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Download Seekers Notes & know Explore Hidden Mysteries

Seekers notes

Seekers Notes is a hidden object game having a rating of 4.5 Stars from 40k reviews and more than 5 Million downloads on Google App store. The game is famous for its sophisticated and beautifully designed graphics. The game doesn’t get an overnight success there is a lot of hard work to build every single scene from artwork to storyline. Each of these together creates the magic if any of them is not up to the mark than there is a problem.

This is one of most beautiful hidden object game I have seen till the date. The game features dark streets of cursed city dark wood they hold many secrets. Which you need to explore them in order to reveal because you are playing the role of a seeker in the game. Not just seeker you also owns a powerful tool which is the magical map and you have to save the city from being a victim of a curse. The game is all about to fight against evil without wasting a single minute.

Seekers notes
Seekers notes

Salient Features

Things you get in Seekers Notes can be called as highlights or features are as follows:

  • Beautiful, artistic hi-quality graphics are given in the game.
  • Great plot and fascinating storyline with unexpected twist and turns.
  • Regular updates that too for free including quest, prize, locations every month.
  • Interesting Puzzles with variety like Treasure box, Haunted Light, Moasic, Ancient cards.
  • A huge bank of quest features almost 6900 quests.
  • Enchanting music that supports mysterious atmosphere.
  • Unique craft items like Fortune teller, Blacksmith, Inventor.
  • Play with friends.
  • It is reliable as completed successfully three years.    

Hints Which are helpful

Are you not able to handle the mysteries of game and feeling sad, No worries as here I am giving you some hints, tips & tricks to improve your playing skills.

Do Time Traveling

Do not worry as you don’t need a time machine to do this. You just need to change the date on your device by doing this you reset the things like trophy reward, sending gifts, restore your energy and crafting items. Things you need to be careful is do not send any gift for the current date as you are not able to get that as game already knows what’s the current date. Now moving forward to know how to do Time travel.

  • Collect your trophies which are ready if they are not doesn’t make an issue.
  • Open the gift window than minimize the game and open device settings.
  • Disallow automatic date and time setting and set the date one week earlier.
  • Get back to the game and close gift window.
  • You can do anything but do not visit a friend as you are not using a real date.
  • Minimize the game and open settings of device.
  • Advance the date by a single day.
  • Get back to game.
  • Collect your rewards like trophy, crafting items.
  • Start sending gifts as quantities will reset.
  • Play puzzles of different locations don’t worry about energy.
  • Repeat steps until you return to the current date.  

Getting Cls to Drop

But before doing that take care of my advice. You already know there are many factors working to get a Cls while solving a puzzle. The experience becomes frustrating when playing in a room 4- 5 times and having nothing to drop. I am providing you some tips which help to improve the odds of winning a Cl in puzzle.

  • Get a Friend by clicking on any player visible on your map / Go to tap on friends option before playing and choose to Hire a Friend.
  • Choosing a red star player is the only way to boost the percentage of drop a Cl.
  • Use a talisman even a blue cap one will work too.
  • Before you play a Puzzle scroll window to show another object than first one listed.
  • Use a tool like eyeglass, purple flask using these helps you to get an reward Cl.

Download Procedure

For Android

You can easily download for android devices which are most probably mobiles by following steps given below:

  • Download Seeker Notes from given link.   
  • As installation completes tap on icon.
  • Tap opens the game.
  • Fulfil the details and follow the instructions.
  • You are all done to play the game on your mobile.

For MAC (iOS)

To download for iOS devices like iPhone, Mac etc Follow steps given below:

  • Download for iOS from the provided link.
  • As installation completes find the icon of game.
  • Open the game by tapping on the icon.
  • Follow the instructions to set your account.
  • Enjoy the game on your Mac.

For Pc

To download Seekers Notes on your Laptop or desktop follow the instructions given below:

  • Get an Android emulator like bluestacks for your Pc.
  • Drag and drop the game file in Emulator.
  • Install the game by using emulator on Pc.
  • Open it and follow instructions.
  • Enjoy the game on your device.


Now you guy’s are fully equipped with essential knowledge about the game Seekers notes. The information shared here is designed to provide you with a solution for some really serious issues while playing. Now you are well aware of those aspects and the information will help you to enhance your play while tackling the issues. I would like to listen your valuable suggestions, feedbacks, things you like, things you don’t like in the comment box below.                    

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