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Easy To Use Winamp With Special Tools, Plugins And Skins

Winamp is the contracted form of Windows advanced Media Plater. I am a music addict and explore new mediums to enjoy on different tracks. Suppose you are working on your PC and if you are able to rejoice yourself with good music, it will enhance your working efficiency. Winamp is the finest media player and you can play MP3s, MP2s, VOCs and MIDIs and other numerous formats.

There are lots of plugins and tools which permit you to enhance the features of Winamp. Here I shortlisted few of them and try to figure out their speciality for your ease.

Best Winamp Plugin, Tools and Skins for Enhancing your Experience

Although Winamp is the best media player ever for windows but you can multiply its quality by adding some plugins and tools. So take a glance below and observe these tools for picking up.

Playlist File Remover

Playlist file remover is the finest and free plugin. If you want to erase a track from your playlist this plugin will dismiss it automatically. If you are listening to a song and you want to remove it then there is also a short key which allows you to remove it instantly. There are two options for removal if you want to play the deleted file again then you can save it in recycle bin and also delete permanently.

CD Art Display

If you want to see the album covers of ongoing playing songs then CD art Display is the best tool for you. It allows you to observe the ongoing track through a vertical bar which contains track time, track number, the entire number of tracks and also has the album name and composer name.


Suppose you have a large number of playlists and music files suddenly you want to listen to one of your favourite songs and you are unable to find it. Listfix will definitely help to find out your lost entry automatically. Just indicate it where you save your media file and load the desired playlist and just press the Find button. After it will explore your media centre and upgrade your playlist according to your choice. Still, some files missing then it will arrange the media files in your library with an equivalence test and gives the option of best matches and if you find matches are pre-selected, it shows Best. Listfix is a significant program for arranging huge MP3 collection.

Playlist Autosave

Playlist autosave is free of cost tool for saving your playlist instinctively. It’s all your choice whether you want to save every single minute or make a scheme to save. It confirms that all your saved files would be safe even if Winamp smashes.

Classic Pro2

It is a strong plugin which supports the classic Pro skin installation. If you want to upgrade your Winamp then classic Pro2 is a must have a plugin and you can’t deny its importance.

Shrink Winamp to System Tray Plugin

What will you do if you want to enjoy music with Winamp but don’t want to see it in Alt+Tab and similar patterns? A plugin will make your work easy and it is known as One-Click Show And Hide. It comes with distinctive features. There are two options for seeing and hiding Winamp, first one is single click it allows you to show Winamp again and by double click for hiding. This plugin provides you with the shortcut for minimizing without clicking.

Winamp Backup Plugin

Really it is very frustrating when of your favourite file or setting is lost. Backup is the process by which we can take a copy of the original data. Winamp Backup plugin helps you to backup and re-establish all your Winamp settings, media library database, plugin settings, skins, visualization presets, tray control icon packs, file type icon libraries etc.

Windows Vista skin

Windows Vista is well modified and better than Window Vista and Window media player 11. Its only one irritating thing is that as the mouse blow over a popping up tooltips occurs. This will not happen if you use the keyboard.

Spirit, Crystal, Aero skins

There are very few of Winamp skins which are translucent. I would like to tell about the three most transparent skins known as Spirit, Crystal and Aero. Among all the three spirit is considered the most transparent skins and crystal shows a tiny white and Aero a bit of black.


Let’s discuss toaster a free notification tool. It shows notification popups with album/Cd cover. Toasts look like classic Winamp and can use a ritual skin. Toaster becomes in numerous animations. You can personalize the display according to your choice by using approaching title formatting.


Guys when we move our playlist to CD, DVD, the flash driver then we have to check the size of our playlists. It is necessary because if we don’t calculate then we can’t classify them according to their size. Normally windows media player perform it but Winamp doesn’t so M3Util tool quantify all your downloads.

EMP 2 Skin

EMP 2 is free of cost and exclusive skin for Winamp. It is attributed with animations and double colour scheme. As you open a playlist it is there and instantly focus. EMP 2 is a unique skin and it should be the part of your collection. You can easily modify modes, colours with smooth interface. Its main favourable feature is that it supports crossfade because not every skin has the ability to support it.


Tomsteady is a very helpful tool for escaping the ups and downs in volume while listening to a playlist. Sometimes your files are concealed in diverge levels so the volume may be excessively loud or quiet. It will automatically change the volume. It is a must try the tool for Winamp users.

Well…I have described all the best plugins and skins for Winamp. These tools play a distinctive role in multiplying your experience with Winamp. If there is any other useful tool in your knowledge, share with us and if you have any question regarding the above-mentioned tools then ask us…









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