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Are Refurbished Electronics as Good as New?

Can you even remember a time when you didn’t use a cell phone? When you didn’t have a little “black mirror” attached to your body, following you absolutely everywhere you went? Cell phone users are so addicted that one in six people have admitted to taking their device into the shower with them on a regular basis! The world is more addicted to technology than ever before, and there is no sight of that slowing down. Is it possible to find someone phoneless even while they’re out hiking? You can’t even find someone who doesn’t notoriously text while driving, or at least find themselves scrolling through Instagram while sitting at a red light. (Oh, and the driver behind you can definitely tell that you’re texting and they absolutely will honk at you as soon as the light turns green! They’ve got places to go!)

Is It Safe and Smart to Buy a Refurbished Smartphone?

Is buying a smartphone refurbished or other used electronics similar to buying a used car? Is there a used market? No one really thinks about heading to the used cell phone lot when they crack their phone for the fourth time by dropping it in the shower! (Why is it going into the shower with you!) Rather than paying the original price when you seek out your next upgrade, keep in mind that buying a brand-new cell phone is a massive strain on the environment. We’ve all been warned about the detrimental effects of carbon dioxide from transportation and methane from animal agriculture, but how often are we warned by Sir David Attenborough to stop buying cell phones to save the planet? Honestly, could any of us even imagine a world without being shackled to our electronic sidekicks?

What Is the Refurbished Market for Electronics?


Whether you have AT&T, Verizon, or another phone service and are looking for a new device, trade-ins are a possible way to get your refurbished smartphone. The Store is your one-stop shop for all certified restored electronics. From cell phones, computers, and tablets to TVs, you will have access to a full collection with free shipping and a 90-day warranty period so you can return it if you’re not in love, plus a 1-year warranty! Don’t you dare pay full price for a brand-new cell phone that has planned obsolescence! What does that mean? Well, it’s a sad truth, but companies create products that should last years longer than they do, yet we run in such a hurry to have the next best thing. With the way we as a society have forked over literally thousands of dollars for simply a better camera, think of all of the interest we could have accrued if that money had been invested rather than spent on a cell phone only to be thrown out a couple of years later … sigh.

If you’re in the market for a new phone, laptop, TV, or tablet, there is no better deal than purchasing it secondhand. Don’t fret about being forced to get an out-of-date phone either: The Store is filled with all of the latest models of phones to keep you looking fine and top of the line! Climate change is a challenging enough endeavor that many are fighting tirelessly, so our electronics shouldn’t be adding fuel to the fire. Going forward, let’s all agree to refuse, reduce, and reuse electronics by purchasing through the refurbished smartphone market. You can even save up to 70 percent when you use the savings from getting such an excellent deal on your new technology and investing your extra cash. You can thank this article later when your interest increases and your savings account is booming!

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