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12 Best and Fastest PS4 DNS Servers [100% Working]

Fastest PS4 DNS Servers

Every gamer prefers fast internet with minimum latency when playing online games on PS4.

But what if you are already on a high-speed broadband plan but still getting high latency?

If that’s the case, you’ll discover DNS server to be the culprit after troubleshooting your PlayStation gaming console.

So, the best step going forward would be to try and switch to the fastest PS4 DNS Servers.

These DNS servers will help stabilize your internet connection. Thereby lowering ping to recommended levels.

However, before I share the complete list, let’s understand briefly why you need the Fastest PS4 DNS Servers.

What is a PS4 DNS Server?

Fastest PS4 DNS Servers
Fastest PS4 DNS Servers

Your PS4 DNS server is the connection between you and your online gaming experience. It’s an integral part of your game’s performance, and choosing the right one can profoundly benefit your gameplay.

One of the most frustrating things about this console is its inability to connect to an internet connection. Setting up a custom DNS server on our PS4 will ensure that we get the fastest possible speeds when playing online games or streaming videos from Netflix or Hulu Plus.

Choosing a fast DNS server isn’t always easy, though, especially if you are new to changing these settings on PS4s! Many options are available, but not all are created equal.

Some might cause issues with other devices connected through Wi-Fi, etc., so read through each option carefully before deciding whether or not it suits your needs best!

Google DNS Servers

Google offers one of the world’s fastest and most reliable DNS servers. Their IP addresses are and, both equally quick and reliable (currently).

Furthermore, since Google owns them, they have very secure servers that won’t log your data or collect any other information about you unless required by law enforcement or similar governmental agencies.

The only downside is that there’s no customer support available for their DNS service.

Suppose you ever have a problem with it. In that case, your only option is to contact customer service through email.

However, this can take some time since some people will receive automated messages saying, “we’re working on fixing this issue but don’t know when we’ll be done.”

Comodo Secure DNS Servers

Comodo Secure DNS Servers is a fast and reliable DNS server, which means it won’t slow down your internet connection or cause many problems. In addition, you can use this DNS server for your PS4 or PC, making it an excellent choice no matter what device you’re using.

If you’re looking for a good option for either gaming consoles or personal computers, Comodo Secure DNS Servers is an excellent choice that will work well in nearly any situation.

Level3 DNS Servers

If you want to stream and game at the highest speeds possible, then Level3 DNS servers are your best bet. They’re fast, reliable, and secure—and they’re also free to use! You can also use them to unblock content from around the world.

Level3 DNS servers aren’t great for torrenting or P2P file sharing, though (in fact, it may be illegal), so if those are things you need to do, we recommend using one of our other recommended providers instead.

Norton DNS Servers

Norton DNS is a free DNS server that’s fast, secure, and reliable. It’s also popular among gamers because it helps you eliminate lag.

You can download Norton DNS from here: []

Norton has updated their servers to take advantage of Google’s new 8.8.8 server addresses, making them faster than ever!

GreenTeamDNS Servers

GreenTeamDNS is a fast and reliable DNS server. It’s free, easy to set up, and has a good privacy policy. Its servers are located in the USA and Netherlands.

You can check out its website here or find its servers on Shodan (a search engine for devices connected to the internet). GreenTeamDNS has a good speed at ~90% of our tests as well as in our benchmarks.

SafeDNS Servers

SafeDNS is a fast and reliable DNS server that gamers can use, people who want to protect their privacy, or anyone looking for a high-quality service. This service uses both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses so that it will work with any networking device.

DynDNS Servers

DynDNS is a free Dynamic DNS service that allows you to connect your domain name to an IP address.

The DynDNS server provides the dynamic host name, meaning that you will have a unique hostname for each device regardless of where it is located.

This guide will take you through how to configure your PS4 with one of these fast and reliable DNS services.

FreeDNS Servers

Fast: You can expect a ping of around 20ms on these DNS servers.

Easy to use: They don’t require any configuration, so choose one from the list and go.

Reliable: They have been around for years (since 2005) and have proven their reliability over time.

Free: There’s no cost involved in using them, unlike other DNS services that charge extra fees when you exceed your bandwidth allowance. Or want more security features than basic ones like filtering out malware sites/pages/etc.

Sprintlink DNS Servers is a free DNS service with some of the fastest DNS servers. You can use their free plan to get faster connections to your favorite sites, but you can’t customize the servers.

Yandex Basic DNS Servers

Yandex Basic DNS Servers are some of the fastest and most reliable PS4 DNS servers. The main reason for using Yandex Basic DNS Servers is to increase your gaming experience, but you also get other benefits.

  • They’re fast: Yandex Basic DNS Servers are great for speed because they’re built on a backbone that connects over 700 million people worldwide. As a result, you can expect shorter game load times when you use these services.
  • They’re free: There’s no need to pay anything to use these services; they come free with any internet service provider (ISP).
  • They’re easy to use: It doesn’t matter if you’re using a computer or smartphone; change your settings and start playing faster!

Yandex Family Protection DNS Server

Yandex Family Protection DNS Server is a free DNS service that’s fast, secure, and reliable. It has been designed to provide the best parental control over your children’s online activities.

This means you can choose what content is accessible to them on the Internet, set time limits for their computer use, and even block certain websites altogether.

The Yandex Family Protection DNS Server service also supports IPv6 connections to work with all modern devices, including those running Microsoft Windows 10 or macOS 10.13 High Sierra (Sierra).

In addition to monitoring how long your child spends online, they can connect with other people by using social media sites like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp via an app called “Yandex Browser,” which comes bundled with this feature!

Comodo Secure DNS Proxy Server

If you’ve got kids and want to protect them from malicious websites, Comodo Secure DNS Proxy Server is the right choice for you. This service will help your children browse the web safely and securely.

It also protects you from phishing attacks and Trojan viruses by blocking all known malicious sites.

Comodo Secure DNS Proxy Server is an easy-to-use DNS service that lets you unblock geo-restricted content without hassle.

In addition, you can use its built-in Smart Mode feature to bypass censorship filters automatically by selecting a location of choice or manually changing it as per your needs using the dropdown menu on top of your browser window.

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Hopefully, this article has given you more insight into what makes an excellent PS4 DNS server. Of course, they all have their pros and cons, so it’s up to you to decide which one will work best with your setup. If we had to choose one word that describes each option, it would be “fast!”

And suppose speed matters most to you when playing online games like Overwatch or Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on your PlayStation 4 console. In that case, I suggest using either Google or OpenDNS servers as your primary source for internet connectivity.

That’s all for now. If you need further help in fixing your internet-related problems, here’s a list of solutions to boost your PS4 WiFi connection.

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