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10 Fun Apps Like ABPV [2024]

The ABPV App is a popular choice for a good laugh!

Frankly speaking, who doesn’t like a good laugh? ABPV app comes with an awesome set of funny content that keeps you entertained.

But, is one app enough to give you a good laugh all year round?

No, right?

That’s why I’ve prepared a list of 10 Apps like ABPV App. Let’s get to know each of them one by one:

Apps Like ABPV

LOL Pics (Funny Pictures)

LOL Pics is a well-loved app dedicated to sharing funny pictures from around the internet. The app offers its audience a selection of fresh humorous images each day, providing a daily dose of laughter.

Differentiating itself with a user-friendly interface and the ability to save and share your favorite funny pictures easily. In comparison to ABPV, LOL Pics stands out with its primary focus on visual humor through pictures. If you enjoyed flipping through ABPV’s comedic images, you’re sure to find LOL Pics a worthy alternative.

Reface: Face swap videos

Reface is an app that stands out for its one-of-a-kind feature – face swapping in videos! Imagine you as a star of a famous movie scene, music video, or any meme video – it’s bound to tickle your funny bone.

The app uses innovative technology to morph faces seamlessly onto video content, resulting in realistic clips.

This unique face-swapping feature sets Reface apart not only from ABPV but also from other comedy apps. It plays into our fascination with “what if” scenarios, presenting results that are both hilarious and sometimes startlingly real.

Comparing Reface with ABPV, it offers a distinct brand of humor that’s more interactive and personal. If you’re a fan of ABPV’s variety of comedy content but want to test out something new, Reface provides a fresh and invigorating comedic experience that won’t disappoint.

JibJab: eCards, GIFs, & Videos

Next up, I have for you is JibJab.

This app lets you spread laughter through customizable eCards, GIFs, and videos. JibJab turns ordinary greetings into something fun and memorable, allowing you to inject your personality (and face!) into all sorts of hilariously themed GIFs and cards.

Whether you’re creating a goofy birthday eCard or a funny celebratory GIF, you can swap your face – or your friend’s – onto the characters. The user interface is straightforward, making the creation process a breeze.

In terms of comedy content, JibJab brings a more personalized kind of humor compared to ABPV. If you love the variety of comedic content in ABPV but crave a more interactive, personalized humor style, you will find the JibJab app to make you chuckle.

Memedroid: Funny Memes & Gifs

Memedroid is a crowd-pleaser among meme enthusiasts, considered a comprehensive source for all things funny memes and gifs. This app is a treasure trove of humor, teeming with thousands of hilarious memes and gifs that are frequently updated to keep the content fresh and entertaining.

Looking at similarities, both Memedroid and ABPV are sources of quick, easy entertainment, ideal for a quick laugh in between routine tasks.

Funny Laughs LOL! Pics & Jokes

Funny Laughs LOL! Pics & Jokes is an app that offers comedic relief in two forms – hilarious pictures and amusing jokes. Built to restore any tiresome moment, the app aims to keep you smiling with its library of funny content.

The app is split into two categories – pictures and jokes. The pictures vary from absurdly hilarious to easygoing fun, while the joke section covers a wide spectrum of humor, from puns and knock-knock jokes to longer storytelling jokes and more.

Comparing it to ABPV, both apps resonate with their positions as sources of laughter and comedy. While ABPV is known for a range of humorous content, Funny Laughs LOL! Pics & Jokes specializes in the nearly timeless traditional appreciation of funny pictures and well-crafted jokes.

TextingStory Chat Story Maker

TextingStory Chat Story Maker is an app that allows you to create and share your own stories in the form of text message conversations. Catching the essence of contemporary communication, TextingStory offers a distinctive method of both engaging with and crafting entertainment.

When it comes to comparing TextingStory’s comedy angle with ABPV, the distinction lies in the delivery of humor. ABPV offers a collection of pre-existing content for you to enjoy, serving up quick, easily digestible entertainment.

Funny Face Swap Me – GIF Morph

With Funny Face Swap Me – GIF Morph, you’ll have a unique platform to boost your humor game by transforming your face into humorous GIFs. Blending the blurred lines of reality and fiction, the app offers you a chance to laugh at yourself, friends, and family in good spirits.

Funny Face Swap Me’s uniqueness lies in its face-swapping ability catering especially for GIFs. You can take a photo with your camera or choose one from your gallery, and swap faces with popular meme characters, animals, or even inanimate objects.

Another standout feature is the morphing function, which allows you to fuse two faces into one, often resulting in hilarious mixed creations.

When comparing Funny Face Swap Me – GIF Morph to ABPV, both focus on delivering humor, but they do so in distinct ways. ABPV serves as a common ground of diverse entertaining content, whereas Funny Face Swap Me specializes in creating personalized, entertaining GIFS that carry your signature.


99memes serves as a go-to app for those who are always looking for internet humor through diverse and engaging meme collections. This app caters to meme enthusiasts, offering a range of popular, trendy, and viral memes, all in one convenient place.

A distinctive feature of 99memes is its commitment to ensuring a steady influx of new and updated content. Its user-friendly design eases the process of scrolling, browsing, and sharing memes to lighten up any dull moment.

As an alternative to ABPV, 99memes stands firm in catering to the meme-lover’s sense of humor. Both apps provide comedic content accessible on the go, but while ABPV covers a broad range of humor categories, 99memes zeroes in on the growing world of memes.

Talking Ginger 2

Talking Ginger 2 is a fun app designed to engage you with an animated virtual pet, the adorable and energetic cat Ginger.

The app provides adults and children alike with a fun and interactive environment where they can enjoy a range of amusing activities with Ginger, such as playing games, talking, and even celebrating Ginger’s birthday.

When comparing Talking Ginger 2 to ABPV’s interactive content, significant differences can be observed. While both apps aim to entertain you, ABPV offers pre-existing content, with humor coming from a wide range of categories.

Talking Tom Cat 2

Talking Tom Cat 2 is an entertaining app that brings the beloved character of Talking Tom into your’ lives, offering engaging interaction and playfulness.

Popular among both children and adults alike, the app transforms your mobile device into a virtual playroom for this furry friend, breathing life into Tom and creating a humorous atmosphere.

As an alternative to ABPV, Talking Tom Cat 2 offers a new and different approach to humor. While ABPV delivers ready-made content for you to enjoy, the interaction and personalization through Talking Tom Cat 2 enables you to create your comedic moments. It taps into your imagination and creativity in generating laughs and smiles.


These 10 apps like ABPV show that each app has its unique way of bringing humor.

Whether it’s creating funny stories with TextingStory Chat Story Maker, making personalized funny GIFs with Funny Face Swap Me – GIF Morph, browsing various memes on 99memes, or interacting with cute characters on Talking Ginger 2 and Talking Tom Cat 2, each is a fun-filled adventure.

Try them out and let me know which one app like ABPV you like the best.

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