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Best Virtual Reality (VR) apps for android, ios free 2019

Playing online games is the norm of today but with virtual reality, you can feel the surroundings of any game. Virtual Reality is the latest term and lots of VR apps and games available on both the Google Play Store and iTunes store. If you are not familiar with Free VR apps then you have reached the right place.

I am here with the best free VR apps for Android and iOS devices to feel the reality like experience. All the apps come with different features so observe the post carefully to find the best app for you.

best free VR apps for Android and iOS
best free VR apps 2019

Best Free VR Apps

Virtual Reality has changed the world of games and even you can learn many things with Virtual Reality. The Internet is loaded with Virtual Reality games for Android and iOS but here I have included the best VR apps for both platforms. Have a look below to be familiar with these apps:

VR Haunted House 3D

If you are looking for a VR game which is compatible for both Android and iPhones then this is the perfect VR app for you. Via this game, you will experience the paranormal activities in a haunted house. You have to be courageous to play this game as this game contains a fearful content.

Jurrasic VR

Another cool free VR apps download on Android and iOS devices is Jurrasic VR. The app grabbed over 4 Million downloads and via the game, you can freely roam with Dinosaurs. If you want to live with Dianaosures then this VR Game is best for you as you can experience the real dinosaurs via this game. Indeed it is the best VR game for kids also.

KinoVR virtual Reality Headset

Our next free VR app is the best VR app for iPhone and it will turn your iPhone into VR headset. With this app, you can experience the feel of expensive VR headset for PC. The app empowers you to PC games in 3D VR. So hurry up folks and download this VR app fast.

Discovery VR

There are plenty of Free VR apps but Discovery VR is one of the best  VR apps for kids for learning purpose. If you want to experience the beauty of nature via your smartphones without going outside then this app is perfect for you. Students can explore the dynamic locations and learn new things with this amazing VR app.


Easy to learn gameplay, amazing graphics, and fun packed game Germbuster is our next entry in the best free VR apps. It is just like a First person shooting game where you have to destroy menacing germs with your bubble gun. The game contains four stages including bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room via them you have to fight against the Green germ army.

Zombie Shooter VR

If you want to take your excitement on the next level then fight with fierce zombies in Zombie Shooter VR. The game is available for iPhone and Android smartphones and you can download free VR app from both official stores. One of the best features of the game is its ease to play and it is compatible with all VR glasses.

Google Cardboard

Google always keeps us updated with the latest information then how it can behind in the race of best VR apps. Google has created its Cardboard headset and with them, Google also published a VR App for iPhone users. If you are not aware of how to set up your VR headsets on your iOS device then Google Cardboard app will assist you. The app comes with 5 Virtual Reality experiences and you are free to explore the innovative places virtually on your smartphone.

VR Roller Coaster

For those who are looking for a dedicated Roller Coaster VR app for their Android and iPhone, VR Roller Coaster is the best choice. With this VR game, you will experience the thrilling Roller Coaster experience in your castle. When you will play this game with your VR headsets you will feel the tight turns in reality. VR Roller Coaster is one of the best VR games because of its unique graphics and animations.

Concluding lines

Now, Folks you have learned about the best free VR apps for iPhone and Android smartphone. All the apps come with different features and I hope you will definitely get the best one according to your interest. Hope you got the post informative and if you picked the right information via the post then do share with your friends.

If you want to know about any particular VR app then let us know below in the comment section. In case you have any query regarding above mentioned VR apps then drop a question in the comment section. For more informative updates stay connected and keep reading.

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