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How to Evaluate your Best ICO Investment in cryptocurrrency 2018

Are you looking to know how to evaluate the best ICO investment? If you have followed the most recent trends in currencies then you must have come across the word Bitcoin. With its price rising well above $15,000, many entrepreneurs rushed to the opportunity of an ICO investment.

ICO investment has begun to take up space and has funded many successful projects so far. Its a non regulated alternative to the mainstream trading currencies.

ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) is a recent and yet successful way to invest in crypto coins in exchange for cryptocurrencies. But that also brings me to the not so successful stories about ICO investments where the owners of Mycelium ICO had run away with the token money.

They ended up funding their vacations. You should always remember that ICO investment is volatile due to the lack of regulations and accountability. But that does not mean that you can’t take a calculated risk to double your revenue.

I will get right to it. I am going to talk about the vital key factors to consider before your first ICO investment.

Your 5 key factors to consider before investing in your first ICO

Who makes up the team?

You should know where you are putting your money. So, before getting investing in your first ICO, do the homework on the team and advisory committee.

You should Google them, meet them, check the credibility and impact of their past ICO projects. It is extremely important you are investing in the right people and the right ides. Accountability matters if you make sure you know every inch of detail about your ICO teams and company.

Follow ICO threads, be in touch with updates is one of those very reliable cryptocurrency forums that let you be in touch with announcements and updates.

But in doing so you need to realize the difference between scams and genuine token bids. Read through all comments. You should compare the number of hits of an ICO announcement with the number of replies it gets.

You should also beware of scammers and you can search for the word ‘scam’ to make sure you do not miss out any post and information.

Evaluate the re-evaluate the White Paper, again

So here is a penny for thought. If you see how the real stock exchange works, typical investors always read the mission statement of the company. People do not just put their money into projects that do not have a healthy forecast of revenue.

Same applies to the non-regulated ICO investments. An ICO investment needs to answer one of the main questions to an investor. Why should they invest in the new ICO when there are Bitcoin and Etherium?

And, no you should not fall for the easy safe answers like because every ICO investments need an independent ICO identity. So, go the extra mile and read the whole White Paper document.

All the relevant investment information, prospects of yielding revenue in the future and everything you need to know about the ICO you are about to invest in.

By Following Crypto ICO Coin Voting List:

There are so many websites where you or anyone can vote for any coin on the basis of team, technology and marketing strategies. If you check them, their live votings – it will give you an idea about whether the masses interested in that specific coin or not. I find Coin Market Plus as one of the fine ICO websites where you could check almost all ICO’s along with the features of live voting.

and finally;

Going for the trial version is a safe marketing decision before investment

Reading a project on white paper and actually being able to see it in really making money are two different things. I always suggest to my clients that they should ask for a trial version.

It is always better when the pitcher of the ICO has a made product already in a trial version. It gives your valuable patterns for future market potential if any at all even.

The Bottom line in ICO investment

ICO investment is showing signs of mainstream tactics. Eventually, the number of projects available shall increase, making it harder for investors to decide on which project they would want to invest in.

You should know your investment and every detail of it. Manage to evaluate your prospects and make a smart ICO investment.

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