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Ease your Work Pain Using Pomodoro Technique


Aim Higher. Stay Focused



Oh No Not Again… again I failed to complete my work on time. Why it happens to me? 

Always there is some delay in my working. Do you face the same problem in your office? Well in my case, I tried implementing several new techniques but nothing worked. At one point of time my head was revolving like a spinning top but thanks to the Pomodoro technique, I am able to complete my work on time. 

Do you want to know How I did it or what is Pomodoro technique?

In this digital era, many of you spend major time on the internet which is full of distractions or you can say overloaded attraction. It is affecting your concentration badly. So as a result, you are getting distracted from a task within 11 minutes. Yup, it will last as long as 11 minutes only. Don’t imagine any thing Dirty😜. All I am saying is you can get distracted easily while working.

No need to worry as this technique can effectively take you out from this distraction. Don’t know what is Pomodoro? Relax as here I will provide everything you need to know about this technique. I am sure that at the end of this article, you will start a new journey to accomplish your task with more concentration. Remember higher the concentration, higher the output to sucess. That’s all what you need. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started.


What is Pomodoro?

Pomodoro is a technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 80s. The technique advocates viewpoint on time management which is used to provide focused concentration and freshness while working. By introducing the Pomodoro technique in your workplace you can accomplish your task faster without putting too much stress on your brain.

You can use this technique by dividing time into parts followed by short breaks. Traditionally, divided time cannot be longer than 25 minutes of time. After completing four Pomodoros you can take a long break that is 15 – 20 minutes. The term Pomodoro is a Italian name for vegetable tomato and come after tomato-shaped timer used by Francesco in a university demonstration.

How Pomodoro technique works?

Taking short breaks while working prevents you from getting bored and keeps your mind fresh and focused. If you have overloaded to do list still Pomodoro works effectively by pushing you to work faster. Working for small periods is less stressful and seeing your time running off will push you to complete your work faster. 

The technique also helps you to be more accountable as if you are not working up to the mark. It can be analysed easily by yourself by seeing less amount of work done in a Pomodoro.  Also, technique will help you to handle in a better way without being rushed. 

How to use Pomodoro Technique?

There are many devices available in the market to apply the technique including App as well. 

To apply the technique just write your goal on a notepad and start the physical timer.

Keep on working till timer ring the bell take a short break and start working again after setting timer. I am providing some ideas that will help you to use the technique effectively. 

  1. Use Stop Watch to set the time limit for work and break.
  2. You can set a mobile reminder on a specific time to ring. 
  3. Use Mobile app available on Playstore, iOS platforms.
  4. You can use a table clock to set the time as the clock alarms just stop working.
  5. There are physical Pomodoro techniques that you can buy online or from your nearby market.

Pomodoro Technique: What I feel?

To examine the technique I decided to use apply it while doing my day to day works. I simply install the Pomodoro app available on Google Play store. As I open the app a bright red interface appears on the screen I think red is chosen to denote Tomato🍅. 

Firstly tap the screen to add task you want to complete and start timer after 25 minutes the app will beep and congratulate you on completing 1 Pomodoro.

 As you tap screen it shows another timer that denotes the break time and same procedure goes again till 4 Pomodoro cycles because here come’s the time to take a big break of 15- 20 minutes. It was really fun doing work using this technique what I observe about the technique are as follows:

  • Easy going as working for Pomodoro will never make you feel working so long.
  • Simple as it needs only a timer to apply the technique.
  • Self evaluation even if you are working slow you can easily check that by seeing the work done by you. 
  • Keeps you motivate while working as you are receiving breaks as an incentive.
  • Reduces Backpain I know it is odd but I find due to body movement after every 25 minutes my body was much fresh and years long back pain just disappeared.
  • Makes you accountable towards your work writing task and working on for specif time period as you can check how many tasks you have done and what is remaining. 

Final Words

So, that’s all about today’s technique I hope you like the information shared above and will share it with your friends and family members. As far as my opinion is concerned I find the technique very useful and most important thing it is free. However, you can always spend some bucks to purchase the premium subscription of Pomodoro App. I hope this post helped you in saving your precious time at work.  

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