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7torrents: 5 Genuine Reasons Why You Should Prefer it in 2021?


When you try to download Movies, TV, series, or software from torrent sides, you automatically agree to share your network with other users.

With countless spammers already eyeing getting access to your PC or information without your permission, it getsreallyl hard to find a suitable torrent website that is safe and trusted for users online.
Despite the options like:

Suppose your search has still not ended. I believe 7torrents is a website that you should have a look at as here you can download torrents only via the safest Torrent clients such as BitTorrent and uTorrent.

Apart from that, if you ever tried to use its torrent on Google Chrome or some other third-party torrent downloader.

Then this torrent file does not let you fetch the data available on the host server.

To be honest last year. I was not that much concerned about my privacy and security. However, my PC got hacked in the previous year, and hackers stole my personal information, such as credit card information and vice versa.

I somehow managed to come out, and I don’t think it would be possible to do something like this in the future.

So then I had two options –

  • Pick a safest torrent downloading website or
  • Stop using torrent websites altogether.

But tell me yourself.

How could I? When I spent most of my time downloading torrents and watching movies, tv-series on my PC.

So, don’t expect me to quit using torrent websites.

Now, talking about this post, here I’ll share:

  • Why I prefer to use 7torrents in 2021 as my go-to torrent website.
  • 100% Working proxy sites.

Let’s get started:

5 Reasons Why I Prefer 7torrents in 2021

If you have been following this blog regularly, then one thing you might already know is that I never lie.

And this time too, there would be no exception.

You see security is not the sole purpose for using 7torrents.

There are many reasons behind my choice. Here are few of them:

Ease of Use

It’s nice to see when everything you need is right in front of you.

It’s one of the main front where 7 torrents shine like A Boss.

From tv trending shows to top movies, you can see everything in every little detail right on the front page, along with the list to choose from a particular genre, star cast, etc.

And if you are looking for a specific movie, you will see a search bar on the right-hand side. Use it to type in the name of that particular movie, and you will get it right away.

User-Friendly Interface

From a user’s point of view, no one likes to have a bad experience when downloading a torrent or typically visiting a website.

Tell me. Do you?

No, right?

7torrents provides a clean and easy-to-use interface that even a new bit torrent download can access quite easily.

Compressed Videos Format

Today most torrent websites always recommend you to download movies and tv series in the highest possible quality.

For instance, once I had to use 1 GB of internet data to download a movie via Kickass Torrents.

Now tell, what if you’ve only a limited amount of data?

There’s no chance for you to download the same video & still have some data remaining.

Except in the case of 7torrents, it provides movies and tv shows with different video quality and size.

From 480p to 4K video quality, you get every other choice available when downloading that torrent.

Once all the choices are laid out before you, it’s your time to decide to pick the 7torrents website.

Dozens of Proxy/Mirror Sites

No one likes it when you have to change the URL of your website every other day.

However, the thing is, that’s bound to happen when a website is providing illegal content for free. Once an unlawful website is reported, it is blocked by ISPs.

Today, this has become a new normal. I believe that’s why proxy websites are great websites. Once a particular closes , you can quickly switch over to the dozens of websites lined up for you to download torrents from the website.

Safe to Use

Even though I’ve got this again & again, security wasn’t on my priority list.

However, surprisingly, this torrent website has surpassed all my expectations as I’m used to ADS, pop-ups, hidden banners on torrent websites.

And 7torrents is honestly a much-needed break from all this crap.

Unblock 7torrents Proxy Websites?

With the dozens of seven, torrent proxy website already available on the web. I don’t mind if the official website is blocked or not in my region.

But what if even the 7torrents proxy websites are blocked in your region?

What would you do?

Well, then you’re left with no option but unblock them using a premium VPN service.

Here is how you can do all this.

  • First, get a VPN service. If you are confused to pick one, you can read my previous post pick a right premium VPN service for yourself.
  • Once, you’ve picked a VPN, install it and enable USA, Canada or countries where such websites aren’t yet blocked.

That’s it.

OH! Wait. You’re forgetting a list of 100% working proxy websites. Let’s take a look at it.

Seventorrents 100% Working Proxy Sites

SevenTorrents Proxy/Mirror Status Speed
SevenTorrents Proxy Site ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Fast ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Very Fast OFFLINE N/A ONLINE Fast ONLINE Normal ONLINE Very Fast
7Torrents Proxy ONLINE Normal ONLINE Slow ONLINE Fast ONLINE Normal
SevenTorrents New Proxy ONLINE Fast
Unblock SevenTorrents Proxy ONLINE Normal OFFLINE N/A
SevenTorrents UK Proxy ONLINE Normal ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Normal
Unblock Seventorrents ONLINE Slow
SevenTorrents Proxy Mirror Site ONLINE Very Fast ONLINE Normal
SevenTorrents Mirror ONLINE Fast
7Torrents Proxy ONLINE Very Fast
Seventorrents Proxy ONLINE Slow ONLINE Normal ONLINE Slow ONLINE Fast
SevenTorrents US Proxy ONLINE Slow

7Torrents Alternative Websites


Without a doubt, the Pirate Bay torrents are an essential component of any list of unlimited free torrent sites. The Pirate Bay is the most prominent and absolute torrent website in history, founded in Sweden in the early 2000s. Millions of people worldwide use Pirate Bay to download TV shows, movies, games, music, programming, and e-books.

