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Spellbreak Hacks: How Wallhacks And Aimbots Are Destroying The Game In Just 1 Month

With the rise of battle royales, there has been a rise in hacking. Most of the time, these hacks are wallbots and aimbots. Which usually pressures the games that are newly released. That is not to say the developers are not attempting to prevent these attempts at hacking, but like these spellbreak hacks, there are more options for people to try and get their hacks into the game.

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What are They?

The terms for the hacks are pretty straight forward, not leaving it up to your imagination. Wallhacks are those hacks that allow the user to see through walls, allowing the user the chance to work around the obstacle and provide them an advantage. These are one of the most commonly used hacks, allowing users to prepare traps, or in some cases, attack through the barrier that wouldn’t let them see-through.

Next up, aimbots, again, pretty straightforward with the name. These allow the user to target opponents quickly, with some used to target a single body part. There have been many instances of aimbots, where people have used it to do headshots, consistently.

Why use Spellbreak hacks?

There are many reasons that a person would decide to use these. Some will say that this is a way to even the playing field, being unable, or unwilling, to practice with the game. Saying that these are great for beginners, which might be right for some, using these regularly, they would wind up relying on them to perform all the actions they should have learned.

The other reason can be that others are doing it, why shouldn’t I? Which makes older players who have been enjoying the game, are forced to either try to compensate or break and use these methods—ensuring that others are being pressured either to join the users with hacks or to quit the game.

The fact that the game is a battle royale gives even more pressure, with the fact that each time a game like this is released, there is a quick boost of users moving from other’s hoping to find a new place to play without, or hoping to get in before their methods of cheating is being removed.

There is a constant fight with each update, providing another chance to find more ways to implement their hacks.

What is happening to prevent it?

Here is the best question, what are they trying to do to prevent the hacks? Proletariat, the developers of Spellbreak, have started using one of the more extensive programs to help prevent, called ‘Easy Anti Cheat,’ which tries to avoid the most common usage of hacks, with a focus more on those hacks that would be found free on some sites.

It is good to make sure there won’t be hacks from everyone, but it won’t prevent those with the mindset to try and find something that gives them a leg up.

Proletariat has mentioned in a post about their future, and they plan to make an update that will start to close most of the larger holes that are being exploited with Spellbreak. The fact that the game is played with people over many different systems makes this a bit more complicated.

While that is what Proletariat is doing to prevent, they also ask that players that notice or might feel something is wrong to report.

Right after being ‘exiled,’ their term for a death, they show the players’ profile and offer the chance to report immediately. Which is a good idea, but can lead to some upset players reporting people who aren’t doing anything wrong.

These hacks will be something that the developers should work on. Some problems need to be corrected. With how they handle, the users will watch it. There will always be the hacks, but if things go well, they will be a minority. Hopefully, they will find themselves succeeding against the wave of hacks that threaten to ruin the game.

Destroying The Player Experience

There are just some players that are better than others. It doesn’t matter how much one practices or what kind of training he gets, it’s likely that there are always going to be others out there that are just naturally more gifted. This is why some go pro and some don’t. Heck, this is the very reason that hacks were invented in the first place. They keep people on an even playing field. Well, what about the average players that aren’t hacking? These are the ones that make up the majority of the game and they already can’t keep with the better players.

When good players start using hacks to keep up with the hackers, it only makes it that much harder for the legit players. This is especially true for the players that want to come in and experience the game for the first time. They are new to everything with little to no understanding of gaming mechanics. They’ll already be at a huge disadvantage. Throw in a skilled hacker and it will only ruin their entire gaming experience. They’ll likely end up rage quitting the game before getting to fully experience it.

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