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Mobdro Not Working? Instead Use 5+ Mobdro Alternatives [2022]

Mobdro Not Working

At the start of 2021, the live streaming app mobdro was working flawlessly.

But around April 2021, several users started reporting mobdro not working errors.

Do you have any idea why?

In the live streaming world, mobdro was considered one of the largest apps to distribute pirated content worldwide.

However, now the app has been forced to shut down.

This happened after the premier league has won a legal battle against the streaming platform.

Not Just Sports, mobdro was one of the biggest platforms to provide Illegal video content over Smartphones, Tablets & Smart TVs.

Statistically speaking, last year 45 million users were able to watch top-flight Premier League matches using this platform illegally.

Once the live streaming platform started gaining viewers from all over the world, the alliance for creativity and entertainment, or in short ACE decided to lead an investigation against Piracy.

And in this case, it’s Mobdro.

So, going forward in this post, I’ll share every minor detail regarding the recently concluded mobdro app investigation, the aftermath, and a list of mobdro Alternatives that would pull you out from the sudden shock of mobdro not working errors.

Let’s get started:

Mobdro Not Working
Mobdro Not Working

Mobdro App Investigation

The alliance for creativity and entertainment is formed by around 30 Global entertainment companies and film studios to tackle the problem of online piracy.

And the increasing popularity of such illegal platforms, Premier League was forced to take such a big step.

It all started in 2018 when Spanish police received complaints from popular soccer organizations such as Premier League & La Liga against websites that were live streaming without their consent.

And once the Investigation concluded, Spanish police and Europol finally took some action in 2021.

In their inquiry police has found, connections between different server in Spain, Portugal, and the Czech Republic. They also found that over the years these streaming platforms have made almost five million pounds in Illegal profits.

Mobdro Alternatives

I know, it’s not that easy to Bid Farewell to one of the user-centric live streaming platforms Mobdro.

But its time has come and there is nothing much you can do.

The only way the website can come back is via its proxy websites. But looking at the legal battle even this option seems highly unlikely.

So in this case, what else can you do?

You can’t miss out on watching live matches, online video content.

Instead, what you can do is try using some Mobdro Alternatives.

Alternatives that would replace the Mobdro app because of Mobdro Not Working errors.

Thop TV

Thop TV is the first-ever Mobdro alternative in this list.

And the reason is simple, over the years, I have used this app multiple times. Not only that, I have shared useful resources in context with the Thop TV on this blog.

In the piracy world. It is considered one of the most popular apps.

For quite some time, the app went into extinction but it bounced back like it never was gone.

The app returned with the sole purpose of catering to the needs of its millions of users worldwide.

Like every other Illegal pirated platform, Thop TV isn’t available to download on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

The only way you can download it is using one of the previous posts I published on this blog.


✅User interface that is tailor-made for its users.

✅Provides popular live channels on the go.

✅Live stream your favorite sports or movies.


Its app is a bit hard to find.


Mobdro Not Working
Mobdro Not Working

Top TV APK is the second alternative on the list.

While streaming your favorite channels using this live streaming feature, you can have a cup of tea at the same time.

The best part of this app is that it will let you watch all the videos that you desire. to watch on the streaming platform.

Moreover, with millions of downloads in its belly, Top TV APK is already a popular platform all over the World.

This has happened not just because of the big library of movies, this streaming platform provides the ad-free user interface that most users prefer.

This clearly shows that the developers are really focusing on providing quality content to their users rather than just minting money using annoying & intrusive ads.


✅Top TV APK lets you download the video content of your choice.

✅It can be used to watch Live TV Channels.

✅Can be used to stream online video content on multiple platforms.

✅It contains fewer live channels.


123movies is the 3rd Mobdro alternatives in this list.

Even though I wanted to add this streaming platform at the top of this list, but I was forced to place it at the 3rd position.

Do you know why?

Because now you cannot access 123moveis on an app as it is exclusively available on the website.

With millions of followers, it is one of the biggest Illegal movie streaming websites.

In fact, it is one of the few websites which started all this concept of piracy streaming.

After years of service, 123movies was forced to shut down its doors as it lost the legal battle.

But soon after that, some of its proxy websites started appearing on the web.

Despite the availability of proxy websites, its APK never came into use.


✅Lets you download movies and TV shows within a few clicks.

✅Your favorite TV shows and movies in one place.

✅It lets you tune in the video quality from 480p all the way to 1080p full HD.


You can mainly use it to stream your favorite sports.

Exodus Live TV

Mobdro Not Working
Mobdro Not Working

Exodus live TV app is the 4th alternative in this list.

I used this app primarily because of Its ability to provide live streaming services to the users.

If you are missing out on live streaming features of Mobdro ever since you’ve been getting Mobdro not working errors.

So, for this purpose alone, Exodus live TV app can be your best bet.

With a collection of thousands of channels worldwide, you can use it to watch your favorite sports happening all over the world and that too on the older version android device.


✅Tailor-made for live streaming.

✅Very low buffering rate.

✅Supports devices with Android version 4.1 and latest.


Limited to watching TV.

