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How Do You Know if an Online Casino Is Legit?

With every passing moment, more and more gamblers are changing from physical casinos to online gambling sites. There are many reasons why they do this. For example, many people have complained about the overcrowding and insecurity in physical casinos; therefore, they switch to playing at Moreover, we will now consider identifying legit casinos and staying protected from fake websites.

5 Ways to Know if An Online Casino is Legit

1. Read Reviews

Reputation is vital in choosing an online casino. Every good casino with a solid reputation has good reviews. These reviews prepare the mind of gamblers on what to expect before registration.

Gamblers are encouraged to read multiple reviews before picking any casino. Unfortunately, most fake casinos do not allow people to grade them or give them feedback as they are sure it will have a negative impact on their website.

Moreover, some illegal websites arrange fake reviews to lure players to their platforms. However, ensure your research is through notable legal gambling media platforms and blogs like, Yogonet international, Pokernews, Jungle Rummy blog, AskGamblers and many more.

2. Unrealistic Bonuses

Another way fake online casinos lure people into using their websites is by offering them very high bonuses. Unfortunately, these shady websites often do not give out the bonuses they promise after you have made deposits.

Therefore compare the bonuses and rewards of the casino with other notable legal casinos and verify if it is realistic enough. Remember that casinos have to make their profit, too, so a casino that does not indicate ways to make a profit is a scam site. Nevertheless, legit casinos offer achievable bonuses, like free spins.

3. Check Out The Casino’s License

All legal casinos are legitimate. The government or anybody in charge of overseeing the activities of casinos ensures they are trustworthy before issuing the certificate.

Moreover, legal casinos easily display their certificate for everyone to see, but fake sites do not. However, some counterfeit casinos have forged these certificates to make them seem like legal casinos. Therefore, do intense research to verify that the license is original.

4. The Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Deposit methods are effective ways to tell if a casino is fake. Legit casinos have durable deposit systems with fast transactions, while fake casinos do not.

Another way to discover a legit casino is to check the withdrawal methods. Fake casinos do not use legal withdrawal methods like PayPal. Instead, they use a shady withdrawal platform too.

Additionally, fake casinos sometimes would not allow you to withdraw your funds. Instead, they may advise you to use the money to gamble again. However, it would be best to pull out from such a casino when you notice such activity.

5. Check The Game Providers

Legit casinos use legit game providers like Micro gaming, Play tech, Cryptology and many more. The affiliation of these software providers with any casino indicates its legitimacy.

You should be able to detect the types of games offered by the casino before registering. Moreover, if the casino uses a fake game provider, be ready to pull out from such casinos.


Detecting a legitimate casino is an essential process before gambling. However, this article has provided the most significant factors like the free spins NZ and others to consider when picking an original online casino. Therefore, we hope this article will help you detect or pull out from a fake online casino.

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