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Download App Lock Apk Latest Version for IPhone

In today’s world, our phone holds an enormous amount of our sensitive and confidential data. And it is our job to secure those data from getting stolen or leaked.

But do we actually do that?

The answers is NO. We don’t do that.

We don’t use security applications on our phone which can help to secure our phone’s data.

You can use “App Lock apk” that can help you to secure any type of file on your iPhone device.

App Lock is a very Strong and Powerful application for your iPhone which you can use to secure your files and applications on your iPhone.

Just suppose someone whom you don’t want to access your phone. Gets access to your phone and he misuses your photographs, videos, chats, and other sensitive information.

Isn’t it a Bad Nightmare for you? Yes, it is –you may say.

That’s why you should add an additional security to your phone. And you can do that by using the best “Device Locking” security application on your phone.

App Lock apk is one of the most used “Device Locking” applications. And many people love it just because of its simple and easy working.

But there are more features and advantages of using “App Lock apk” for iPhone. And I will discuss with you all of them.

Download App Lock Apk Latest Version for Android

Download App Lock Apk Latest Version for IPhone
Download App Lock Apk Latest Version for IPhone

Benefits of Using App Lock apk for iPhone

  • The very first benefit is that you can lock all kinds of application and files with the App Lock app.
  • You can hide the “App Lock’s Icon” so that nobody will know that you are using this application on your phone.
  • App Lock will not allow anyone to neither use the other applications on your phone nor to uninstall it.
  • It has a Picture Vault, which will help you to store some pictures in a Virtual Safe mode, and only you would be able to open it.
  • You can even use Fake Cover. Fake Cover such as “Fingerprint Scanner” or “Force Closed Message” on the apps which you would have locked. It will help you to confuse the unwanted users from accessing it.
  • You can actually Lock and Unlock apps automatically according to the time or location using App Lock apk.
  • App lock apk helps you to set different profiles to lock different apps.

These are some of the advantages of using App Lock apk over other security and phone locking applications.

And that’s why so many people use App Lock apk to secure their phone and its data.

How to Download App Lock apk for iPhone

You can download App Lock apk for iPhone from here. It is free to download the App Lock apk.

And you can use this wonderful application for free on your iPhone.

There is no rocket science in installing this application too. Simply it will you ask for some permissions. And then you can simply set the password for accessing the App Lock apk.

You can then modify the security settings as per your needs in the App Lock apk.

So don’t procrastinate just visit the link and download the App Lock apk for iPhone and secure your iPhone device from unwanted people accessing it.

Fingerprint App Lock To Secure Your Android Phones


App Lock application will help you to save your personal and confidential data on your iPhone. Data such as your images, videos, and chats.

These are some kinds of data which you don’t want other peoples to see. Sometimes you don’t want your parents to see it also.

And if that’s the case, then you should definitely be using App Lock for your iPhone.

Sometimes you even want to restrict people from accessing different kinds of applications on your iPhone and there also you can use this wonderful and highly secured “App Lock apk” for your iPhone.

At last, I would ask you to use this strong and powerful App Lock apk to secure your iPhone in no time.


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