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5 best VR games for android to download free (2019)

Our lives have changed drastically due to the major transformation in technology. There is the advancement in every walk of like. Before a few years ago we used to play video games after then we started to play online games. But nowadays people love to play VR games. VR(Virtual Reality) games give you a whole new experience where you can interact with your surroundings. Are you familiar with VR games? If not then you are in right place as here in this article I will describe the 5 best VR games for unlimited fun.

Best VR games for android free download
5 best VR games for android to download free (2019)

Best VR games for android free download

1.BattleZ VR

If you love to play shooting games then our top ranking game will definitely attract your attention. It is the most incredible shooting game and also the initial VR game which is multiplayer. The most promising feature of this game is that you will get a tutorial to play this game. It is quite free to download for endless fun. One and only drawback of this game is that its graphics are not much impressive.


There is a great relation between VR and horror. In fact, you can feel the real fear of horror games via VR technology. Sisters is a mysterious VR game which fills you with fear. If you are brave enough and love to horror stuff then this game is for you. This game offers you the 360-degree view of 64-bit visual graphics and you feel like you are present there. Sisters give heights to your curiosity and I bet you will surely scared with this ghost story.

3.VR street jump

There are plenty of VR games out there but we picked the best ones for your endless entertainment. If you want to examine your patience then the Street jump is the best game for you. Here you have to cross several busy roads and meet unexpected situations. This game is compatible with different devices like Google Cardboard, Merge VR, ANTVR. You have to click side buttons of your headsets for moving forward. Just look right and left before crossing the road and you can also challenge your friends and also observe the results.

4.Zombie Shooter VR

How can our list of top 5 VR games complete without Zombie genre game? Zombie Shooter puts you into the dark environment which is full of zombies and there are different weapons for your safety. The game offers you an easy to use interface which is based on look and shoot. You can choose the weapon according to your taste and then find yourself in the scary tunnels where the group of zombies is waiting for you. You have to play with concentration if you want a win over zombies.

5.A chair in a room

Horror games grab the attention of everyone and when mixed with VR then you can’t beat their uniqueness. We have included A chair in a room in our VR games list because of its immersive nature. You will find yourself in a dark and dingy room and don’t have any idea from where you came and where will you go? Suddenly lights get on and off which can take your fear on the peak level. It is one of my favorite game which permits you the ultimate horror experience. But I would like to say one thing if you are a heart patient then avoid playing this game.

Final verdict

Guys’ finally you came across the best 5 VR games and all these games are the must-try games. All the games are of different genres so choose according to your taste. Still, any query regarding VR games then comments below and if you want to have any game which you love to play then share your experience with us. For more recent updates stay connected.


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