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Rage 2 Trusted Review & Everything You need to Know

rage 2

While Playing Rage 2, I never experienced any Rage I felt it like roaming in a lifeless world. where you have gone on a mission to kill everything but felt the actual rage missing. Rage 2 tries to brush off the original storyline which is seven years old.

Don’t worry as you do not have to hands on the previous game in order to understand the storyline. It game concept is like any other science fiction movie where you experience the future earth.

rage 2
rage 2


An asteroid crash destroyed entire things on the earth but still, life is struggling as underground facilities are still active. You need to fight to live as a technology-equipped group of ideology followers called The Authority. Moreover, you have to try your best to take control of visible things. In the first choice, it seems like a reboot as the rage events are thin and planned. In the very first scene of the game, it is highly inspired from Duke Nukem movie in addition to that a hilarious gag just after as you select your character.

This comical tone does not prevail longer as there was the killing of a mentor character. Throughout the game nothing approaches much only returning of Doctor Kvasir is only worth memorising.

Latest Impressions of Rage 2

The game holds an evil tyrant yes he is the original Rage General Cross this time he believes Humanity has run its course. Now its time to replace them by his very own brand of cybernetic mutants.

The Rage 2 put’s action first in the whole game I liked the shooting part. As it has melon popping sound effect on every headshot this also ensures killing. As enemies act as they on being hit, it includes falling on the ground and getting back to attack you. The A.I of the game is not that smart it is more on the aggressive side and keeps on moving most of the time.

Things to Take Care While Playing Rage 2

As you finish your brief intro mission after that you enter in a free world. Where you have to search for three quest giver characters and deal them to add progress and accomplish the task. One of the important fact when enemies die they release a thing called Feltrite which is a type of currency used for upgrades. It expires quickly that means you have to put yourself in danger in order to collect your reward. This risk is truly worth as you keep surviving for really long on the other side brings all new thrill while playing.

Another great part of the game is you never go out of Ammo as there are plentiful resources to accumulate them. But be prepared for last missions as the presence of several shields and safeguard against damage makes ammo less useful. There is no concept of stealth killing in the game which makes it more action packed due to face to face fights. To eliminate your enemies and mission goals just use Push button this feature is really helpful as it makes you understand about the current scenario. As there is no radar or minimap is given to help to detect the way but the game provides a satisfying experience.

How to Download Rage 2

You can purchase Rage 2 from given links below:

We have given the official links in order to facilitate you to play the game on your device easily just by purchasing the game and following the instructions given by the game.

My Review

The game comes with a large open world seems like an updated version of original game Rage.

I feel this game is great as it works an antidote for them who are obsessed due to the overdose of the same style. It comes with a large scale shooter game empowered with RPG you have to run your mind to use available things like vehicles, pipes etc. All this with an energetic theme manages your pace with various factors like wide weapons, abilities, upgrades. A must try for action or non-action game lovers as game manages to tackle both types of audience.


After going through every information provided by me, you are fully capable to play the game more efficiently.  Rage 2 is worth a try due to its innovative gameplay which is fun and full of action. As we have provided you in-depth information about the game the above content is designed to help you. Still facing an issue with the game or finding any doubt with content mention it in the comment box below.

Our team will try their best to answer your queries in our upcoming blogs. Till then enjoy your life by playing Rage 2 on your desired devices which are Xbox One, Playstation4 or Pc.



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