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Top 10 Apps Like ShiftSmart to Streamline Your Work-Life

Apps Like ShiftSmart

Have you ever used the ShiftSmart app?

It’s an awesome tool that helps make work easier. But did you know there are other apps like it?

That’s right!

Like ShiftSmart, many other apps help make work more comfortable and smooth. So, I’ve listed the top ten apps that function like ShiftSmart. Ready to learn more? Here we go!

1. Deputy

Known globally for its comprehensive workforce management capabilities, Deputy offers businesses a platform to effectively streamline work schedules, task management, time tracking, and communication. The application creates a digital hub for teams to stay informed about their shifts and changes, keeping them aligned with the organizational needs.

Nonetheless, Deputy is conceptually more suited for businesses that cherish stability over flexibility. Unlike ShiftSmart, designed specifically for the gig economy, Deputy targets operations requiring routine scheduling, making it less ideal for businesses that require on-demand staffing.

2. When I Work

With its visually pleasant interface, When I Work provides an intuitive platform for employee scheduling and internal communication. Its compatibility with web and mobile optimizes the app’s functionality across multiple devices, ensuring that all shift-related updates and schedule changes reach everyone promptly.

However, there’s room for improvement in their payroll integration, which is currently limited to a few countries. Also, some users sometimes find the interface a bit hard to navigate.

3. Tanda

Tanda is a sophisticated workforce management tool that integrates real-time scheduling, attendance tracking and completes payroll seamlessly. The app has predictive workforce capabilities that allow businesses to plan their staffing needs based on expected demand, efficiently maneuvering resources.

The app, though advanced, could be restrictive for gig-based workers, who usually shift between jobs. Therefore, Tanda might not be ideal for businesses with varying gig labor.

4. JobStack | Worker

Designed to accommodate temporary labor needs, the JobStack | Worker app is comparatively new but dynamic. The app empowers the workers to pick jobs suiting their preferences, schedule their working hours, and even rate their employers, leading to a more transparent work environment.

The primary limitation could be the type of jobs available on the app, which are usually manual labor, limiting the options for workers from different professions.

5. WorkJam

As a comprehensive digital workspace, WorkJam transcends beyond traditional scheduling and labor management and focuses on improving the employee experience. It aims to nurture workplace engagement, skill development, and productivity enhancement.

However, WorkJam might not serve the same demographic as ShiftSmart, as the latter primarily caters to independent professionals looking for gig-based jobs. WorkJam, on the other hand, offers a broader range of functionalities beyond task management.

6. 7shifts

Specifically built for the restaurant industry, 7shifts provides features such as scheduling, communication, and labor cost calculation, creating a customized solution for the restaurant sector. It also seamlessly integrates with leading restaurant POS systems, adding another layer of functionality.

Being industry-specific, it might not offer broader gigs. So, this platform might not be suitable for those seeking opportunities in areas other than the restaurant and hospitality sector.

7. Bluecrew

Bluecrew is designed to cater to job seekers and employers looking for temporary jobs and workers, respectively. It matches job seekers with jobs that align with their skills, availability, and preferences, creating an efficient networking space.

However, the reach of Bluecrew is currently restricted to specific United States areas, narrowing its scope to global users.

8. Crew: Workplace Messaging and Scheduling

Crew, as the name suggests, essentially focuses on team communication. It acts as a digital space to share updates, send messages, and keep the team synchronized regarding their work schedule.

However, it doesn’t excel as a scheduling tool. Therefore, if you’re dealing with intricate, large-scale workforce management, Crew may not fully meet your needs.

9. Zira

Zira stands out for its automated scheduling feature. Its real-time scheduling algorithms decipher constraints put forth by employers and execute the scheduling accordingly.

However, being automated, Zira could limit an employer’s ability to micromanage their shifts, making it fall short in scenarios needing more flexibility.

10. Jolt

Jolt is specifically designed to serve businesses in the food and beverage industry. The app aids in schedule tracking, cleanliness adherence, and managing operational checklists.

Just like 7shifts, Jolt is highly industry-specific. It is not suitable for businesses outside the food, beverage, or other sectors where its unique features are applicable.


So, that’s it! I’ve shown you ten great apps similar to ShiftSmart.

These apps can help in many different areas – from specific work areas to team chats to managing many work tasks. The best part is that there’s always something new and useful coming up in each of these apps. So, keep looking out; you might find the perfect app that improves your work life.

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