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Fallout 4 Perk Chart: My Top #5 Picks [2021]

Fallout 4 Perk Chart

When playing Fallout 4 setting the perks up properly can be a real game-changer. 

It’s the only thing that can be the major difference between life and death? 

Tasks like…

✅weapon modification 

✅Armor crafting

✅hacking computer terminal and 

✅even picking up locks

… isn’t possible without certain perks. 

But how would you get these perks in Fallout 4?

The perks in Fallout 4 are controlled by your stats.

And these stats are nothing but the decision you made when a friendly Vault-Tec salesman came to your door at the beginning of the game. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here, refer to my Fallout 4 game guide where I’ve briefly explained the game along with some TIPS and TRICKS.

When it’s time to take the decision, if you don’t use at least 3 perk points on your strength, you wouldn’t be able to use the armorer perk which at the base level allowed you to access Rank 1 armor mods.

Fallout 4 Perk Chart – S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

Based on the acronym S.P.E.C.I.A.L, Fallout 4 perk chart contains 7 of these special attributes –

  • S – Strength
  • P – Perception
  • E – Endurance
  • C – Charisma
  • I – Intelligence
  • A – Agility
  • L – Luck

Remember, the stronger you’re in any of these attributes, the more perks you’re bound to receive in the game. Thereby, providing additional benefit to you.

Let me explain this with the help of an example. If you want to have Intelligence 6 then you would have access to the perks at Intelligence Level 06.

Not only that. Each individual perk comes with different Ranks. Let’s say level 1 strength perk comes with Iron Fish & at Rank 1, it enhances your punching power by 20%.

Once the rank of perk reaches 5, you would be able to

✅Double damage your opponents from punches

✅Use V.A.T.S. to paralyze your opponents with critical hits.

However, you can do all this on the expanse of perk point as every perk demand these points. But before you use them, make sure you’ve met the minimum level requirements.

Fallout 4 Perk Chart


  1. Iron Fist
  2. Big Leagues
  3. Armorer
  4. Blacksmith
  5. Heavy Gunner
  6. Strong Back
  7. Steady Aim
  8. Basher
  9. Rooted
  10. Pain Train


  1. Pickpocket
  2. Rifleman
  3. Awareness
  4. Locksmith
  5. Demolition Expert
  6. Night Person
  7. Refractor
  8. Sniper
  9. Penetrator
  10. Concentrated Fire


  1. Toughness
  2. Lead Belly
  3. Life-Giver
  4. Chem Resistant
  5. Aquaboy
  6. Rad Resistant
  7. Adamantium Skeleton
  8. Cannibal
  9. Ghoulish
  10. Solar Powered


  1. Cap Collector
  2. Lady Killer
  3. Lone Wanderer
  4. Attack Dog
  5. Animal Friend
  6. Local Leader
  7. Party Boy
  8. Traditional
  9. Wasteland Whisperer
  10. Intimidation


  1. V.A.N.S.
  2. Medic
  3. Gun Nut
  4. Hacker
  5. Scrapper
  6. Science!
  7. Chemist
  8. Robotics Expert
  9. Nuclear Physicist
  10. Nerd Rage


  1. Gunslinger
  2. Commando
  3. Sneak
  4. Mister Sandman
  5. Action Boy
  6. Moving Target
  7. Ninja
  8. Quick Hands
  9. Blitz
  10. Gun-Fu


  1. Fortune Finder
  2. Scrounger
  3. Bloody Mess
  4. Mysterious Stranger
  5. Idiot Savant
  6. Better Criticals
  7. Critical Banker
  8. Grim Reaper’s Sprint
  9. Four Leaf Clover
  10. Ricochet

5 Best Perks You Should get in Fallout 4

I’ve listed a lot of perks at the TOP.

But, which one’s the BEST to fight it out at close- or long-range battles?

Let’s find out –


Fallout 4 Perk Chart
Fallout 4 Perk Chart

My first pick on the list is Rifleman. 

I have used many weapons in Fallout 4, but the Rifles are and will be the most fun weapon around. 

Not only that. It comes with an extraordinary set of bonuses. 

At the initial level, you get a bonus starting from 20% which can tanks up by 20% every time your level goes up.

Once you reach level 4, you get a chance to cripple the body part of your enemy. 


Rifleman is a perfect choice if you want to execute your enemies from a far away distance.


Fallout 4 Perk Chart
Fallout 4 Perk Chart

Ghoul means an evil spirit or Phantom.

And just like an evil spirit, ghouls have lost their humanity to such an extent that they don’t care about radiation. 

The same radiation has ruined their Bodies and Minds. 

Everyone knows that this radiation ruins their body. But only a very few know that instead of ruining the body, ghoulish perk heals it.   

And with every upgrade, you increase your healing power through radiation.


Fallout 4 Perk Chart
Fallout 4 Perk Chart

I get it. You’re not that smart to succeed in Fallout 4.  

But the thing is, intelligence doesn’t matter if you have got the idiot savant perk with you. 

It doesn’t matter if your character is more on the dumber side.

You know why? Why I’m that confident?

Because at the end of the day, it’s you who will collect all the experience point by yourself 

When you’re at the 1st level, you gain 3X XP points. And this keeps on increasing as you upgrade your levels.


Fallout 4 Perk Chart
Fallout 4 Perk Chart

Critical Hits can take out your opponent in a single blow. 

But getting a critical hit is one of the rarest of opportunities.

Besides you need some serious luck to obtain this one for yourself. 

Well, that’s where four-leaf clover comes to the party.

It increases your chances of getting a critical hit by an additional luck point. 

Isn’t this great?

To get the most out of this perk, pair this up with the critical Banker perk and see the magic yourself. 

After this, every hit would be like you are bashing the skulls of your enemies.


Fallout 4 Perk Chart
Fallout 4 Perk Chart

Last but not least perk in this list is critical Banker. 

Just like the four-leaf clover if you like taking your opponents with one critical hit. Then critical Banker perk would be like a bonus for you. 

You know why? 

Because it lets you store critical hits for future use.

You start off the critical Banker perk with level one where you’re allowed to store only one hit in the bank. And as you upgrade, you unlock more slots to store critical hits. 

Once the park is all leveled up. You’re allowed to store up to four critical hits at once. 

So whenever needed, use these Critical Hits to take out your opponent and show everyone What you’re made of.

Fallout 4 Perk Chart Poster

Fallout 4 Perk Chart Poster
Fallout 4 Perk Chart Poster

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any console command that I can use to add perk points?

NO, At the moment, there’s not even a single command that you can use to change the number of Perk Points in the game.

Is there any way to fix the Perk Chart glitch available in the game?

This can happen if you’ve installed some mods along with the Fallout 4 perk chart. So, try uninstalling them one by one to see which one’s causing the glitch.

Final Words

That’s all for now. What do you think of the Fallout 4 perk chart and my list of top 5 perks?

Is it good? Or should I add some other perks? Well, what your choices are, do let me know about them in the comments section given below. In the meanwhile, do check out the top-performing working mods for the Fallout 4 game.

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