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What is the Activision Shadow Ban? How to Lift It?

Playing a great game of Activision can easily get by a Shadow Ban.

It is annoying when you suddenly find long waits, poor connections, and games with cheaters.

I understand how this can ruin your day. This guide will explain what a Shadow Ban is and how you can eliminate it.

What is the Activision Shadow Ban?

An Activision Shadow Ban is a form of penalty that Activision, a video game publisher, can impose on players infringing its security and enforcement policies.

When a player is shadowbanned, their account is put under review, and during this time, they are matched with other accounts also under review.

Shadow bans can have a profound impact on the gaming experience, often making the game seemingly challenging because players are typically matched with other players who have been flagged for some form of misconduct, often related to cheating.

Bans are enforced irrespective of who was playing at the time, and if an account is confirmed to be permanently banned for a policy violation, it will not be lifted unless Activision determines that the violation was due to unauthorized activity on the account.

How long does Activision shadow ban last?

As discussed in a Reddit thread, Activision Shadow Ban typically lasts around two weeks. During this time, the Activision support team reviews the account and reaches a final verdict.

However, the duration may vary depending on individual circumstances, as one Reddit user reported their shadow ban lasting 15 days.

How to Check Activision Shadow Ban?

You can check whether you’ve been shadow-banned in Activision games through a few key indicators.

These include –

  1. longer than usual matchmaking times,
  2. being paired only with other suspected cheaters or manipulative players and
  3. experiencing an overall decrease in in-game matchmaking performance.

Players often notice these changes as the gaming experience becomes notably different and more challenging.

Remember, if you’ve been shadow-banned, you’ve likely breached Activision’s security and enforcement policies. It’s crucial to adhere to these policies to ensure a fair gaming experience for all players.

Common Effects of Activision Shadow Ban

The Activision Shadow Ban can have several notable effects:

  1. High-Ping Matches: One common effect experienced by shadow-banned players is being placed in high-ping matches. This means players can experience considerable delay (or “lag”) during gameplay, making the game much more challenging and less enjoyable.
  2. Longer waiting times in matchmaking queue: Shadow-banned players are often pushed into separate matchmaking queues, resulting in significantly increased waiting times before they can join a match.
  3. Gameplay with other suspected cheaters or manipulative players: Activision often groups shadow-banned players together, meaning that you could be put up against more cheaters or players manipulating the game.
  4. Possible Account Suspension: If a player continues to violate Activision’s policies, their account could move from a shadow ban to a permanent ban.

Remember, these effects can significantly alter your gameplay experience, making it more difficult and less enjoyable.

How to Lift Activision Shadow Ban?

If you’ve been shadow-banned in an Activision game, taking the following steps may help you lift the ban:

  1. Stop any cheats: If you’ve been using cheats on the game, the first step is to cease using these as soon as possible. Activision has systems that can detect these cheats, hence, their use could be a potential reason you’re flagging as a possible cheater.
  2. Play Fair: Abide by Activision’s terms of service and community guidelines. This will reduce the likelihood of your account being flagged.
  3. Appeal the Ban: Visit Activision’s Ban Appeal website and follow the process to appeal the ban. Their support team will review your application. If your appeal is valid and the violation is due to unauthorized activity on your account, the ban might be lifted.
  4. Account Recovery: If your account was compromised and unauthorized activity led to a ban, you could also opt for account recovery.

While taking these steps may help, there is no guarantee that the ban will be lifted, especially if Activision confirms the violation was due to knowingly breaching its policies.


To avoid a Shadow Ban, all you must do is oblige by the game’s rules.

The ban can be a pain with long waits and challenging games. However, it helps keep the game fair for everyone.

To stay miles away from all bans, always play fair and avoid cheats. If you’ve been shadow-banned, use this chance to improve your gameplay and be a fair gamer.

Remember, playing fair is the best way to avoid any kind of ban.

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