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Bittorrent download: How to download movie using Bittorrent

Bittorrent download: Best movie download app for android

We are surviving in the technical era and we have to be up to date according to the advancement of technology. We all have smartphones and lots of stuff in them. Daily we come across the numerous files when we surf online world. What you do when you want to download or share any media file for free? I know you would probably use torrent clients to do so. Torrent apps allow us to download torrent files and also share them to numerous groups within minutes. Bittorrent download is one of the most recommended app to download movies speedly.

Bittorrent download best torrent app
How to download movie using Bittorrent download

Although there are lots of torrent apps BitTorrent is one of the most downloading apps out there. If you want to aware of its amazing features then here in Download BitTorrent, I  will describe its specialties and also the method of BitTorrent download to your Android device.

Download BitTorrent for Android

BitTorrent is a torrent files downloader for your smartphone. You don’t need to worry about download speed or size limit with this app and it become pretty easy to download torrents to your device. BitTorrent app is the creation of the official team of BitTorrent protocol which permits you the quickest way to discover, download and share media anywhere you want.

Features of BitTorrent app

BitTorrent app comes with plenty of features so take a look below before BitTorrent download to your device.

  • Offers you a attractive and clean user-interface.
  • You don’t need to take tension about mobile data as it comes with Wi-Fi only mode which saves your data.
  • You can download unlimited files.
  • Most prominent feature of BitTorrent app is that it you can ingress your media easily with its integrated music and video libraries.
  • You get a great music listening and video viewing experience with BitTorrent app.
  • You can each and every type of files like music, videos, games, movies, documents, MP3 and lots more.
  • Also comes with auto-shutdown feature.

utorrent movies download site pros cons ( Review)

How to download BitTorrent app and torrents using it

One of the most used way to share files online are torrent files and with BitTorrent app you can utilize them more easily. BitTorrent download is pretty easy and here are the simplest ways to do so.

  • If you want to download BitTorrent app then initially make sure that you are connect with a Wi-Fi network because download BitTorrent app consumes lots of mobile data.
  • Now navigate to Google play store to download BitTorrent app to your mobile.
  • After downloading BitTorrent app now you can download torrents using it.
  • Now go to the settings of the BitTorrent app.
  • If you want to set a limit of of your uploads and download speed then go to the Bandwidth section.
  • Now move to the storage menu to set your download location.
  • After configuring BitTorrent app now you can download torrents to your device.
  • Before downloading any torrent file please make sure it must be virus free.
  • You can also change the name of file before downloading and you have to click on +Button to attach it to your download list.
  • Wait a while until the downloading will complete.

Which one is better BitTorrent or uTorrent?

Final verdict

Guys, torrent apps are the best best medium to download the immense data on the web but did you ever think is it legal or not? As I have mentioned earlier that torrent apps allow you to download all the stuff for free and if the content is copyrighted then you can’t access it for free. Now you can assume yourself how safe it is. But if you don’t care about your values then download BitTorrent and enjoy free stuff.

Still any query regarding BitTorrent download then comments below and if you are currently using any non blocked torrent app then share your experience with us. For latest updates stay connected.

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