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How to Empty Trash on Android in 5 Smart Ways [2021]

how to empty trash on android

I heard that your android phone’s storage is full and now you are thinking, how to empty trash on android.

First of all, let’s clear some misconceptions, many people think that all the deleted files of their phone get stored in someplace, but like Windows, Androids doesn’t have a recycle bin.

Although, on many phones, we can find a folder ‘Recently Deleted’, where your recent deleted pictures and videos get stored.

What will the trash do to your device?

The trash is not just occupying space in your device, but it is also hampering the device’s performance. Over a period of, due to full storage, your device will slow down and lag will annoy you even more.

Removing the trash from your device on a regular basis is very important, it optimizes your device performance.

how to empty trash on android
how to empty trash on android

How to Empty the Trash on Android?

There some simple ways to delete the extra data, and create some space for your device to breathe properly. Have a look at them:

Method 1: Clear overall Cache data

What is cache data? It is the information saved from an application, which helps the app to launch faster.

The cache data is stored to optimize the app performance but does not make any major change, so it is totally fine to delete it.

  • Go to the settings, then click on storage.
  • Select the Cached data and delete it.

In some devices, you can’t find the Cached data file, in that case, clear the cache of every app individually.

Method 2: Clear cache for every individual app

  • Long press on the application and then go to Info, or
  • Go to Settings then search for app manager.
    how to empty trash on android
    how to empty trash on android

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  • Choose the app and click on it, Info will open.
  • Open Storage Usage
  • Now, clear the cache.

Method 3: Delete the downloaded files

Most of the time we download heavy files, and even after using them, we keep them just in case we need them in the future. In that case, transfer the files to your PC or hard drive and delete them.

  • Go to file manager.

    how to empty trash on android
    how to empty trash on android
  • Then go to downloads and delete the unnecessary items.

Method 4: Uninstall Some Apps

Among the hundreds of apps in our devices, we only use 80% of them, so why not remove them.

Method 5: Clear the Recently Deleted folder

As I said in some devices the deleted pictures and videos get stored in the recently deleted folder, even if it is for a fixed period of time, they use some space.

To clear the folder:

  • Open your gallery

    how to empty trash on android
    how to empty trash on android
  • Go to the albums, open the recently deleted folder.
  • Deleted the items in it.

For those who have space in their device for a Sdcard, I recommend using one, to put the heavy files in it. This way your device can work smoothly, with any lag.

Even after doing all this, your device performance has not improved, then my friend reset it, or it’s time for you to buy a new device.

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