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Ranking 5 Best Chrome Extensions for Canvas [2024]

Tired of how your Canvas looks and works?

I’ve been there too. So, I dug into these 5 best Chrome extensions for Canvas and ranked them to help you decide which one offers suitable services for you.

Let’s take a look at these five Chrome extensions for your canvas to upgrade your Canvas experience –

#1. Better Canvas Chrome Extension

The Better Canvas Chrome Extension is the 1st Chrome extension I’ve mentioned on this list. It is designed to enhance the user experience of the Canvas learning management system, offering a comprehensive set of features.

Some of these features include a fully customizable dark mode, which you can either choose from premade options or manually edit. Other notable features include automatic scheduling for dark mode, improved aesthetics with customizable themes, and dashboard card color palettes.

The extension also aims to transform the Canvas learning management system, making it look better for the user. In addition to aesthetics, Better Canvas provides you the freedom to customize according to your preferences.

#2. Tasks for Canvas™

The “Tasks for Canvas™” Chrome Extension takes one step further and enhances the functionality of the Canvas learning management system by providing robust task management features.

Not only that, tasks for Canvas allow students and educators to track assignments and deadlines directly from their Canvas interface, streamlining their organization and prioritization efforts concerning academic tasks.

Key features of the “Tasks for Canvas™” extension include:

  • A seamless integration with the Canvas platform, allows users to view and manage their assignments and due dates in an organized manner.
  • The ability to add custom tasks or reminders that may not be automatically imported from Canvas assignments provides a comprehensive task management solution.
  • Customizable notifications and reminders to keep users informed about upcoming deadlines and priorities.
  • An intuitive user interface designed to complement the Canvas ecosystem, making it easier for users to adapt and incorporate the extension into their daily routines.

#3. Canvas Assistant

“Canvas Assistant” Chrome Extension is third on my list of best Chrome extensions for Canvas. Like every other extension mentioned in this post, it is designed to optimize your experience with the Canvas management system. It’s built to improve productivity and ease the workflow for both students and educators.

Key features of the “Canvas Assistant” Chrome Extension include:

  • Course Analytics: The extension provides additional analytics over the native ones based on course activities on Canvas.
  • Extra Details: It delivers extra details on assignments and sessions, which may not be available in the base Canvas interface.
  • Management Tools: The extension offers enhanced management tools for tasks and assignments, making it easier for users to track due dates.
  • UI Improvements: The extension also includes various user interface improvements to help users navigate the Canvas environment more effortlessly.

#4. Canvas Grades Extension

The “Canvas Grades Extension” Chrome Extension is designed to assist you in grading assignments within the Canvas Learning Management System more efficiently. Here’s a list of its known features:

  • Quick Grade Entry: The extension allows instructors to enter grades swiftly through a more streamlined interface or by using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Enhanced Grade Calculation: It includes features that automatically calculate grades based on rubrics or grading scales set by the instructor.
  • Bulk Feedback: An option to provide feedback to multiple students at once is an integral part of the extension, saving time for educators.
  • Grade Distribution Visuals: Educators can view graphs and charts that represent grade distributions for assignments, helping to identify grading trends and ensuring fairness.
  • Comment Templates: The extension offers pre-written feedback templates that can be quickly tailored for individual student submissions.
  • Seamless Integration: The extension can seamlessly integrate with Canvas, fitting into the existing Canvas grading interface without requiring major adjustments to the workflow.

#5. Pimp My Canvas

Pimp My Canvas
Pimp My Canvas

Last but not least, I recently discovered the “Pimp My Canvas” Chrome Extension, and it’s been a game changer for how you can use it to interact with Canvas. This extension offers you a way to customize and enhance the visual aspects of the Canvas learning management system.

One of the standout features is the ability to apply custom themes. I found a range of pre-made themes that instantly transformed the look of Canvas, making it more visually appealing for everyone.

But what’s even better is the capability to create my themes.

This level of personalization allows you to change the appearance as per your liking, making your Canvas dashboard feel more personalized.

The extension is incredibly user-friendly. I found it easy to navigate through its options, apply different themes, and even experiment with creating a suitable theme. Its simplicity and effectiveness in beautifying Canvas have significantly improved my user experience.

Besides, I’m looking forward to seeing what future updates bring to this Chrome extension.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the 5 best Chrome Extensions for Canvas you should use whenever you feel like getting an upgrade.

Besides, when adding extensions to your browser, it’s important to ensure they’re safe and don’t compromise your privacy or security. And you can do that by installing these extensions in Avast Secure Browser.

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