It’s not incorrect to state that this website is one of your best options for downloading free online material, thanks to its many torrents.

Unfortunately, this site is not open to everyone since it has been banned in Germany, Greece, Denmark, and Ireland. However, despite all this ban, it doesn’t appear to bear any effects in terms of user traffic.


Extratorrent is a popular torrent search engine and BitTorrent site. The platform is one of the most well-known providers of free original torrent files to consumers, which other comparable sites can’t match.

The biggest strength of extratorrent lies in its super-efficient search engine. It’s simple to use, even for those users who aren’t sure what they’re looking for.

ExtraTorrent is also able to serve the adult entertainment industry as an independent torrenting platform. Because of this contribution, this website offers all of the characteristics of a top-rated torrenting website.


RARBG is a well-known torrent site with a long history. One of the most trusted torrent sites in history is RARBG. The massive database of free-to-download torrents that RARBG maintains is the main reason for its worldwide popularity. When deeply accessed, you can find millions of torrents from popular categories such as movies, TV, software, games & more.

The greatest thing about RARBG is that it allows for torrent sharing, which has made it one of the most popular torrent-sharing sites.

The website of ‘RARBG’ is simple to navigate, with an attractive, clutter-free user interface. In addition, the RARBG’s staff updates the site regularly to provide the smoothest experience to its users. RARBG’s website lacks any dangers or hazards so that you may torrent without fear.

KAT Torrent is the best torrent site for you to download and upload torrents of your choice. Not only that, it provides meta links that help in finding some of the best websites available on the internet. Kat Torrent also allows you to run using a downloader of your choice along with the help of BitTorrent clients.

The team also regularly add new material to the site, including films, TV shows, music, games, applications, and more.

TBH, I’m don’t like, as I’m not too fond of its website design. To balance out the below-average user interface, I’ve deducted a few points from the website. Leaving the design part aside, if you’re looking for a website with top-notch torrents, this website will undoubtedly amaze you.


SeedPeer is a popular torrent search engine that is highly regarded in the torrent world.

Do your know WHY?

It’s because SeedPeer is the only website that successfully provides secure access to millions of torrents available online. This includes new and current popular movies and TV series episodes.

SeedPeer’s Korean content library is quite popular in the torrent world. So, if you ever got the urge of watching a Korean drama, head over to seedpeer as you’ll never be bored on SeedPeer.

The layout is simple, yet it’s smart and functional. The user interface provides a variety of tools, filters, and categories to make torrent search easy. You also have a clever search bar that finds every single torrent with minimal effort.

All in all, SeedPeer is undeniably one of the best SevenTorrents replacements, but keep in mind that it has experienced several outage incidents in the past.

So, I would recommend you not rely on a single website all the time.


Zooqle, as a relative newcomer to the field, will stick out as a different option among the other alternatives on this list. Zooqle, despite being late to the game, offers a huge collection of verified torrents.

Zooqle has a promising future because of its competitive advantage: a unique sophisticated search engine with many filter options for more accurate results. It also caters to individuals seeking movies and limited TV series torrents.


TorLock stands out from the competition by only offering verified torrents, which means that you can rest easy knowing that your download won’t contain a harmful surprise in the form of malware.

The folks behind the site are so sure about their prospects that they’re prepared to pay you $1 per phony or unverified torrent you discover on the site.

TorLock, on the other hand, allows you to offer verified torrents. It’s possible that you believe offering verified torrents would limit their repository size, but that isn’t the case! TorLock provides a large number of secure, dependable, and quick torrents for movies and TV shows.


The site is viral among new and seasoned downloaders, with most visitors streaming or downloading almost anything. It’s regarded as one of the top torrent websites for a reason: it has everything you could want in movies, TV shows, music, software, games, and more. In addition, the homepage features numerous categories, including “Other,” where users can find random torrents.

Presently, the most popular domain name on 1337x is, and its popularity has remained highly consistent since its launch in January of this year. Unlike other domains such as btjunkie and, it does not host torrents directly; instead, it serves as a source for the free.

The most popular country in terms of BitTorrent downloads is the United Kingdom. However, because most UK traffic comes from the site, it is also highly well-known throughout Europe. Furthermore, people worldwide enjoy the website since toptenbuttons1337x provides many torrents and has an easy-to-use interface.

Unfortunately, the 1337x community site had its share of difficulties, especially in recent years when users pointed out security lapses. And because of this, the admins and moderators were heavily criticized.

Final Words

When you look over the web, you would even find torrent websites even better than 7torrents.

That’s even today my search continues to find a torrent website that can even surpass what 7torrents has to offer.

When the time is right, I’ll continue to write about such awesome😎 websites.

In the meanwhile, you can have a look at YiFy Browser that makes it easy for you to download and seed torrents.

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