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Lifi vs Wifi Know the difference between Lifi and wifi

lifi vs wifi

Know Lifi vs wifi detailed comparison, today networking plays an important role as we spent daily time with electronic devices. Right now wifi is used commonly but lifi is also gaining popularity due to its various benefits. If you want to know detailed information about lifi you can check my last article that is LiFi The Next Big Thing in Networking Industry? 

Lifi and wifi technologies are basically used for applications that use the internet. Wifi uses radio waves for sending and receiving data on the other hand lifi transfer data by using visible light. You can simply say that lifi is an optical data transfer technology where as wifi is a radio data transfer technology. Before deriving difference in lifi vas wifi let’s explore them individually so let’s get started.

lifi vs wifi
lifi vs wifi

Lifi vs Wifi: Understand lifi technology?

Lifi is a technology which visible light communication uses to transfer data wirelessly event it can use ultraviolet or infrared waves in the near future. It provides super fast speed in data transfer as compared to wifi which uses radio waves and performs the same task at a much lower speed.

Actually, lifi is a visible light communication system which means it uses photodetector to receive light signals with a signal processing element to transform the data into streamable content. The lifi technology uses led bulb as a semiconductor light source due to electricity supplied to an bulb can be dimmed or dipped at high speeds. The thing to remember is fluctuation may be not visible to the human eye due to its high speed.

Lifi vs wifi: Applications of lifi

Aircraft cabins – Airlines wifi holy shit ya that comes to your mind first as most of you have witnessed poor internet. But do you know wifi uses radio waves which a security issue due to this you are requested to switch off the mobile phone during a flight. Hence, lifi can be easily used in airlines as it will provide high-speed internet without any security threat to plain security. which is a win-win situation for travellers and airlines.

Hospitals – Operation rooms do not allow mobiles due to machinery used for monitoring can be get affected by radio waves. These can result in blocking signals of monitoring equipment making things difficult as reports were not accurate. But if hospitals use lifi it will solve both problems as it uses light so no radio waves to affect equipment and lights are a must need in hospitals.

Nuclear Power Plants – Do you know radio signals etc are bad for sensitive areas like power plants, petrol pumps as these waves can cause accidents like fire. But on the other hand, a fast interconnecting data transfer is needed to monitor things like demand, grid integrity, temperature control etc. So, lifi is used in these sensitive areas as it effectively solves the problem by providing fast data transfer with no radio signals along with saving a lot of power consumption by using led light.


Lifi vs wifi: What is wifi?

Wifi means wireless local area network technology. You use it daily to surf the internet on your electronic devices. Wifi is very common as it can be found in most offices and home for providing internet access in a specific area. But do you know what is a lifi? How does it work? Why it is beneficial over wifi? Today, I am going to provide information on lifi and how to compare both technologies.

Wi-Fi the product is a result of a failed experiment that is to detect exploding black holes and the size of the atomic particle. Wi-Fi routers or receivers use EM waves in ultra-high-frequency mode radio waves (wavelength 12cm). Wi-Fi converts data into binary form and covert it in a radio frequency signal. This radio waves or signals can be easily received by Wi-Fi routers and can be converted back from binary to normal data. Like this connection can be established wirelessly and data can be transferred wherever you want.

Lifi vs wifi: The Differences

The differences between lifi and wifi are as follows:

  • You may think that lifi with its speed of 224 gigabits per second may leave wifi in dust may understand that lifi exclusive use of VLC could halt a mass uptake easily.
  • Lifi signals cannot pass through opaque objects like walls, So to enjoy effective connectivity good led bulbs is needed to be placed at every corner of home. As lifi requires led bulb’s visible light to transfer data. 
  • If you use lifi than anywhere there is a lack of light there is a lack of lifi signals as well.
  • Wifi is great for covering a specific area but speed is an issue sometimes  But lifi is ideal for hi-speed but in a limited area as light cannot travel between walls of a room. 
  • It can be said that the two technologies are complimentary.
  • Lifi can bring a revolutionary change in the world of smart appliances making your home smarter.
  • Lifi is safer than wifi it is reported that light beam reflects off the surface could still achieve 70 megabits per second.

Lifi vs wifi: Pros of lifi

The pros of lifi technology over wifi are as follows:

  • It can solve the problem of speed which is caused due to low radio bandwidth as it uses Visible light spectrum. 
  • Superfast data speed transfer rates will go as faster as 10gbps.
  • It provides great security as lifi cannot penetrate walls.
  • It needs low maintenance and implementation as compared to others.
  • You can easily make the restricted environment easily.
  •  By not using radio waves, it gets free from congestion as radio wavelength is already occupied due to its popularity.

Lifi vs wifi: Cons of Lifi

The cons of lifi over wifi are as follows: 

  • Light cannot pass through objects.
  • A major challenge faced by lifi is how the transmitter will transmit back after receiving.
  • It can be affected by other light sources which are sun if you use this in your garden.
  • Area of coverage is limited and works mainly in indoor.


Now you are fully aware of lifi vs wifi and its important aspects. The information shared is designed to provide you with a solution to these technologies. In my opinion, lifi is an awesome technology which is much needed but it needs to improve with regular up-gradation. Do not forget to mention your valuable suggestions, feedbacks, things you like in us, things you don’t like in us, things you like, things you don’t like fill it all in the comment box below. Our team will try their best to update in our upcoming blogs.

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