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Stranded Deep Multiplayer: Objectives & Crafting [2021]

Survive or Die, Stranded Deep is a single player survival game, multiplayer or not? There are, a lot of questions regarding Stranded Deep Multiplayer mode, and in this article, I will cover them all.

The story of this game takes place in the large Pacific Ocean, where the player got stuck after his/her plane crashes.

You don’t have any means to contact anyone for help. The only things you have at the point are a lifeboat, a compass, and rations for few days.

Stranded Deep Multiplayer Available or Not? Plus Items Crafting Recipe [2021]

Now, in order to stay alive, you have to do your best, otherwise, you will lose the game of life somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

For the sake of your survival, you have to Build, Explore, Fight, and many other things. We will come to this later.

First, let me clear the air about the Stranded Deep Multiplayer mode.

Stranded Deep Multiplayer Mode

So, the question is, can we play Stranded Deep in multiplayer mode or not? And the answer is yes, we can. But there is a catch, we can’t play the Stranded Deep Multiplayer in online mode.

We can only play the Stranded Deep Multiplayer in Local Co-op mode.

What is this Local Co-op mode?

Local Co-op is an offline multiplayer mode, basically, Co-op stands for cooperation.

In Local Co-op mode, you and your friends can play the supported games on one console or PC, split screen or not.

How to play Stranded Deep multiplayer?

We will come to this after discussing the objectives of the game. The mission and all you have to perform in order to survive.

Stranded Deep Multiplayer Objectives


Explore the island and the ocean in order to search for food, and supplies to build a shelter and craft some weapons to fight the creatures you run into while exploring.

You need to aware of the aggressive creatures living on the land and in the Ocean:

Aggressive land creatures: Snake, Crab, Giant Hog

Aggressive Sea creatures: Lion Fish, Sea Snake, Sea Urchin, Crown of Thorns Starfish, Tiger Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Great White Shark


Stranded Deep Multiplayer Available or Not? Plus Items Crafting Recipe [2021]

You have to build a house to protect yourself from the creatures of the night and the changing weather.

You can start by building a house out of palm trees, as you will progress in the game you will be able to craft items that will help you to build a solid brick house.


The most necessary thing for survival is food, and for that, you have to hunt animals and cut trees.

You need weapons to do so, the first thing you have to do after reaching the island is to start crafting.


By clicking C, a pop-up menu will open which will provide you with the recipes to craft different items.

Remember, you can only craft those items whose required ingredients are available in your inventory.

Crafting Recipe List


One Arrow = One Stick + One Stone tool


One Brick = Two clay + Brick Station + Furnace


One Cloth = Four fibrous leaves + Loom

Crude Axe

One Crude Axe = One lashing + One stick + Two stone tool

Crude Bow

One Crude Bow = One lashing + One stick

Crude Hammer 

One Crude Hammer = One lashing + One stick+ Two rock

Crude Hoe 

One Crude Hoe = One lashing + One stick + One stone tool

Crude Spear 

One Crude Spear = One stick

Fire Torch 

One Fire Torch = One cloth + One stick

Fishing Bobber

One Fishing Bobber = One buoy balls scrap

Fishing Rod

One Fishing Rod = Three lashings + Three stick

Fishing Spear 

One Fishing Spear = One stick


One Kindling = Two stick 


One Lashing = Four fibrous leaves


One Leather = One raw hide + Tanning Rack


One Plank = One log + Plank Station

Refined Axe

One Refined Axe = One leather + One stone tool + One cured axe

Refined Knife

One Refined Knife = One lashing + One stick + One stone tool

Refined Pick

One Refined Pick = Two leather + Two stone tool + One stick

Refined Spear 

One Refined Spear = One leather + One stone tool + One crude spear


One Speargun = One leather + One duct tape + Two stick + One air tank

Speargun Arrow

One Speargun Arrow = One stick + One lashing 

Stone Tool 

One Stone Tool = One rock

Stranded Deep Multiplayer Available or Not? Plus Items Crafting Recipe [2021]

Structures Crafting Recipe List

Water Still 

One Water still = One coconut flask + One palm frond + One lashing + One cloth + Three rock


One Shelter = One lashing + Four palm frond + Three stick

Plank Station 

One Plank Station = One lashing + One log + Four stick + One crude hammer + One refined axe

Fuel Still

One Fule Still = One jerrycan + Two lashing + Four stick + Two planks + Two clay + One fire pit


One Furnace = Two Lashing + Thre stick + Six clay

Brick Station 

One Brick Station = Three clay + Three planks


One Loom = Four lashing + Six stick

Tanning Rack 

One Tanning Rack = Four lashings + Four stick


One Campfire = Four stick 

Fire Pit 

One Fire Pit = Three rock + One campfire

Fire Spit 

One Fire Spit = One lashing + Three stick + One fire pit

Hobo Stove 

One Hobo Stove = One Barrel + One fire pit 


One Smoker = One lashing + Three stick + One fire pit

Crafting Hunting Tools

Stranded Deep Multiplayer Available or Not? Plus Items Crafting Recipe [2021]

Bird Snare 

One Bird Snare = One rock + Three lashing + Two stick

Fish Trap 

One Fish Trap = Two lashing + Two rock + Six stick 

Crafting Furniture

Sleeping Bag 

One Sleeping Bag = Three cloth + Three stick + Three leather 


One Hook = Two stick


One Plank Chair = Four planks 

One Wood Chair = Four lashing + Six stick


One Wood Table = Four lashing + Eleven stick 

One Plank Table = Six planks 

One Corrugated Table = Four corrugated scrap 


One Wood Shelf = Two lashing + Four stick

One Plank Shelf = Two planks 

One Corrugated Shelf = Two corrugated scrap


The only mission you need to carry is to defeat the three Boss Creatures Giant Squid, Megaladon and, Moray Eel.

You should be fully prepared before you start the missions, as the boss creature are not like the other aggressive creatures. You will require a lot of weapons to kill them.

The boss creatures are stronger at night, and may not be fully visible. So, the best option is to fight them when the Sun is on your head.

If you feel like you need to save the game, you just have to go and sit on the bed on the battle field.

We almost cover everything about the gameplay.

How to Play Stranded Deep Multiplayer?

As I said you can only play Stranded Deep multiplayer in Local Co-op mode, in Split Screen.

Stranded Deep Multiplayer Available or Not? Plus Items Crafting Recipe [2021]

Steps to follow:

  • Run the game and go to the main menu.
  • Select the Input option.
  • Scroll down and go to the Controller’s section.
  • Now you have to select the mouse, keyword, and controller option.
  • You will see P1 selected, which means player one, you have to change player one to player two (P2).
  • At last, you have to start a new game, go to modes and change it to cooperative from a single player. Now you can enjoy the game with your friend.

While playing Stranded Deep multiplayer, one can use the keyboard and mouse and the other can use a controller if you have two controllers then both the player can use the controller.

Final Words

There was a lot of confusion about the Stranded Deep Multiplayer mode, Is there one or not? If there is, how to play it? and many more.

So, I decided to put some light on the topic and provide a clear answer to it.

In addition, I shared a lot about the game and a full Crafting recipe for you people. If you liked the article don’t forget to write your review in the comment section.

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