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10 Best Drinking Game Apps to Play Online

Best Drinking Game Apps

We’ve all played versions of rock-paper-scissors, heads or tails, and poker in our childhood.

But there’s another world of games that are more fun and exciting than anything you could ever find.

When played along with friends, these games provide hours upon hours of entertainment while still keeping things interesting.

If you want to spice up your next party with exciting new games and drinks, check out these 11 best drinking game apps that are ready to play anywhere you want.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a classic drinking game that any number of people can play. Truth or Dare has been around for decades and is among the most popular drinking games. In this article, you’ll learn how to play Truth or Dare online and offline with friends and strangers.

There are many variations of Truth or Dare, but players generally take turns picking truth questions or dares from a deck of cards (or a phone app).

When it’s your turn to choose, you either ask someone else a question that they must answer honestly.

And if they don’t think their answer is truthful enough, they have to drink—or perform the task that corresponds with your card’s color.

Here, green means truth; red means dare; pink/purple means kiss someone on your team (if there are two teams); orange means kiss someone on another team; blue means dance like no one’s watching; etc.

Do or Drink

Do or Drink is a drinking game that can be played with friends, strangers or even both!

It’s one of the best options for playing online because it offers a variety of different ways to play. You can play with a small group of friends and family or with many people at once.

The app allows you to set up your custom game by choosing the number of players and whether they’re strangers.

If you want an even bigger challenge, invite some strangers into the mix—and if you want things to get weird on your next night out, start playing Do or Drink at home alone!

Party Pong

Party Pong is a popular drinking game that can be played with any number of people.

It’s an app that lets you make up your rules, which makes it great when you want to have a fun night with friends or meet new people.


iPuke is the perfect app if you want to play a drinking game and make yourself puke. The app’s main feature allows users to play with friends or random people who must complete challenges to make each other puke.

The difficulty levels vary according to how many drinks have been consumed, so you can choose whether to play at low or high speeds ahead of time. It’s also free to download!


Drinkie is a fun drinking game app that allows you to play with friends or people you don’t know. If you’re looking for an app that can be played on your own or with a large group of people, Drinkie is a perfect choice!

Drinkie is also great for parties. If you want to get drunk and have fun, look no further than Drinkie. Just download the app on your phone, connect with some friends (or strangers), and start playing!

When it comes down to it, there are lots of reasons why this might be the best party game out there right now. Here’s what I love about it:



Charades is one of the most popular party games. There are a few ways to play, but the basic idea is that one person acts out a word or phrase for the rest of the group to guess. You can play with as many people as you’d like and do it in teams if you want.

To start playing charades, someone chooses something from around their house and acts it out for everyone else to guess. If no one gets it right, they must keep acting out things until someone guesses correctly!

The winner of Charades is whoever guesses correctly at least once after everyone has had their turn acting out words or phrases (or they can keep going until there’s only one person left).

It’s also important that no one leaves any clues behind when they’re acting out their chosen word or phrase so that nobody knows what’s going on unless they know how everything else ended up being guessed before them!

The king’s cup

The King’s Cup is a drinking game for two or more players. You can play with a standard deck of cards, but it’s best to use an alcohol-themed card deck so there are no surprises when you get to the end of your hand and have to drink that much more.

The game’s object is simple: try and make your opponent drink by playing a card from your hand. There are many varieties of cards in this game, so let’s go through them first.

Never Have I Ever

The game is played by having all the players sit in a circle, and each player takes turns saying something they have never done. If someone has done it, they drink. If not, then they drink. The game ends when everyone has drunk.

The first player says, “Never have I ever…” and then states something that they have never done (ex: “I’ve never been skinny dipping”). Then players take turns saying something that applies to them (they have done) or don’t apply to them but to someone else in the game (someone else has done it).

So if you said, “I’ve never played tennis” earlier in the game, someone else says, “You play tennis?” You would also drink because you were being called out as not being truthful with your answer earlier in the game!

Circle of Death

Circle of Death is a classic drinking game that’s been around for years. To play, designate someone to be the judge and have them choose a card randomly from each of three decks: Living Things, Non-Living Things, and Abstract Concepts.

The players then take turns guessing what they think the card on top of the pile might be (e.g., “a dog” or “the ocean”). Whoever guesses correctly gets to keep their card and add it to their stack until there is only one left in play—the winner!

The great thing about Circle of Death is that any object can be used as a playing piece.

You could use regular playing cards with images printed on them; you could even use some non-standard playing pieces from home if your group wants something more fun than standard paper cards (e.g., Legos).

Game Of Shots

Game Of Shots
Game Of Shots

Game Of Shots is an app that can be played anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. It’s a game for the entire family with no age limit, making it an excellent choice for parties and other social gatherings.

There are two ways to play: the traditional way (one person provides the drinks) or through a group share purchase plan, which allows you to buy drinks at your local bar or restaurant and then get them delivered directly to your door.

When you order drinks through Game Of Shots, they come with attractive packaging that represents each player’s chosen team color scheme, along with fun accessories such as shot glasses, straws, and napkins—all of which can be used while playing this drinking game!


I hope you’ve found some of the best drinking game apps to play with friends and family.

That’s all for now.

If you want to have similar fun in your home, I recommend you try these fun-filled gacha games.

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