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Facebook Lite, Best Option For Slow Connections

As we are living in a  technical age, we all depend on apps for everything. There are tons of apps for our ease. The most popular platform to be connected with family and friends is Facebook. People all around the world are addicted to this app. Facebook has launched its lite version called Facebook Lite. This app is made for those countries where the net is too slow. Facebook is a heavy app and we can’t run it on fewer memory smartphones. Facebook lite is the revolutionary invention in terms of olden time phones with less free storage. You need only 1MB to install it and within seconds you can download it.

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Unbeatable features of Facebook lite

Facebook lite comes with the distinctive features as comparatively Facebook. Before permitting it for your smartphone you must be conversant with its features. Here is a brief description of its attributes for you so take a glance below to know more about it.

Fast and less data consuming

You can run facebook lite even on 2G speed. You will see the shrunk form of data and images but don’t think that you would miss any update. It will provide you latest update of your connections. By revert font size is medium and you can modify fonts to small. Actual FB doesn’t provide you font’s recast.

Occupy a compact space

Facebook lite requires only 1 MB to be fitted in your device whereas original Facebook needs 35 MB for installation. This app is more beneficial for those who have a segregate storage, narrow storage space and old-time phone.

Messenger not required for messages

Facebook messenger is a quite heavy app and it inhabitates lots of space of your device. I was really not happy with the obligatory installation of messenger for Facebook messages. But you don’t need to install messenger for conversation as it amalgamates messages in one app.

Also light for battery

I have already told you that it is less data consuming but it is also soft for your battery. This is the best app for those who rarely use facebook but also wants to run on their device for being updated.

How to download Facebook lite

You can download it within seconds, Just click at download Facebook lite.

Shortcomings of Facebook lite

Although there are lots of favourable in Facebook lite it comes with some limitations. So I have listed down its drawbacks below.

Unable to work without data or Wi-Fi

Did you ever notice that if suddenly the connection lost, you can still scroll facebook but Facebook lite don’t permit you to do so. This thing can irritate you if you are in that area where the connection lost again and again.

Have some restrictions

Some promising features of the original Facebook are missing in Facebook lite. You can update pictures but you can’t enjoy videos on Facebook lite. We all love to check in whenever we go to our favourite places, Facebook-lite doesn’t allow to do this. Other features like marketplace, live also not available on Facebook lite.

Outdated interface

The biggest drawback of this app is it’s outdated interface. It is the quite basic version of the original Facebook. Interface is also inflexible, news feed takes to be uploaded as comparatively regular Facebook.

Facebook Lite user’s review

Ruthie Hird

12 July 2018

Your latest update has kept crashing. So I will be using Facebook Lite until you fix this. Until then I was very happy with It, hence the two staff and not one star. Fix It, and I will gladly go back. Thanks!

A Google user

11 July 2018

This looks like Facebook for everyone i used back in 2009 when i had nokia xpress music. the layout is the same so i guess they modified it for Android. but it is good does not use much space on phone. one thing i don’t see is Facebook live. so if you plan to do that i don’t think it is possible
Aurelia Rose
12 July 2018
getting heavier on ram gradually. before that it was only 6.5mb file after installing and now more than 9mb but no other features added. atleast full screen video viewing mode should have been added. please keep it lite as its name.

Trending Now And Then

12 July 2018
It was such a good app but recently it contains ads which is such disgusting when typing messages and seeing newsfeeds! This must be fixed as soon as possible!
 Final words

Thus Facebook lite is not so alluring like Facebook app. If you are looking for a light app and don’t use Facebook constantly then it is the right pick for you. Basic features are available in it for connective with your family and friends. I think it is a must try app for those who have yesteryear handsets. Still, have any query regarding this app comment below also share your experience with us.




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