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Age of Zombies Season 2 interesting gameplay for android

Doesn’t matter you believe in ghosts or not but Zombie games have rolled the internet massively. Lots of new Zombie titles are coming into the limelight and seeing the huge fan-following of Zombie games, Halfbrick studio decided to present their Zombie game called as Age Of Zombies. If you have ever played Fruit Ninja then you would probably aware of the makers of this amazing Zombie title. Indeed Age of Zombies season 2 will take you on a tour of several eras where you will notice a different kind of zombies. Caveman, dinosaurs, mobsters and many more are waiting for you in the game.

Age of Zombies season 2 comes with a unique storyline and dedicated gameplay for Android users. The game is available on App store, Google play store, and Amazon Appstore. If you want to aware of the major aspects of this first-person shooting game then you have landed at the right page.

Here we will discuss the plot, gameplay and other aspects of the Age of zombies season 2 and we hope after observing it you would not control yourself to download the game.

Age of zombies season 2: A game with Dinosaurs and zombies
Age of Zombies Season 2 interesting gameplay for android

Age of zombies season 2: A game with Dinosaurs and zombies

A wide array of deadly monsters game exist but you didn’t observe such game which comes both Dinasours and zombies. The game starts with some crazy scientists who had spread a zombie virus and your mission is to vanish the Zombie plague to save mankind. There are several levels with different zombies to deal with. Here is a brief analysis of its story, gameplay and other features:

Age of Zombies season 2: Plot

The story took place in a laboratory where some military scientist involved in the development of defense objects. There was a power substation near the laboratory and suddenly many of the computer programs have failed, thus secret zombies came there and started to destroy everything. The name of the lead character is Barry who will fight with deadly zombies to go in the past arenas.

Age of Zombies season 2: Gameplay

To fight overcome the fear of different zombies in the game you have to pass through eight-time portals: Jurrasic era, Chicago 30s, Japanese samurai era and lots more. Every era is powered with three marvelous locations and one hero. One of the best features of the game is its easy controls and you can handle the game with two virtual sticks. You can utilize the initial virtual stick to run away from your rival’s cross-country and the other can be used to shoot. The most noticeable thing is that you can store your weapons in the suitcase of your time.

Age of zombies season 2: Graphics

You can call it the best creation of Halfbrick studio because of its unique storyline and gameplay. You have to travel back to different eras to finish the zombies and each era comes with certain complexity and environment. When things come in terms of Graphics then the game wins the battle also. You will get improved graphics with fierce bloody scenes.

Requirements to download Age of zombies season 2 for Android

If you are willing to download the game then you can access it from the Google play store. But make sure you acquire Android 2.3.3 or more to download it. The game contains in-app purchases and if you don’t want to spend your real money then the mod versions also exist.

Age of zombies season 2: App info

  • Genre: FPS, Action, Arcade game
  • Developed by: Halfbrick Studios
  • Released on 3rd December 2011.
  • Updated on 11th March 2015.
  • Version: 1.2.81

Bottom Lines

Age of Zombies season 2 is packed with the incredible storyline and amazing gameplay and if you didn’t play the game yet then download it now. I think via the post you got a fair idea of the game features and if you want to experience them then go ahead and get it for your Android smartphone.

In case, any query let me know below in the comment section. we will fix out your query on the priority basis. Lots more tech updates are waiting for you so stay in touch to get updated with the newest happenings in tech and entertainment era.


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