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Airline Manager 2 Hidden Features And Reviews

Do you have what it takes to start an airline company and take to higher levels? Then the Airline Manager 2 app is for you. It tests your managerial skills, decision making, precisions of choices and is a lot of fun. You will be the manager of the company and have to make decisions and make the company grow in the market.

Features of Airline Manager 2

  • The homepage of the app consists of your airline stats flights information and company progress as per the date.
  • You can create and depart routes all around the world.
  • Users can set marketing campaigns by giving a suitable name, duration and budget. With more budget, effective results are possible.
  • The stock market option enables you to observe the share values, investors, and investments in your airline company.
  • You can see the active routes, fleet staff details like the number of employees and wages.
  • You can buy used planes at low prices and use them for more routes from the company.
  • Share values in the stock market play a key role in the development of a company. Investors will show interest if your airline company has more share value. As a manager, you have to make sure the share value will be constant or improve. You can buy old planes to replace them in between the repairs of existing planes or can use old planes for new routes.
  • Few mistakes and the company value decreases in the market. Adding to this, you have to manage employee salaries, plane maintenance, buying good old planes, observing the stock market, create routes, depart routes and earn millions of money.
  • More than 10 tasks are interlinked and must be constantly managed to keep the company afloat. Airline Manager 2 is the fun game and at the same time is interesting and tests your decision-making skills.

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Airline Manager 2 Reviews

The Airline Manager is a Great Game to Play

“I want to start by saying it’s a great game. When you can play it. Now that I did the Facebook login garbage that I got no points for in-game (lame I should’ve got at least something for syncing my personal account to a game) all I get is my name and IP address on a white screen I can’t get off of which would be useful if I needed to know what I already knew but this is an AirlineManager app. So -1 star also not being able to pick an image of a photo roll off my phone for a company icon is pretty stupid considering I don’t play games on my computer so another -1 star because I pay decent money for points to play this only to be locked out. Y’all should gift everyone something for the trouble that’s what the other AM2 with better graphics does when they screw up (also have the other AM2 which I highly suggest if you like these games)”, says Cumminscowboy

The game is good, the support is great

“Had an issue with an in-app purchase and the developer took care of the issue fast and also gave me extra for the trouble. I have no issues with being able to log in at will, both on my wireless and home network. The game is fun as is, but hopefully, the developer will add more content as they do seem to listen to customer suggestions via the in-game forums. In conclusion, a fun game, great support.”, reviewed DocRadley.


Airline manager 2 is a perfect simulator game with well-provided options, good gameplay, realistic consequences and much more. Do play it and enjoy the experience of running your own airline company. For more updates regarding the game and its features, stay connected with us.

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