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Criminal Case Game Features and User Reviews

Criminal Case is a very popular adventure game that runs on a detective theme. The player is supposed to work towards solving cases and finding hidden objects. Criminal Case is a free to play the game and is played by millions of people worldwide. At last count, the app had over 100 million downloads on google play store. Overall, the game enjoys a rating of 4.5 plus which is a very good rating for a game with so many players. In this article, we will look at some Criminal Case Reviews.

Criminal Case Reviews: Game Features

The game is different from many other games in the genre as it features a very interesting storyline and there are many different unique characters that a player can choose from. These ensure that the players keep coming back again and again to play the game.

The game takes place in the city of Grimsborough, a town set in a fictionalized version of the United States of America. A few gruesome murders take place in the city under the jurisdiction of the Grimsborough police department. The players take on the role of a newly joined detective. The rookie is partnered with David Jones (who is a senior detective but is quite lazy) and together they have to solve the cases by finding clues one by one. These clues can be found in different rooms.

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Each case is a different level and has a unique storyline along with 9 scenes. This is not a game that simply revolves around finding hidden objects as there are many kinds of puzzles thrown into the mix. At the end of each stage, the player must use his detective skills to find out who the killer is.

After solving 56 cases, the player is able to bring peace to Grimsborough and is promoted to Pacific Bay city. Here, the detective is partnered with Officer Amy Young and detective Frank Knight. Once the player solves 59 cases in the Pacific bay Police Department, he is promoted to the world’s top agency: The Bureau.

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The Bureau is the world edition of the game. In this, the player plays in the world geography including real nations. Here, the player partners with Agent Jack Archer and Elite Detective Carmen Martinez. After the player has finished playing the world edition, the player then plays ‘Mysteries of the Past’, cases set in the city of Concordia in the past. When the player finishes sixty cases here, he is brought to the present day Grimsborough to uncover troubling secrets in ‘The Conspiracy’.

At present count, there are over 250 cases in the game for you to enjoy.

The object of the game is to find all these hidden objects and become a top detective. The creators keep adding new content regularly so that players have new challenges every day.

Criminal Case Reviews: User Reviews

Let us now look at some of the user reviews for Criminal Case.

User killer_monkey 065 has posted a review where he states that the developers of the game have become very greedy. He complains that developers take away extra energy and give stickers to the players that serve no purpose. He complains that because of all these problems, he wants to quit playing the game.

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User Issam Eid finds the game to be very interesting and finds it to be a time killer. He notes that the players do not have to spend a lot of money on the game. However, he complains that the game doesn’t allow users to buy stars and that the player has to keep repeating the scenes.

User David Frazier complains that the developers have ruined the game. He notes that the players can no longer sync their game to the world edition and hence, the player loses all the Facebook friend connections, pets, outfits, etc. The user also complains that because of this problem, it is now impossible to get all the outfits.

User Dwayne Sallie finds the game to be very entertaining. He notes that the players don’t need to be very skillful to excel at the game. He also complains that the game has been ruined by excessive advertising. The user suggests the players go with another game in the same genre.

User Kayleigh Knox states that he has been a fan of the game for a very long time. He then goes on to complain that there are a varying number of stars in each stage and that the stars cannot be transferred or taken over to the next stage. He gives an example by stating that he has 10 stars in one case but cannot transfer it to the next stage and there’s no use for these stars in that case. The user cannot use the stars in the next case where the stars are difficult to find. He suggests the developers to allow transfer of stars onto the next case.

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User Pavan Kumar gives the game a rating of 2. He complains that the game has become all about spending money and even suggests to rename the game ‘SPEND YOUR MONEY STUPIDLY’ game.

Criminal Case Reviews: Conclusion

Criminal Case is a very entertaining game and the game has tons of cases and puzzles to keep you hooked. However, many users are leaving the game as it has been filled with too many ads. Some players are also complaining about a few features of the game. But overall, with 100 million downloads, this is one of the best detective games on the market.

Have you played the game? Did your experience match those of the reviews we have written above? Or do you have a different experience to share? Tell us in the comments section below:

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