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Best Otome Games: 10 Fan-Favorite Casual Games to Play

Best Otome Games

After playing way too much gore and gacha games, sometimes it’s the right choice to switch over to playing casual games.

And when it comes down to casual PC games, there’s no option better than Otome Games.

However, before I share some of the best otome games, do you’ve any idea about this gaming genre?

TBH, 2 years back, I never knew of such games.

It’s a story-based gaming genre mainly targeting women.

Your main aim is to develop a romantic relationship between a female character and the opposite male character.

Similar to anime, this gaming genre was initiated in Japan and, over the years, became famous all over the world.

Now that you know the basics of otome games, here’s a list of some of the best otome games. Let’s get started:

10 Best Otome Games to Play

Diabolik Lovers

The Diabolik Lovers franchise has been around for a few years. Still, it burst into the public consciousness when the PlayStation Portable game Diabolik Lovers: Haunted Dark Bridal was released in 2012. The protagonist is Yui Komori, who is sent to live with a vampire family that resembles the depressed Cullen clan from Twilight.

As the game progresses, Yui gradually uncovers the histories of the many male characters, her hidden history, and other mysteries.

The gameplay of Diabolik Lovers is a little different from that of other romance games. First, in a straight line, the player is dropped into short situations where Yui may make “sadistic” or “masochistic” choices. Then, depending on their decisions, the player will receive one of three available endings.

Ebon Light

Ebon Light is a free otome dating game that you can get on The story follows a human woman who gets involved in elvish society after taking part in an accident. While investigating elvish mysteries and navigating complex politics, the player may choose to date one elve or remain single.

You may also modify the appearance and some of the personality qualities of their character at the start of the game. The protagonist’s stats will be affected by her choices, which will define what options are accessible and what conclusions she achieves throughout the game.


Nightshade is not only one of the first and finest otome games for the Nintendo Switch, but it’s also among the finest. The plot follows Enju, the daughter of a clan head of a well-known ninja family, as she embarks on her first assignment to become a shinobi.

With a fantastic storyline, gorgeous artwork, brilliant voice acting, and incredible music, this game have everything an excellent otome should have. The protagonist stands out in particular for Nightshade.

From Teita’s artwork to a cast of outstanding voice actors to MIKOTO’s music, the production of Nightshade was no doubt a creative endeavor. This one should be your first choice if you buy only one Switch otome game!

Piofiore: Fated Memories

Piofiore is a historical role-playing adventure set in northern Italy during the 1920s, with you taking on the role of Liliana Adornato, an orphaned girl brought up by a church in the heart of town. Liliana quickly discovers that her home is located at the center of three prominent crime families fighting for city control.

Piofiore is a visual and auditory feast. The artwork by Japanese artist RiRi is stunning, as are the songs. Piofiore is also substantial in the plot, giving gamers a lot more to enjoy than simply a brief romance with a pretty face.

Hatoful Boyfriend

The idea of only dating birds in Hatoful Boyfriend appealed to me. Even now, six years after its English release, I keep this game close to my heart. It was the first time I had seen that games with strange ideas could become famous and successful.

Allow me to explain Hatoful Boyfriend to you if you’re unfamiliar with it. Hatoful Boyfriend is set in an alternative universe where most of humanity has been decimated, and birds have taken their place. You play as the final surviving human on Earth, a young female attending St. PigeoNation’s Institute.

The hunter-gatherer woman lives in a neighboring cave and is a cheerful individual. You live your life one day at a time, interacting with one of the game’s eight love interests. In contrast, each character has typical conventions, such as the best friend who is too afraid to express his feelings or the school doctor whose existence is mysterious.

Love Spell: Written in the Stars

The lesson in Always Be Kind, Especially to Your Elders is taught in The Language Of Flowers: This Is What You Say To Make Someone Fall In Love With You. Who knows, they might become a powerful witch who gives you a spellbook that contains a love spell!

A talking penguin and a children’s novel lead to the transformation of this college student’s life. All Luna has to do is choose the person’s name in the book, and they’ll fall head over heels for her. The problem is that the attraction only lasts a month, so if Luna wants to develop a relationship with someone.

The game is highly humorous. If you enjoy the main character, who makes snide remarks regarding the insane events that are taking place around her, you will like Luna. There are also a lot of penguin references, and while I’m not a fan of puns, they’ll get a good chuckle out of people who do.

Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger is without a doubt one of the most popular otome games ever made. It was created by Cheritz and first published in 2016, taking the globe by storm immediately.

Also, you discover a mobile app called “Mystic Messenger” while playing the game. It links players to a group of people who are involved in charity fundraising. The player must please their love object within 11 days of organizing events apart from the typical narrative with seven routes. In addition, the game offers an alternative way named “Another Story.”

Mystic Messenger is one of the most popular otome games, and it’s by far one of the most followed. It was named Best Indie Game at the 2017 Korea Game Awards, and it continues to attract a following today. Learn more about Mystic Messenger in our guide to win this game.

Ayakashi: Romance Reborn

The story takes place in a made-up city and concerns a young woman who works with bewitching ghosts to save her father from wraiths. You may find that the capital is an oddity, but that’s where your journey begins.

The game mixes a visual novel and a card game, making it even more fascinating. Voltage, Inc., another name known for creating excellent otome games on numerous platforms, developed the game.

Amnesia: Memories

Imagine, one day, you wake up one day with no recollection of your past!

Best Otome Games
Best Otome Games

This thought alone is super scary for me.

Well, as soon as you start playing this game, you get to know more about this. The premise of Amnesia: Memories revolves around the player character as she tries to regain her memories.

Your character awakens with no recollection of what happened before August 1. Everything before then has been wiped clean from her mind. Orion, a boy who claims to be a ghost linked to your thoughts, welcomes you as you begin your journey toward regaining your memories.

The game costs $22.99 in the Premium Edition, which includes all five scenarios and additional content. The Premium Edition also includes everything from the Standard Edition, plus all previously released scenes are accessible after you finish them once.

Code: Realize ~ Guardian of Rebirth

For me, it’s one of the finest otome games presently available.

I see Code: Realize as a tale of progress rather than romance. You take on the role of Cardia Beckford, who is alone in a mansion at the start of the game. She’s been called a monster since she was a youngster because her veins were poisoned with poison.

She can melt any person she comes into contact with, causing them excruciating death. Even being in the exact location for an extended period might be harmful. As a result, Cardia has accepted this as reality. She’s a sad, lonely young woman who’d rather spend the rest of her life alone than cause more suffering.

However, she is saved by Arsène Lupin and his brilliant engineer friend Impey Barbicane, who aids her in getting rid of the poison in her system. In addition, Victor Frankenstein, Abraham Van Helsing, and Saint-Germain are all prepared to assist Cardia in getting rid of the toxin in her body.

If you haven’t played Code: Realize yet, I recommend you play it right away.

Concluding Lines

These 10 games aren’t just the best otome games, also part of my favorite collection.

Whenever I feel like I’ve played too many action RPG battle-royale games, I switch over to playing games from this popular gaming genre.

That’s all for now.

If you want me to add a certain number of otome games, share that game with us in the comments section given below.

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