Cyber Flicks TV

It is the 5th Mobdro alternative on this list.

If you are a gen Z and want to really get those memories of the 90s and 2000’s era.

Then, cyber Flex TV is the app you would love.

Downloaded by over a million users worldwide, the app does not even ask you for any login information such as email ID or your phone number. Simply install, the app and you are good to go.


✅Provides unlimited downloads.

✅Watch or download online streaming content in HD quality.

✅Use it on as many devices as you want.


This app is majorly used for streaming the old era contact.

You would be disappointed if installed it to watch the latest movies and TV shows.

Tubi TV

Mobdro Not Working
Mobdro Not Working

Tubi TV is the 6th Mobdro alternative in this list.

At the time of its release, Tubi TV was completely free for the general audience.

With the collection of over 20k movies and TV shows, the app used to receive millions of hits every month. Everything was going super smooth but then Fox Corporation acquired the app for 440 million dollars.

Ever since then, this has not been the same platform that it used to be.

I agree that Fox has published even more content than before. But this time, they are charging a premium fee for it.

That is probably why I have listed this streaming at the last.


✅Can be used on over 25+ devices.

✅Now, it is a completely legal streaming platform.

✅Provides streaming content from low to high quality.

✅Intuitive user interface.


You can’t use this app without purchasing its monthly subscription plan.

Mobdro Not Working: Best Mobdro Replacements for Firestick

The 6 Mobdro alternatives mentioned above can work efficiently for your smartphone your PC or even iOS devices. But it’s quite difficult to use them on your Firestick.

So exclusively to watch streaming content on your Amazon Firestick, I am introducing some of the best Mobdro Replacements for you.


It doesn’t matter if you have never used the firestick before, but if you follow the piracy world globally then you might have heard of the Kodi App.

It is an absolutely free platform that you can use to play your favorite music video games, podcast, movies, photos, and whatnot.

With the support of over 1500+ channels using the cloud IPTV add-on, you can use Kodi to watch whatever TV shows movies Sports matches you want to watch on the go.

You can use multiple Kodi Builds to add additional features.

Once you have decided to go on with the Kodi app on your firestick. Then you can refer to one of my previous posts to begin download Kodi on it quite easily.

Live Net TV

I get it you want an all-rounder. But at the same time, you should also have some apps that you can use for a particular service.

And in the case of Live Net TV, you can use it to watch live sports, news channels on your firestick.

Even though you can also use this streaming platform, to watch your favorite TV shows and movies the end-user experience would not be the same as watching live sports.

TV Tap

Formerly known as UKTV.

You can install the TV tap on your Android device running Android 4.1 and above.

This app is tailor-made if you have good high speed and unlimited internet connection.

I won’t deny that the app needs some tweaks to provide a better user experience.

But if you at least want to have some experience in watching your favorite content in 2K and 4K video quality then TV Tap is your best bet.

Pluto TV

I would be honest with you.

Most of the Mobdro alternatives for firesticks mentioned in this list are illegal.

So, it would be great to have some legal representatives on this list.

So, for that reason alone, Pluto, TV can be a great replacement as it does not asks you for a single penny and provide all the streaming content legally.

And Frankly Speaking, when I started getting Mobdro not working errors, this was the first app, I Installed on my fire stick to start watching.

CNN, Sky News, and other popular TV news channels from all over the world.

Unlock My TV

Have you ever used a popular app called Newest Movies HD to watch the latest episodes?

From series available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, and Disney, you can use it to download original series & movies of your choice.

It’s a single app that brings up every streaming platform under one roof.

Even when the app was first created, it was directly available to download from the Amazon Appstore.

In recent months, Amazon had removed this app from their App Store.

But don’t worry. There are many apk websites and stores that let you download this app for free.

FreeFlix HQ

Last, but not least Mobdro alternative for five stick is free flix HD

Unlike the other, Mobdro replacements, this app does not have any kind of bugs that would irritate you when using the app.

Within a few clicks, you can access, its library of movies and TV series from 12 different categories. Thereby catering to the need of every type of user.

Note: You can’t use all these Mobdro alternatives without Jailbreaking your firestick. But don’t worry. You can use one of my previous posts to jailbreak firestick in under 5 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is the Best app to use to replace the mobdro app?

Even though I’ve listed 6 alternatives to the mobdro app, I’ll recommend you pick FreeFlix HQ on your firestick or the android app.

When will the mobdro app be up and working again?

Sorry to say this, but it’ll never work again.

My firestick mobdro is not working

Ever since the ban has come into effect, Mobdro has stopped working for android, desktop, and now even firestick.

What’s going on with the mobdro app?

Citing the streaming content on mobdro as illegal, this app was forced to shut down its free services.


After using Mobdro for quite a few years, it is a bit hard to bid farewell to the streaming platform.

However, the truth is, that there is nothing you can do except accepting reality.

Once you have accepted everything that has happened, only then you would be able to move on to Mobdro Alternatives.

That’s all for now. If you’ve got any questions for me concerning Mobdro not working errors then do let me know about the same in the comments section given below.

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