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7 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel for More Views

There is so much content out there. Yet, nearly 90% of the content is not even discoverable. That’s because most content creators spend way more time creating videos. A big part of being an online success is spending more time distributing your content. In this piece, we will tell you ways to promote your YT channel/video.

Before going ahead, let’s talk about how to buy YouTube views. It’s a completely safe & secure way to gain more views. There are no risks as such. Moreover, with more views, you can leverage trust & brand image.

There are so many ways of acing YouTube. Let’s learn together –

Promote Through Blog Posts

Reusing your videos through blogs is a safe bet. Moreover, you won’t have to sit for hours trying to write your content. Hopefully, you have a script for your video. You can simply use that script for copywriting purposes as well.

However, don’t worry if you don’t use a script for your YT videos. Follow these steps and get your blogs ready easily –

  • Go to the “Subtitles” section of your YouTube Studio.
  • Tap on a particular video and check the subtitles
  • Extract the subtitles into Microsoft Word or Google Docs
  • Do not try to edit the subtitles there
  • Use shorter sentences and avoid colloquial language
  • Understand that verbal expressions and written expressions are different
  • YouTube creates these subtitles through AI so you need to change the language a bit

Once your blog is ready use WordPress or any other website to publish your content. This is a great way to repurpose your video. Do not forget to embed your video in that blog.

Don’t Forget to Create a Podcast

Everyone’s listening to podcasts. People do not always have time to stare at a screen. Moreover, they still want to learn about new things. Podcasts are a really fun way to introduce your content to the audience.

If you have a ready video, you can extract the “audio-only” file from it. Moreover, you can export audio files separately from most video editing software. This is one of the better ways to link your YT channel from podcasts.

However, you need to remember that the idea of podcasting works if you are telling a story. If your content is educational, conversational, argumentative, discussion-based or opinionated, you should definitely go for podcasts.

Snippets Make Good Content

Ideally, YouTube channels should make 3 to 7 minute long videos. However, some use longer videos as well. Everything depends on the type of content you produce. Here’s an idea that some YouTubers are using well.

Extract tiny exciting snippets and share them everywhere. With TikTok’s short video culture taking over the world, you can now use it at full magnitude. You can share it on every platform where reels are available.

It can be YouTube Shorts or Reels on Instagram & Facebook. Moreover, you can share wherever you can. Just tag your video and page with your YouTube channel. Small snippets work well because they can attract someone’s attention very quickly.

Get More Creative on Other Social Media Platforms

Let us say that you have videos on a particular topic. You can easily create carousels for LinkedIn and Instagram. Depending on the kind of content you make, you can choose your platform. Repurposing your content on YouTube will depend largely on the kind of branding you have done for yourself.

Post the same content creatively on various platforms. Suppose your content has opinions in them, you can collaborate with a caricature artist. Use the pictures drawn by these artists and win over Pinterest too! Trust us, there’s still a lot of juice left on Pinterest.

What About Quora?

Answer every question that comes to you. Quora gives you an incredible way to gain more followers. Here’s how.

People from all around the world keep asking questions. Usually, they do not find answers to these questions from any articles. So, quora came to their rescue. Follow topics that coincide with your content pattern & style. Do not push branding on Quora. Just let it be subtle. When people notice that your answers are detailed, yet to the point, you will gain traction.

Promotion Through YouTube

Is your YT channel already up & running? Do you post every day or every now & then? Are you still struggling to get more views? Use this technique to rule YouTube.

So here are a few things you need to do –

  • Use end-screen cards where you can post thumbnails of other videos from your channel
  • Seperate playlists for different kinds of topics or content types
  • Linking one with the other and drawing people from one of your videos to others

Moreover, keep the colour scheme of your YT channel the same throughout. Remember that people remember brands through colours.

Brand Collabs

This one is known to everyone already. Although to use this in full swing you must have something to leverage yourself. This is also a YouTube promotion through YouTube. Although if you collaborate with some influencer your social media will go through the roof.

Content creators from the same niche can attract a lot of like-minded people. And, that’s an incredible way of promoting your channel.


People are trying the perception game. And, they are winning. Getting more views through some of the best sites to buy Youtube views, is something you should definitely try. Plus, it’s a completely secure & safe way to get ahead in the game.

Buying views can make you look super cool. And, don’t worry there’s no way your social platform is going to notice this. Rumours of getting banned are completely baseless. Millions of users are doing this.

Hopefully, you found our piece interesting. Let us know how you promote your YT videos down in the comment section. Will see you soon with our next piece. See ya!

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