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6 Ways You Can Automate Vacation Rental Cleaning and Maintenance

Becoming a successful vacation rental requires better management, thorough cleaning, and perfect maintenance of your rentals. As the guests who rent out your property expect high cleanliness and quality services, it is important to meet their expectations.

You need to maintain your vacation rentals consistently as it has a direct impact on your business reputation. Guests’ satisfaction should be your priority as they will give feedback and rate your services that will decide the fate of your vacation rental business.

Fortunately, numerous useful ways will help automate the vacation rental cleaning for you and take a huge burden off your shoulders.

With these six easy and useful ways, you can automate your vacation rental cleaning and maintenance efficiently.

Utilize Cleaning Apps for Your Vacation Rental

As a vacation rental owner, it’s your responsibility to manage all the cleaning and maintenance services in place.

The services can range from ordinary tasks such as making beds, cleaning toilets, and changing towels to more complex and specific ones like removing carpet stains or cleaning fixtures and mirrors.

With the growth in the market, there are hundreds of professional rental cleaning service providers available. That means picking the right services for your vacation rental cleaning can be very confusing.

Further, managing a whole team of cleaners can be another daunting task for you, but it won’t be anymore. The housekeeping software will make all these hectic tasks easy for you and helps in keeping track of your entire cleaning staff.

It is a perfect tool that helps you accomplish every challenging task and run a robust vacation rental business. You can communicate with your entire cleaning staff and manage them properly. Also, you can easily keep up with the schedules anytime you want.

Hire Professionals for Cleaning Between Guest Bookings

Many travelers hold vacation rentals to the high cleanliness standards like a full-service hotel.

Even though the vacation rental businesses don’t have the same access to full-time housekeeping teams as the hotels.

On the other hand, Rental companies can hire a team of expert cleaners to thoroughly clean their properties between guest reservations and handle the entire turnover cleaning process.

These cleaning professionals will keep your rental property tidy after one group of your guests departs and before the arrival of other guests.

Rental cleaning services such as sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, making beds, cleaning dishes, bathtubs, showers, toilets, wiping light switches, and taking out all the trash are the cleaning services provided by these professional cleaners.

They can also notify you of any damage and report low inventory. All these cleaning services will provide your guests a comfortable environment to rent out your place without any doubt.

Periodic Deep Cleanings

Cleaning the vacation rental is essential between your guest checkouts as it will keep the property fresh and neat at all times. However, it is also very important to keep your unit clean by scheduling periodic deep cleanings.

Such cleaning services are not necessarily required in routine but maybe imperative multiple times every year.

You can also hire a professional rental cleaning service provider to accomplish the task for you. You can ask them to carry out more in-depth cleaning along with their basic cleaning work.

Ideally, most vacation rental businesses hire the same cleaning service providers who manage the property’s deep cleanings.

That way, the professional cleaning team will already know about their property and their unique cleaning demands.

Wiping baseboards, cleaning ovens, fridges, and cabinets from inside, and specialized bathroom or appliance cleaning are some of the most important deep cleaning services you must automate.

Maintain Stock of Toiletries and Supplies

Keeping the vacation rental stocked with all toiletries and supplies is imperative to ensure your guest’s satisfaction. Your guests, in turn, will give positive reviews and better ratings for your services.

It’s very easy for you to forget to replace important supplies such as toilet paper and paper towels. Still, your guests will surely notice these little things and will complain to you about them.

Take good care of these things by taking a prompt inspection of your property’s supplies.

It will help you learn about the missing items that should get replenished before any other guest checks in there.

It’s good to automate this simple yet critical step to become more proactive in ensuring your future guests’ satisfaction.

Get Damage Notification

Unfortunately, managing damages is something that every vacation rental business has to deal with at some point.

It’s frustrating to correct the damages or inspect them, but what’s even more frustrating is to fail to notice them earlier.

This mistake can allow the damage to become worse or spread more, and you will start getting bad reviews from your guests who suffered inconvenience by that damage.

Few vacation rental cleaning teams may help you through it as they look out for damages and notify you to correct them.

They will allow you to enjoy the fact that no potential damages will remain unnoticed. Moreover, these professionals click photographs of the damages to ensure that you have sufficient documentation and evidence for reimbursement.

Schedule Cleanings and Pay Online

As a vacation rental company, you have a lot to manage, like guest bookings, ensuring better guest experiences and positive interaction with your guests.

Going to a brick-and-mortar business or asking every time to schedule a cleaning service can take most of your time.

You can free up a lot of your time by getting online cleaning services. It will enable you to schedule every upcoming cleaning, send texts, share notes, reschedule cleanings, and make quick online payments.

There are numerous ways to manage your vacation rental company to avoid headaches and save a lot of your valuable time.

At the same time, you may do the majority of your everyday chores digitally. It’s still important to put forth some physical efforts to clean your property for new tenants.

After completing your research and finding the perfect service for cleaning your vacation rentals, you can promptly automate the entire between-guests system.


Vacation rentals must meet the same standards of cleanliness as a fully furnished hotel. Guests renting out the vacation rentals demand excellent services, a comfortable environment, and a tidy place at all times.

As a vacation rental business, it’s incredibly important to keep your guests as satisfied as possible.

You have to ensure the cleanliness of your property every time, especially after a group of guests departs and before the arrival of others.

The first thing your guest will notice before renting out is the cleanliness of your property.

You can opt for professional cleaning service providers to ensure everything gets deep cleaned. They can also inform you about the damages that need to be fixed and low inventory.

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