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Why Samurai Jack Cancelled and Other Facts About the Show

samurai jack

Probably no cartoon series till now deserves an extension more than Samurai Jack. For those who are not aware of it. Samurai Jack is an action animated series directed and created by Genndy Tartakovsky officially broadcasted on cartoon network. The series was an instant hit and created a storm which is resulted in a five-season-long animation series. The show displays a Japnese Samurai ‘Jack’ and the supreme head evil forces known as Aku.

In the series, Jack uses time travel to reach the dystopian future which is ruled by a demon. Jack has to stop the demon before he captures the entire world but also needs to return to his time. The show increases enthusiasm as in future Jack holds a sword, a rob and a sandal and using these limited resources jack has to accomplish its Samurai Jack mission.

samurai jack
samurai jack

The inspiration behind Samurai Jack

Tartakovsky created samurai jack just after finishing its first cartoon series Dexter’s Laboratory which premiered on cartoon network. The show is inspired by a television drama starring David Carradine named as Kung Fu the show displays samurai culture. The Samurai Jack is released in three parts series together becoming a Movie called The Premiere Movie.

The series goes inflow till 4 seasons but season 5 take a long pause as it released 12 years later. Entire series is directed by Tartakovsky in collaboration with others. The series is appreciated and won eight Primetime Emmy Awards and several others from other major Award ceremonies.

As far as the concept of the show is concerned, Samurai Jack tells a story of a young prince, whose father found a magic katana ( a Japanese kind of sword) which is used to demolish evil powers. The story displays the emotional action-packed journey of Jack and how he managed to accomplish the task.

What does End of Samurai Jack Means?

The most controversial and talked thing about the series is the bittersweet ending of its fifth season. Over the course of four seasons, the main lead Jack encountered with all sort of characters ranging from cyborgs to Scotsmen in order to return back to past and defeat
Aku, the Master of Evil forces.

Unfortunately, the series came to an end before Jack reaches its goal that is to defeat Aku. Yes, the series ended back in 2004 with an unsatisfying end but after a long pause season, 5 came in existence.

This season came up with a satisfying end but the sad part is series came to an end officially. So, let’s understand why it is called bittersweet and left fans heartbroken.

Samurai Jack is a fantastic introduction to samurai life the series shows a modern and medieval period of time as series features time travel which is used by hero of series ‘Jack’. Entire series is loved and appreciated by fans but in season 5 creators came up with great work.

As season 5 is believed as a massive love letter to fans of series as each character is displayed a significant role in Jack’s world. Apart from them, many characters made a return and some of them came up with fruitless attacks on Aku. The return of these fan favourite characters made season 5 an indulging experience.

New characters have been added to the series, A fast-talking robotic assassin Scaramouche, A horseman named as Omen, Leech Monster Omen Lazarus 92, High Priestess with her lethal assassins, the Daughters of Aku.

These all tried to complex Jack’s travel throughout the series it is observed that the daughter of Aku arguably seems more successful with his attacks as compared to others. These things made season 5 far beyond what previous seasons were able to accomplish. The jack has fallen love with the daughter of Aku and if he killed Aku.

Ashi will never take birth it made the end special and stops the jack from accomplishing his goal.

Why Was Samurai Jack Cancelled?

Actually, Samurai Jack never gets cancelled it came to an end because of creators and the network it was airing on. So, the answer is Samurai Jack wasn’t cancelled at all. Although the end is disappointing as everyone wants to see Jack accomplishing his goal.

But the love angle made it all complex and the end performed was good. If you consider the given situation but a mad every fan of Jack sad for sure.


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