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Is Reseller Hosting A Credible Business Model: Experts Answer

There is no doubt that reseller hosting has become one of the best and most attractive business ideas in the last couple of years. With businesses looking to establish a digital presence through websites, the demand for web hosting services has increased multiple times over. According to experts, this is going to increase drastically in the coming years.

If you are asking: How to start a reseller hosting business? you need not worry about investing huge capital. Neither do you have to worry about acquiring the skills or expertise of a software engineer. With a little bit of effort, some research, and excellent people skills, you can set up your very own reseller hosting business in no time.

In this resource article, we look to address questions like- What is Reseller hosting and discuss some major reasons this business model makes a lot of financial sense for individuals. If you are someone that has always wanted to know more about reseller hosting, this article is perfect for you.

What is Reseller Hosting: A Brief Definition

In simple words, a reseller hosting business is one in which you offer web hosting solutions to your customers. You do not have to maintain any physical servers, look after maintenance, or offer support. You simply buy hosting solutions in bulk quantities or wholesale from hosting providers and then resell them. In other words, you act as an intermediary.

It saves an individual that is looking to get into this domain from investing heavily into infrastructure. The best hosting providers offer unlimited reseller hosting plans to grow their businesses. You create your platform, advertise your hosting plans, fix bandwidth and access, and even put on your branding.

This is a simple, easy and affordable way for someone to start a web hosting business from the comfort of their home. Simply creating a website and using social media aggressively can help you win customers who will pay you for the web hosting solution. As you are buying in bulk, the hosting provider will offer massive discounts. There is a hefty commission that you make.

List of 5 Reasons why you should Start a Reseller Hosting Business today

A Great Side-Income for Digital Marketing and Web Professionals

If you work in a digital marketing agency or design and development firm, you know the value of web hosting. In recent years, businesses have become more aware of the need for quality web hosting. They know the value and importance of digital performance that web hosting can aid. Someone who already has prior experience in the field can make this a great side income.

Cost-Efficient and Affordable Business Model to Start

Most of us are deterred from starting a business simply because of the upfront investments required. Even when we have a brilliant idea, arranging the finances becomes difficult. In a reseller hosting business, you do not need a lot of capital. The main reason is that you don’t have to spend on infrastructure, setting up support teams, or renting spaces.

Caters to an Increasing Demand for Small Personalized Web Hosting Solutions

Small businesses know that dealing with huge web hosting providers is not easy. When they face problems and do not have a premium plan, support can take days. This is why they prefer to work with a smaller web hosting professional who can address their needs, no matter how elementary they might be. This is why the demand for personalized web hosting is increasing.

Possibility of High Income, Revenues, and Profits

Anyone that starts a business, does so with the intention to earn. Buying hosting solutions in bulk entitles you to heavy discounts. When you charge just a little premium to your customers, the costs of the same are still nowhere close to what established web hosting companies charge. The result- you get to make a lot of money even if you are keeping the prices as low as possible.

Zero requirements for Technical Experience or Skills

Reseller hosting is perhaps the only business model in the IT niche that does not require you to have any technical skill or qualification. You just run the business and leave everything technical to your web hosting provider. As you are buying in bulk as a reseller, web hosting providers are eager to serve you and in turn your customers proactively.

The Bottom Line


There are so many make-money platforms that are simply not worth it. In this regard, a reseller hosting model addresses and checks all the boxes. Low investments, huge upcoming demand, and zero technical knowledge. If you are someone who has always wanted to set up your own little side income hustle, this is the way to go. For more information on reseller hosting business, feel free to get in touch with us in the comments below.

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