To The Eyes

Way to the Woods is an adventure game, played in the third-person view. The game follows the story of two deer, one adult, and one fawn.

two deer are lost in an abandoned world where, there is no sign of a single human being, and they have to find a way to go back to their home in the woods.

To survive, they have to find food, shelter, safety, and a lot of answers.

The official description says “Two deer in a strange, abandon world with no human beings around, have to find their way back to home. Find food, shelter, safety, and answers on your way to the woods”.

The tag line of the game is “All of the lights will guide you home”, I don’t know what is the significance of this line, but what I saw in the trailer and what I concluded from it I will share that with you.

First, see the Trailer

Way to the Woods Trailer

As you all saw in the trailer, we didn’t see the two deer fighting any other creatures, they are just searching for food and a way back to the woods.

The adult deer’s horns were glowing, he can absorb electricity or the electricity from the lights and can use it as a torch, and pass all the barriers operated by electricity.

He uses his horns as a light source, which shows the way. Is “All of the lights will guide you home” is somehow related to the way adult deer uses his horns. I don’t know, and to know about it we have to wait for the release.

Release Update – Way to the Woods

We are waiting for this game for the last six years since the screenshots of this game got viral.

According to the latest reports, In UK and USA, Way to the Woods is going to be released in the year 2021, for PC and Xbox One.

Way To The Woods - A Treat To The Eyes

Way to the Woods is also going to release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, but the release date is yet to be announced.

What happened in the Year 2015

Anthony Tan shared some of the first images of the game on Reddit. The internet was loving the look of the game, but the main top of the discussion and the reason why this thing goes viral is the age of the developer.

Back then Anthony Tan was just Sixteen years old, and this is his first project, which is going to release under his name “Way to the Woods by Anthony Tan”, doesn’t sound like a dream come true.

Way To The Woods - A Treat To The Eyes

Before this, he had worked as a 3D artist for an Austin-based video game developer company Owlchemy Labs, which was then located in Massachusetts.

Anthony Tan worked on the games like Smuggle Truck and Job Simulator.

When Way to the Woods first images got viral, the internet reacted with comments like:

Alright, the deer simulator game has been the best game I’ve seen yet from Xbox. I guess it is not true but if he didn’t like any of the previous games on Xbox, what can we say it’s his choice.

I would buy an Xbox just to play the deer game. Do you own an Xbox or you are going to buy one just play The Deer Game?

Cute deer game is all I care about and I don’t even own an Xbox.

Why is Way to the Wood called The Deer Game?

Isn’t it obvious why Way to the Wood called The Deer Game, yeah just because you have to play the character of the deer, simple as that?

You must have felt that the Music of Way to the Woods is great because it is created by Aivi and Surasshu, this duo is known for their work Steven Universe.

Final word

Way to the Woods is a simple but interesting survival game, it doesn’t include any kind of fighting (according to me, based on what I saw in the trailer), you just have to survive the situations you will be given.

If you are someone who is playing a lot of battleground games, you should take a break from them and try this game out with no stress of killing someone or getting killed. You can sit back relax just try your best to lead these two deer to their home.

As I said this project is a dream come true for Anthony Tan and his small team. The game looks great the animation and all, it is a gorgeous piece of art, loved by almost every gamer.

All I can say or do is to wait for the release of “Way to the Woods”, till then I am going to play another survivor game Stranded Deep multiplayer. If you want to know about this game do read the article I wrote on it.

Now, I am going to take my leave, Peace Out✌🏻

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