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How to Get Rid of Paramount Plus 6040 Error Permanently?

Tired of the annoying 6040 error on Paramount Plus breaking up your shows?

Guess what? I’ve got this handy guide to help you fix this error for good! Once implemented, there will be no interruptions while enjoying your favorite series or movies.

This guide doesn’t just help you solve the 6040 error; it also gives tips to keep your streaming smooth in the future. Now, let’s get started –

What is the Paramount Plus 6040 Error Code?

The Paramount Plus 6040 Error is a common issue that users may encounter while attempting to stream content on the platform. It usually signifies an issue with video availability, connection security, or even settings on your web browser. Sometimes, it could also hint at an issue on Paramount Plus’s end.

This error often prevents you from streaming the video you wish to watch. There are several ways to resolve this issue.

Some commonly suggested solutions involve checking the quality of your internet connection, adjusting your browser settings, or trying to uninstall and reinstall the Paramount Plus app.

Step-by-Step Guide to Troubleshooting the 6040 Error

As I said earlier, getting a 6040 error can be frustrating, but the problem can usually be resolved with the step-by-step troubleshooting I’m about to share. Here’s a comprehensive guide incorporating a long-form layout with bullet points to assist you –

Reviewing Recent System Changes

In many cases, errors can result from recent system changes. So, it’s essential to review any modifications you’ve made recently:

  • Did you install or uninstall any software?
  • Did you update any existing software or your operating system?
  • Did you add, remove, or modify any hardware in your system?

These changes could be a potential source of the 6040 error, especially if the problem started after making these changes.

Restarting Your System

Often, a device reboot can resolve many issues – errors included. Even if rebooting seems trivial, it can nonetheless be significantly effective. It helps in resetting the configurations and clearing temporary files, which, in turn, may solve the problem.

Updating Your System

Software-related errors are often addressed through patches or updates the software developer releases. If the 6040 error is associated with a specific piece of software:

  • Check for any available updates for said software.
  • See if the software developer has documented the error in the list of fixed issues in the recent patches.

Don’t forget to check for operating system updates that may resolve the error.

Check Hardware

Hardware can also lead to 6040 errors. If you suspect that a hardware component may be causing the issue:

  • Check whether each piece of hardware is installed correctly.
  • Ensure you have the latest and correct drivers installed.
  • Check for any compatibility issues between the hardware and your system or other software and hardware.

Errors can arise from loose connections, outdated drivers, or incompatible hardware.

Verifying Your Network

If the error is closely related to network issues, do check out your network configurations:

  • Are your router settings correct and up-to-date?
  • Is your IP address set correctly?
  • Could your firewall or antivirus be blocking some connections?

A wrong network configuration can lead to various network-related errors.

Note: Always back up your data regularly to prevent the loss of important information in case of system failure. Don’t forget that each step you take during this process will significantly aid in future troubleshooting or if you need to report your issue to a professional.

Preventing Future Errors

For a smoother streaming experience, keep these tips in mind:

  • Always ensure a steady and robust internet connection.
  • Regularly update your streaming app or browser.
  • Regularly maintain your device, such as clearing cache and cookies periodically.
  • Avoid extensive use of VPNs or ad-blockers unless necessary.
  • If the issue persists for longer, sometimes a simple signing out and logging back into the Paramount Plus app can do the trick.

Common Paramount Plus Issues and Solutions

Apart from the 6040 error, there are a few other common issues on Paramount Plus:

Issue Possible Solution
Error 60 (User Authorization) Restart your device and/or update to the latest Paramount Plus version.
Error 1001 (User Validation) Log out and log back into your Paramount Plus account.
No sound or picture during play Check for app updates or access the service from a different device.


Dealing with the 6040 error or any other streaming issue on Paramount Plus can be an annoying interruption to your viewing experience.

However, by following the outlined steps and understanding the common causes, you can effectively counter these issues whenever they arise.

That’s all for now.

If you’ve got any issues, feel free to reach us in the comments below.

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